Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zang 1 - Round 4

The Zang Family
Tao is 46, Yena is 42, Xiang and Xun are 17 and Yuan is 10
Yena: Life in SimsVille is going it's way. The kids are going to school, and are making some friends. Tao is working on his robots, and when Xun is at home, he helps his father. I was lucky to get a transfer, because if I had to look for a job in SimsVille, I would have needed a degree. I talked to Tao about it, there are only a few jobs you can get without a degree, and sience isn't one of them. On top of that, you need to qualify to get accepted to go to university, so Xiang will need to work really hard!
Xun won't go to university because Tao will need his help, and you don't need a degree to run a business. I know he's not happy about that, but he doesn't have the necessary skills to go anyway. His last days as a teen, he spend with this girl, Tosca, she's a few yours younger then he is, and she will go to university, and since Xun is becomming 18 soon, they will need to seperate soon.
Xun became an adult, and started crafting robots with his dad, they need to build up a stock before they open the shop. Xiang didn't celebrate his birthday, although he's 18 too, but he will soon be leaving for university. Before we knew it, we had 2 teens in the house again, Yuan celebrated his teen-birthday.
Then there was the bog day! Tao Technology opened his doors! We are selling robots, and all kinds of electrical appliances you use in your house, for now only small things, but when it's a succes, we will be selling bigger appliances too.
It seemed like the shop really was a succes, something they didn't have, and needed in SimsVille. Tao and Xun are constantly restocking and handling the cash register, because of the succes.
On the second day we were already granted with the Best of the Best Award! Tao and Xun were so proud when they came home that night, and told us all about it!
Xun is doing fine in the shop with his father, and the shop is fantastic, and Xiang is doing great in school, and it seems like he will have the necessary amount of skill to qualify for university. I've gotten one promotion since we moved here, and I'm working really hard on the next one. Yuan has his own things in life to think of.
One day, he took this girl out, apparently he had a great time, because he didn't come home until 8 am the next morning! I was furious! To top things of, we's gotten a call from school, telling that Yuan will need to work harder otherwise he will be expelled! This was his first and last date!

Note: It's not that I'm not following my own rules about jobs, but I figure that sims comming to SimsVille from somewhere else can have the job they want, their kids however, whether they are teen, child, toddler of baby, will have to follow the same rules as anybody else living in SimsVille.


  1. What criteria do your Sims need to have to enter university?

  2. They need to have 8 skill points, and the parents will have to pay § 2000.
    It's not much I think, but I hardly let my kids or teens work on skill points, so it's hard for me :-)