Monday, August 2, 2010

Mokara 1 - Spring 2016

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The Mokara Family
Hans is 44, Yin is 41, Melina is 12, David is 4 and Sam is 3
Narrated by Melina
Sam and David are still as close as they were before David started school. David still tries to play with Sam all the time, and sometimes forgets to do his homework, wich doesn't make dad happy.
It sometimes makes me feel so alone. I'm 12, and they are 3 and 4 years old, it's a huge gap! My cousins are 17 and 18 years old so there's a gap there too, an they kind of are best friends so it leaves me all alone. I have this best friend, Matthew, but ever since he got a girlfiend, way too soon if you ask me, he hardly spends any time with me.
So I'm left being one that does her homework all the time, and studies some other things, when the homework is done. I now it pleases dad, but I want a little bit more in life than being the good one!
When I see mom and aunt Ling it makes me feel jealous, and think about why my parents had to wait years to give me a sibling! Aunt Ling visits a lot, she and my mom are twins and best friends, and I want that too.
Well, hear me nagging! My life isn't that bad at all. I already met this new girl. Well, she actually isn't new, she has been living in SimsVille all her life, just lik me, but I never met her. Her name is Eleanora, such a long name, so everybody calls her Ellie. She's nice and she comes by a lot after school.
After long nagging, mom and dad allowed me to go to the parc, without their suppervision! It was just across the street, and I had to take David. They feel he needs to be around kids his age a little bit more, that he needs to play with other kids than Sam.
I met Matthew there, and we have an amazing time! With Matthew I can just be me. Sometimes we have these very serious conversations, and other times we can just be little kids, playing on little kids toys! I think David had fun too.
I'm actually glad that mom and dad had 2 boys so close in age. This way they can share a room and I don't have to put up with Sam's screaming at 6am! David doesn't mind though, he's always happy to start a new day, I guess, but I like to sleep in on a sundaymorning!

  • Apparently Melina can be quiet a nag! Didn't know she had it in her :) but she really is a good girl, especially compared to her cousins, Anna and Johanna.
  • Does any one know how or where I can find pictures taken with the university-camera? I have this picture of Yin and her siblings, Quan and Ling, and I want it in the houses of the siblings too, but I can't find it anywhere. Can some one help me please?
  • Next update will be up on Thursday, if everything goes well, in the mean time, happy simming!


  1. Melina seemed pretty lonely, and as great as Matthew could be, I'm sure it'd be nice to have a girl that's close in her age too, (you know to talk with about Matthew) lol. Love the comment on her little brother waking up at 6am, yah that's a little early!

    Is the University camera, the one you use "take picture" if so, you can order pictures over the computer to get an album.

  2. Melina's almost like an only child, with such a large gap between her and her brothers. Hopefully this friendship with Ellie will continue and she'll that all-important female bonding time with her.

    For the university camera, you need to grab the photo out of the camera itself. You might need to zoom in close so you can see it. It sticks out of the side of the camera, near where the Sim puts their face.

  3. Maisie I think Melina really is lonely. There never was another girl from her age, and now she has Ellie, so I hope it goes well between those two.

    Carla There is a huge age-gap between Melina and her bothers. Her parents waited this long, because they didn't have enough money to buy a place where they could have more children.
    I'm hoping Melina's friendship with Ellie goes well too.

    I know how I can take them off the camera, but with the BV-camera-options, the pictures appear in the storytelling-folder, but with the university-camera that doesn't happen...