Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zanobi 1 - Fall 2016

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The Zanobi Family
Lucas and Sophie are 41, Emma is 10 and Julian is 5
(Dimitri Zanobi is 35)
Narrated by Lucas

I love working at the restaurant, but I don't know how Sophie feels about it. She hardly ever complains, so I think she's not totally against it. But then, when she complains, it all comes out at once, and at those moments I think she must really hate it!
She keeps telling me she doesn't hate it though, but that she misses the kids, that she would much rather be at home and be with them. I get it though, I like being with them too, but kids aren't everything. Soon Emma will be 11 years old, and she will be a lot more independent.
She already wants to do most things by herself. Sophie always pictured Emma going to the restaurant with us when she's older, but I don't see that happening. I think she wants other things from life. If she wants to come with us I'm not going to stop her though.
If she chooses to stay home though, it wouldn't be that bad. Despite what Sophie has been thinking, we still need a nanny, because the restaurant is open late. So when Emma would stay home, it would save us some money.
Since the restaurant is open late, and Sophie can't be with the kids when it's open, I hardly get her out of the house when we have a free night.
So I call my brother instead. We haven't been seeing eachother a lot lately, with kids and work and ..., well life. But now the kids are older, we can go out a lot more.
It's not that Sophie doesn't go out at all. But when we go out, it's after running the restaurant, and we only go to eat something too. For anything else she's too tired.
When it's weekend and the kids are home, we try to be with them as much as we can. We mostly spend the days outside, because both Emma and Julian love playing soccer! 

  • I'm so sorry for that last picture, I don't like it! I ussually don't take pictures without the roof, and when I do, I just take another one! But this time I forgot.
  • It's not like Sophie and Lucas have a bad marriage. Lucas just has another view on life than Sophie. She has family as her secondary aspiration, so she really is kind of family-oriented, and it figures she's not the kind to leave the kids with a nanny and go out. Lucas on the other hand is pleasure/fortune, so like brining in the money, but also likes spending it.
  • I hate that sims loose their energy so fast when playing soccer! I don't see a real person being exhausted after playing soccer for 2 hours, and needing to go to bed!
  • I know, I really should be updating my profiles a lot more! It's noted on my to-do-list, but that list is getting a little bit too long!


  1. I feel sad for Sophie, wanting to spend more time at home, kids growing up quickly, and feeling like she's missing out. Then Lucas is the opposite, like you said. Family and pleasure can be such opposites imo for wants. One wanting to gou out all the time, while the other just wants to see family and play with their kids (and usually reproduce a lot haha).

  2. I hate that soccer takes so much energy as well! My cousins played soccer growing up and they never collapsed from exhaustion after a 90 minute match! Sims are lightweights, lol!

    Sophie and Lucas have different outlooks but they seem to make it work. It's a shame Sophie can't spend more time at home though. Maybe if the restaurant business picks up, Lucas can hire someone to replace Sophie.

  3. Maisie Sophie acutally wants another child, but 2 is just enough for them, and even if I follow Sullivans method and only let them use birthcontrol when they have over 5 neat-points, it wouldn't happen, since Sophie has 6 of those.

    Well, with Sophie and Lucas it's like they say; opposites attract, and they really love each other.

    Carla I don't know how other do it, make a restaurant work, it's not like they are loosing money, it just doesn't bring in a lot. So I have no idea if the restaurant will ever pick up, and Sophie can spend more time with the kids. By the way Emma will be a teen pretty soon, and I don't think she will want to spend all her time with her mom.

    Sophie and Lucas really make their marriage work, and like I said to Maisie, they really love each other.

  4. Restaurants are really hard to make profitable in game and the take up a lot of time.

    Its a good thing that Sophie and Lucas can make their marriage work. Hopefully the strain of the business won't be to much for them.