Saturday, August 21, 2010

de Leeuw - Summer 2016

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The de Leeuw Family
Larissa is 58
(Berend Lillig is 56 and Elisa de Leeuw is 21)
Narrated by Larissa

Living on my own, it's really strange to hear a 58-year old woman say that, but that's how it's been for me ever since Elisa move to uni. She visits a lot, but it's still not the same. I've always loved work, and I always loved going to work, but lately it just hadn't been the same, younger sim starting out on a higher level is not what I ever expected. I have been keeping myself busy by going out.
On one of those outings I met Berend Lillig. I've met him before, he's the dad of one of Elisa's friends, but lately I've gotten to know him a litlte bit better, and we have been having a great time. He comes over a lot, and we can spend hours talking about just everything.
After dating for some moths, the topic of living together came up. He actually still lived with his ex-girlfriend, and I wasn't too happy about that. So he was looking for a place of his own, before I knew it, I asked him to move in. I know it's fast, but we're not getting any younger, and we need to enjoy life as much as possible. He agreed, and moved in the same week.
I have been living in SimsVille since I met Johnny, and Berend has been living in SimsVille for quite some time too before he and Ella broke up and he moved to Simmeria, and we both want something else, a little bit like starting over.
So we've been looking at our savings, to see if we would be able to buy a house in the Ardens. Berend almost immidiatly found something. A nice little house, with 3 bedrooms and a large fireplace, it's called the Lake Cabin, and I love the name. The only downside to it, is that we have to sell this house.
After long and had thinking, we agreed to do it. So I invited Elisa over, since she grew up here, I thought she should know, and had a say in things. She was sad that we had to sell the house, but she was really happy for me, and she hoped I was going to be very happy. She just asked that I would come back for her graduation next year, and that I visited a lot.
So we sold the house. I have to agree, I cried like a little girl when I left there for the last time. We rented an apartment in Simmeria, because we wanted somewhere to come home to when we're not at the cabin.
Berend called his daughter to let her in on the news too, Maddie was sad to hear her dad was leaving, but she was happy for him too
After arrangin everything in SimsVille and Simmeria, with work and everything, it was time to pack everything, and head to the airport. It was kind of funny to be leaving in a winter-outfit when it was the middle of summer, but in the Ardens it's never really warm, so a summer-outfit would have been too cold.
After a lfight of 2 hours we arrived at the Ardens, and a 15minute drive in a cab brought us to our cabin. It looked even better in real life than it did on the pictures.
We've settled into a routine quite well, and are even talking about inviting our daughters over for a visit. They of course will have to stay a couple of days, because no one makes a planeflight of 2 hours for just one day. We have the space, so why not?
W've found some local things to do as well. I'm much better at keeping my balance on those tree-thing than Berend is, but he's having so much fun, and always ask me to do it again.
I miss Elisa though. We call a lot, but it's not the same. It's not like she's a phonecall away. She promissed she's going to visit when she's graduated, because now she doesn't have time.

  • This update isn't quite what I expecte it to be, but after reading and rereading it several times, I desided to post it anyway, everything I wanted to say is in it.
  • I've always wanted to this for one of my couples, let them live somewhere outside of SimsVille, Simmeria or DimSimTown, but it's hard when it's a young couple wanting to have children, so Larissa and Berend seemed like the perfect couple to move away. It's not like they had something keeping them in SimsVille. Berend has 2 ex-girlfriends and a daughter, but she's almost 19, living with her mother, and starting her own life. Larissa has a deceased husband, and a daughter of 22, with a boyfriend, she almost graduating, and will start a life of her own soon too.
  • Berend and Larissa, as a couple, may have come a little bit out of the blue, I've only mentioned once that Berend has a new girlfriend, and that was in the Rai-update, but it really isn't. They've known each other for some time now, and it clicked, so now they are living together in the Ardens.
  • The Ardens, by the way, is the Three Lakes renamed. I didn't liked that name that much. The name is based on the hill-like part of Belgium (the country I live in), here in Belgium we call it mountains, but comparing it to real mountains, make those things look like just hills. In Dutch it's called 'de ardennen', but I don't think any one can pronounce it, so Three Lakes is now The Ardens.
  • Next time this family will be the Lillig Family, and Elissa will be the de Leeuw Family, maybe a little bit confusing, but it makes sence to me.
  • Only 3 and a half day of work next week, and I'm home for 2 weeks!!
  • Next update thuesday!


  1. That's a fun idea, to have Berend and Larissa live in the Ardens for a while. How are you going to handle aging? They'll both die eventually but I'm not sure if Sims can actually die in vacation hoods! This will be interesting to watch.

    We call that area The Ardennes in English. It always looks so beautiful in pictures.

  2. Aww, I'm glad this couple is doing something they want, and not living their life for the sake of their grown children. They look like they're having a great time. I really like the photo of them cuddling on the ground.

    Are you going to have their family ever visit them out there?

  3. Thanks for reading!

    Carla I don't think they can die in vacation hood either, but they will be comming back sometimes to meet their children and maybe grandchilderen. If they die, I think I will be announcing it like you used to do in those obituaries. As for the aging I will age them 2 years every round in SimPe.
    The Ardennes can be very beautiful, unfortunatly I don't go there vere often, even though it's only a 2 hour drive away.

    Maisie The family visiting them is definatly the plan. They have 2 spare bedrooms at the cabin, so there definatly is room enough for their daughters and maybe their families one day.

  4. I think this is sweet! And I like how you renamed three lakes. I may have to steal that idea from ya.

    It's nice to see older sims being able to unwind and live their life!

  5. Gallowaytownship It didn't seem natural that almost every hood has the same vacationlocations, without their sims ever meeting. I didn't change anything to the hood itself though.