Sunday, January 1, 2006

Playable NPCs

Since I have a whole list with all my playables I thought I'd introduce you to my playable NPC's too. After all they only become playable NPC's when they get involved with some of the playables, so they all share something with one of the playables.

So what  are playable NPC's? They are sims who get involved with my regular playables for a significant amount of time (not just girlfriend/boyfriend of the week), but where the relationship ends for one reason or another, or where they have been in a relationship for quite some time but they aren't engaged or married yet.
They are also sims who start a relationship all on their own, when I play a dorm or a community lot, or something else.

My playable NPC's don't have their own updates, but I do play them the exact same way I play my regular playables, which is 1 week per round. I follow the same rules with my playable NPC's as I do for my regular playables for everything. So they aren't that different from my regular playable, they just don't have their own updates.

At the moment I have about 18 playable NPC-family. I know that is a lot, but from some I'm sure they will eventually end up with one of my regulars.
But I do love them, I just couldn't write them off, and I love adding new genetics to my game and playing them without having to worry about getting out a good story.

The Benson Family: Emily Robins is the girl for who Berend Lillig left his girlfriend, and mother of his daughter, Ella Rai. Berend saw the relationship very different from Emily, as for her it just was a fling. They lived together for a short period of time, before breaking up. Not long after Berend moved out, Emily met Aaron Benson, and in 2023 they got married.
In November 2023 they became the proud parents of Julia and Liam.

The Bleek Family: Niels Bleek used to date Tina Mishoen when they were both teens. When Tona became pregnant, very unexpectedly, their relationship cooled down quite a bit, and Niels never took much interest in Zoey. At the same time Niels was dating Tina, he also met Belinda Stevens and Samantha Bradshaw.
When Samantha left SimsVille in August 2021, Niels decided to go with her, and cut off all ties with SimsVille, and all his women there.
In 2025 Niels returned to SimsVille. He now lives in a trailer park in Simmeria, and is trying to get some kind of relationship again with his ex-girlfriend, Tina Mishoen and their dautgher, Zoey.

The Brems Family: This family consisted originally of Magdalena and her twins sons, Cole and David. This family was created to give Cole a family, because I wanted him to have family. Cole started dating Madeleine Rai in 2019. In 2023 they moved in together and got engaged, leaving David and Madgalena behind. Cole is now a regular playable. Cole and Madeleine got married in 2024, and they had a first son, Damien, in 2026, giving Magdalena her first grandchild.
Magdalena and David live in Simmeria where Davida also owns a car dealership.

The Collins Family: When their parents dies, Logan took it upon him to look after his borthed an sister. They moved to SimsVille where Logan works as a veterinarian, and runs the SimsVille Equestrian Centre, Logan is currently dating Melina Mokara.
His younger sister, Alana still lives with him. Alana is very passionate about dance. She teaches it after school, and hopes to one day turn her hobby into her career.
Their brother, Finn, the middle one, moved out in 2026, to move in with his girlfriend, who became pregnant when still in high school. Finn works as a firefighter in Simmeria, where he now also lives with Emma and their son Austin

The Dawson Family: Bea started dating Stephan Belio when she was 16. She always saw more in their relationship, and started dreaming of a future together when Stephan moved out on his own. Unfortunatly he didn't think about those things the same way, and even though  they are still dating, things aren't going too well. When Bea graduated high school in 2027 she found a small apartment in Simmeria, where she also works in a restaurant. She hopes to one day open her own restaurant. 

The Forman Family: Robin Sims used to date Yuan Zang when they were teens. When they broke up I aged her along with him and moved her into her own place. Not long after, she met Bruce Forman. Robin and Bruce got married in 2016, and welcomed their son, Nathan, not long after. In 2021 they welcomed their dauther, Jill, and in 2022 their family got even bigger with the addition of their twins, Cédric and Daniel. The family lives in SimsVille, Bruce works in politics and Robin is a realtor in Simmeria.

The Grey Family: Ada van Straten is one of Jason Draper's ex's. They got together in 1996, and even had a son together in 2014. But they broke up in 2022, when they both decided the relationship wasn't working anymore. Their son, Lucas, mostly lives with Ada, but goes to his dad's 3 days a week.
A few months after she and Jason broke up, Ada met Christopher Grey. After 3 year he proposed to her. They got married in October 2025, and welcomed their dautgher, Hope in February 2026.

The Lamberts Family: Ingrid Carette used to date, and even live together with Marcus Young. When Marcus started talking about getting married and having kids, Ingrid realized she didn't love Marcus that way and when she met Claus Lamberts (who is the same age as Marcus, which is 10 years younger than Ingrid), she decided to end the relationship.
Ingrid and Claus got married in 2021, a year after their son, Oscar, was born. A year after their marriage they welcomed Vera to their family.

The Landgraab Family: Max Landgraab is the head of Landgraab Architects in downtown Simmeria. He and his wife Hélène moved to SimsVille Up Hill, to live closer to his job. Hélène is working really hard to open up a line of H&M (Hélène & Max) stores in SimsVille and Simmeria. Their son Malcolm wasn't too happy about the move, bus is slowly warming up to this new town, especially now that he has found friends, and even a girlfriend.

The Ooms Family: Harriët Ooms and her husband were added to my game because she used to have the same last name as one of my playables, Olaf Verbon. She's Olaf's halfsister, who Olaf knew nothing about. She came in his life after Olaf's wife died in a car accident. After all this years, they are still getting to know each other.
Albert and Harriët have 2 children; Bailey and Kevin.

The Sels Family: Magda Kievits is Mario Burrie's ex-girlfriend. Afther they broke up, she turned to her good friend, Eddy, for comfort. They moved to another house on campus because it was hard on Magda having to see Mario every day.
Magda and Eddy gor married in 2023 and are now expecting their 1st child.

The Spits Family: Kristianne used to have an affair with Jason Draper when he was already living with Ada. When Kristanna found out she was pregnant, she knew there was a chance Jason wouldn't leave his girlfriend and decided not to give him the choice and broke off all contact with him. A few months later her high school sweetheart, Richard showed up. After some dating, Kristianne and Richard got married. He's raising Anabel and Anthony as his own kids.
Later they also added Peter and Emily to their family.

The Vega-Stevens Family: Belinda Stevens is one of Niels' ex-girlfriends. She's also Margot and Melissa's best friend. When they graduated from university, the 3 of them decided to become roommates, but only after 1 year, Margot moved out to live with her boyfriend, Jason Savage, and Melissa's boyfriend, Marie Burrie, moved in.
After Niels' departure, Belinda dated a few guys, but now she's in a steady relationship with Dominic Vega. In 2023 their relationship became serious and a year later Dominic moved in with Belinda, Mario and Melissa. Later that year, the roommates decided to split up, and Belinda and Dominic were able to buy a nice house in Simmeria.
Dominic is working in the political career, and Belinda tries to make it as a rock star.

The Willis Family:


  1. such incredible shots! Wow you ahd some nice posing!

    and I see quite a few sims that I wouldn't mind entering the story again.

  2. Billy Thank you :) I was actually thinking about making one specific family a regular playable :)