Sunday, October 4, 2009

Draper 1 - Round 4

The Draper Family
Jason is 22
Jason: Ever since I turned 18, I've wanted to live on my own. But I didn't want to leave grandpa alone. Mia is strong, she can manage things, much beter than I can. So When grandpa died, and Mia made the decision to go to university with her boyfriend, I saw this as my moment.
Now I rent a small, one-bedroom apartment, not far from where we used to live. I spend my days as I wish, I don't have to consider somebody else.
To celebrate my new apartment, I wanted to go out! I heard that there was a now beach lot, 'The Pier', and I wanted to visit that. So I called Ada, and asked to meet her there.
We spend a lot of time on the beach, and in the bubble bath. Afterwards we went to havedinner in the restaurant. It was nice, romantic, she send me flowers the next day. I just hope she doesn't asume anything more in our relationship.
Because I fear that Ada wants more, I desided it was time to look out for some other women I could date. One of my neighbors is on the top of my list. Her name is Kristianne Spits, and I wish to take here out really soon!
But I still keep my options open. Kristianne is rather distant, so I chat a lot, looking for more women.
In my careed everything is going fine as well. I've recently gotten a promotion, to celebrate that I treated myself with a trip to the gym. At the end I felt a lot fitter!
My euphoria did not last long, already the next day I got demoted, because of a mistake. Actually I was lucky that I could keep my job. To get over it, I invited Marie over. She's a girl I met on the internet. We didn't go on a date, but had a nice time at my place.

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