Saturday, October 31, 2009

Min 1 - Round 5

The Min Family
Quan is 35, Chu is 34, Anna is 7 and Benny is 0
Quan: I stand with what I said last time, it was a good decision to move to SimsVille. But since we made the decision that Chu would be the one staying at home to look after Benny, she hasn't been so happy anymore. She needs to be around others, and at work she can be, but being stuck in the house with a baby isn't the same.
When we have familydinners, she lives up. She's just so obsessed woth grilled cheese that she makes them all the time!
I really need some other food once in a while too. I asked my sisters to have dinner at the Pier. Only Yin was able to come, Ling is expecting another child, and she was too tired to come. I was so happy to have something else than a grilled cheese!
I think Chu is starting to enjoy spending time with Benny. He now is a toddler, and I can imagine that a toddler is more active, but she plays with him all the time.
Anna is doing fine too, she brings home friends after school, and during the weekends she calls them, and they come to play at our house. She even has a best friend allready, Laura Penninkmeijer.
She comes to greet me, when I come home from work. I really like that. I really like the familylife more than I expected.
This is how obsessed Chu is with grilled cheese; she made a painting of one, and hung it in the livingroom! The paintwork is good, but to hang a painting of a grilled cheese in the livingroom, it's something I don't get!
Right before Benny's 4th birthday, I had the day off, so Chu was able to go to work again. She was so happy about it! I hope this will get her mind off grilled cheese too. I was able to spend a full day with Benny.
Anna and Benny had their birthday on the same day. Anna now is 11, and Benny is 4. I'm trying to convince Chu the replace the grilled cheese-painting by one of the kids, or a familyportrait, untill now she hasn't given in. She really wants to keep the grilled cheese. Maybe we can hang that one in the kitchen.

Zang 2 - Round 5

The Zang Family
Wang is 45, Chao is 42 and Bai is 13
Chao: When we first moved here, to the trailer parc, I thought it would be nice. There was lots to do for a young child, and living with other sims on the same lot seemed like a good plan.
Well, everything turned out different! The neighbors are not nice at all. They fight all the time. What seemed like a great place for a child to grow up, turned out to be a lonely place for that child.
Most of the time I stay inside the trailer. I have a constant fear of going outside. When I go outside, one of the neighbors comes to me, to slap me, of pick a fight with me.
I have no idea is Bai is happy here. I hardly goes outside, like me, and when he goes outside, it's at night, when the neighbors are a sleep! He's afraid to bring friends over from school, because of the neighbors.
So, I decided to bring the topic up at dinner. Wang kept talking about recycling, I think he's the only one not having a problem, but then again he has no problem with anything. But Bai agreed with me, we need to move!
So, as soon as Bai became an adult, we packer out things and left. I didn't want to stay in SimsVille anymore, so we decied to move to Upper SimsVille. After a long search, we found a cheap apartment with 2 bedrooms.

Zang 1 - Round 5

Tao is 51, Yena is 47, Xiang and Xun are 22 and Yuan is 15
Yuan: Ever since mom caught me staying out untill 7 in the moring, she grounded me! This means I have to invite my girlsfriends over at home, and I really hate that. They don't have to meet my parents every time they come around.
I got a little bit tired of that, so instead of inviting them over, I call them up to go out. Since mom gounded me, I'm not allowed to go out, so I sneak out. All the girls really seem to like that idea. We only have to stay out of sight from the police.
Dad and Xun are always busy with the robots and the store, and since I'm almost 18, I need to think about the future too. I reall have no idea what I will do when I turn 18. I have absolutely no intrest in work at all! One of my current girlfriends (Françoise Roque), is the heir to a Karaoke Café, so if I keep seeing her, maybe we can run it together... that really intrests me, I gues.
But I really need a job for as long as I live at home, because mom has me doing all the chores in the house since I'm at home all the time! Fixing the leaking bathtud, doing the dishes ... I'm getting raelly tired of it.
So for now I found myself a job in the intellegence carreer track. I'm not going to work hard, I really don't want to work, but it gets me out of the house. When Françoise and I will run the café together, I will give up this job immidiatly!
Dad turned 55, he now has grey hair. I hope I will never get grey hair, most girls don't like that in a man, and I want the girls to keep loving me of course.
Xiang graduated, and moved back home. Xun's girlfriend also moved in after graduation. The house is getting really crowded, I think it's time to find something of my own, but living at home also has some benefits, like not having to pay rent ...


