Saturday, October 10, 2009

Min 1 - Round 4

The Min Family
Quan is 30, Chu is 29, Anna is 2
Quan: SimsVille. I think it was a good decision. We don't have much money, not yet anyway. The house looks great, but we only have the basic things for now, but we don't mind.
Anna is doing fine. I think she likes the new house. I think she also likes to have her own room, she doesn't use to have that in our small apartment in the city. We saved a lot of money living there, but it was time to move.
Chu and I think Anna might be a little bit loneley. So we talked about having another child, and decided to go with it.
Soon enought Anna became 4. I can't believe we're allready there. Soon she'll turn 11, and I will have to keep the boys away, this is all going a little bit too fast!
Chu found out she's pregnant. So soon we will have another little bundle of joy in our family. I called my sister righ away to tell them! They were both so exited. We also made plans for the weekend, and desided to have lunch at The Pier on saturday. It will be nice, just the three of us together again.
Since Chu became pregnant, she started craving for grilled cheese even more! She always had a liking for that, but now it's even stronger. I don't know what she likes about it so much, but I gues the most important thing is that she's happy....
And then we welcomed Benny in our midst. I was glad to have a boy, but apparently they are harder to take care off when they are baby!
Chu immidiatly started calling her work, to tell them she would be back the next day. She just needs to be around people.

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