Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Rebuild - Update 4

So it's been a while, I'm sorry. I have been simming, but there has been a lot of things going on IRL to make me focus on playing instead of writing updates.

The rebuid isn't done yet, but I'm getting there. I've created all of my playables, moved them all back in to their houses or build them new ones in case they needed one. All the house and apartments are furnished and decorated, and I feel quite good about that.
I let the families with babies have their babies again, made the sims pregnant who were pregnant, added the pets (since I was stupid enough to forget them when I created the families).
A lot has been done in SimPe as well, but not everything. I also need to recreate my dead sims, so I can do all of the relations, set all the relations and familytrees back in order in game, and get their businesses going again, but that will come eventually.
I have started playing again though! As much as I want all those empty spaces to be filled with lots, I started missing my sims, and really wanted to play again!
I'm having a lot of fun building and (re)decorating all these lots though, so I'll be continuing with that while I play.
And I'm still hoping to get my already played updates written and published as well as the lot tours, but that seems like a far away dream at the moment.

Anyway, in this update I thought I'd give you guys a tour of South SimsVille, to let you guys see what I've done the last couple of weeks.
So this is SimsVille as it looks at the moment. The part at the bottom of the map is South SimsVille.