Playlist Round 9: 2016 - 2017
Winter 2016
Gradonni 1
Young 1
Gerrits 1
SimsVille Up Hill Elementary

Spring 2016
Draper 1
Mishoen 2
Mokara 1
SimsVille High

Summer 2016
Rai 1
Zang 1
de Leeuw 1

Fall 2016
Zanobi 1
Roque 1

Winter 2017
Mishoen 1
Zanobi 2
Tora 1
Alenis 1

Spring 2017
Verbon 1
Terrano 1
Penninkmeijer 2

Summer 2017
Penninkmeijer 1
Wagtmans 1
Belio 1
de Leeuw 1

Fall 2017
Zang 2
Min 1

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wagtmans 1 - Round 5

The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 36 and Mairi is 35
Harry: I miss being on our honeymoon. I wish we could go back to Twikii Island. As soon as we got back, real life kicked in. I had to go to work, and Mairi was getting frustrated that she didn't had a job.
But she finally found a job, and she's loving every minute of it. I want her to be happy, I really do, but ever she started working, she changed. She's constantly on the phone or working on her skills. And I know that's important, but I want to spend time with her too.
I'm trying to pursuade her to have a baby, I really want children, but she wants to get her career going first. It's not like I don't get it, money is important, I want it too, but is it so hard to spread your time?
After 2 promotions, she finally caved, and so we're expecting! Mairi is happy about it too, the only thing she misses is going to work. She's looking forward to this child. In the mean time we are also looking for a house to live, this apartment really is too small.
Mairi can't wait to go back to work. She thinks a pregnancy is boring, she can't to anything before she get's too tired to finish it.
I've gotten another promotion, now we are really close to moving, we have enough money now, the only thing we need is a house!
The day our son was born, we found a house. But first meet our son; Camden Wagtmans. He has blond hair like me, he also has my eyes.
And this is our new house. It's located on top of the hill, right next to the church. There are 3 bedrooms, wich gives me hope for another child, and a really, really spacious livingroom. The garden is not too big, and not too small, it's a great place to raise a child!

de Leeuw 1 - Round 5

The de Leeuw Family
Johnny is 57, Larissa is 47 and Elisa is 10
Elisa: I'm only 11 years old, but I already know I want to keep living in SimsVille, preferably in this house! It's just great, I love the deck at the back and the fact that the house is actually on a cliff!
Turning 11, also made me realise that I need to think about the future. I know what I want to do, I want to get into law enforcement, keep the city safe and stuff like that. But I haven't yet decided if I want to go to university or not. I don't need a degree for what I want to do, but it sure would help.
It's not a money-usue. Dad was always so proud of what he achieved after moving to SimsVille, so it really is up to me.
Speaking of dad, he's getting old. I found him taking a nap one day, when I came home from school. He never did that, and it's strange!
I don't know what has gotten into him lately. Does he feel to old for mom, I don't know, but I also don't know what flirting with other women will get him! I got so mad when I saw it! Maybe it's stupid to get mad about, but I just think it's something you don't do!
Mom of course, doesn't know a thing, and I'm not planning on telling her, as long as it stays with flirting and nothing more, there is no need to worry her!
The only one who knows about it, is Blob, my cat. I tell him everything, he's my best friend! I know that souds pathetic, but he is!
And it's not like I don't have any other friends, I have Maddy, and Françoise, and some other kids at school. Saturday night mom allowed me to go out with Maddy. We went to the B&B. I really liked it, and to be honest, I'm not that bad at bowling.
On sunday I went to the gym. It made me doubt my decision about getting into law enforcement. Sport is my passion, and being at the gym, made me think about opening one of my own. I know there already is a fitness, but some healthy competition will be good. So many things to think about!!
When I got home from the gym, I found mom crying. Dad just passed away. I started thinking about my last days with him, and now I feel so bad that I never said that I loved him again, and that I was still mad at him about the flirting!
So now it's just mom and me, and Mairi of course, but she doens't live with us. I don't think I will ever tell her about what dad did. I just need to find a best friend or a boyfriend to talk about these things, Blob is great, but he doesn't answer back.

Note: after another one of my elders died before he became 65, I decided to manually adjust the lenght of the lifestage at SimPe. It's not like I love that stage, but it's just not natural for everybody to die before they reach the age of 70!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Draper 1 - Round 5

The Draper Family
Jason is 27
Mini-update: Last round Jason went on a few dates, and tried something with one of his neighbors, without getting lucky.
This round, Jason thought it was time to focus a litte bit on his career; getting the required skills for promotions.
And he got of those, but after that he got demoted too.

Note: I know this is a stupid update, but nothing really happend here! Before I knew it his 5 days were over, without anything happening! The picture aren't good either, but to my surprise I forgot to take more.

Young 1 - Round 5

The Young Family
Jessica is 58 and Marcus is 13
Marcus: I miss dad. I miss him a lot. I know he has been gone for some time now, and I should have gotten used to it, but when I come home from school, I always hope to see him!
I never expect to see guys at dinner who are just a few years older than I am. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate mom's boyfriends, I jus't don't understand how she gotten over dad so fast!
It seems like it's another guy everyday! Doesn't she miss dad at all? I really have no idea where she finds them all!
I just hope she was happy these last couple of days. And that she didn't die feeling like she missed things in life.
Sya came by to comfort me after mom died. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not interested in her more like a girlfriend, but I just don't have those feelings, she's my best friend in the whole world, I wouldn't want to spoil things with her!
When she's not around, I have no one to talk to, sometimes that get's a little bit lonely, but I have Mol, he needs attetion too, next to Sya he's my best friend! How sad is that?!
When I turned 18, I was alone. There was nobody there to celebrate with me, another sad thing in my life! But since I don't have any one in my life, I think it's time to focus on my career. I called Sya, she's also 18, but she will be leaving for university, so I wished her good luck, I will miss her, but I really want her to do well.