Monday, September 28, 2009

Upper SimsVille

A growing hood is always in need of expanding, and so is SimsVille. Although SimsVille itself is rather small neighbourhood (downloaded it here) there still is some space for expanding. Currently I'm creating several community lots for my sims to visit, but I thought they needed something more.
So I've added Upper SimsVille!
(click on picture for bigger view)

It's called Upper, because I thought Simsville is located at the beach, and Upper SimsVille isn't, that Upper SimsVille is located higher. I downloaded the hood here, and added the downtownlots from the downtownarea that came with Nightlife. I've also added some appartmentbuildings, and some small houses for my sims to live in.
For the moment there is nobody living in Upper SimsVille, but I think that the 1ste sim will be moving there, at the start of round 6.

A tree of sims

The for now small, but ever-evolving SimsVille family tree.

(names in grey are no longer with us)
(m) = married, (m/d) = divorced, (w/) = unmarried
(T) in front of the name = twins

The Alenis/Snijders Family:
  • Mariëtte (Alenis) Snijders, (m) Adam Snijders
    • Bethany Alenis (by Bai) 

The Benson Family
  • Aaron Benson, (m) Emily (Robins) Benson
    • (T)Julia Benson
    • (T)Liam Benson 

The Bleek Family
  • Niels Bleek
    • Zoey Mishoen (by Tina)

The Brems/Rai Family
  • Magdalena Brems
    • (T)Cole (Brems) Rai, (m) Madeleine Rai
      • Damien Rai
    • (T)David Brems

The Collins Family
  • James Collins, (m) Dina Collins
    • Logan Collins
    • Finn Collins, (/w) Emma Zanobi
      • Austin Collins
    • Alana Collins

The Draper/Verbon Family:
  • Jonas Draper, (m) Eve Draper
    • Marie Draper
      • Jason Draper
        • (T)Anabel Spits (by Kristianne)
        • (T)Anthony Spits (by Kristianne)
        • Lucas Draper (by Ada)
      • Mia Draper, (m) Olaf Verbon
        • (T)Morgana Verbon
        • (T)Zenzi Verbon
        • Anthony Verbon

The Forman Family:
  • Bruce Forman, (m) Robin (Sims) Forman
    • Nathan Forman
    • Jill Forman
    • (T)Cédric Forman
    • (T)Daniel Forman

The Gradonni/Tora Family:
  • Kürt Gradonni, (m) Debby Gradonni
    • Abby Gradonni, (w/) Reinout Krielman
      • Brian Gradonni
      • (T)Sarah Gradonni
      • (T)Simon Gradonni
    • Annie (Gradonni) Tora, (m) Erik Tora
      • Owen Tora
      • Claire Tora
      • Celia Tora

The Grey Family
  • Christopher Grey, (m) Ada (van Straaten) Grey
    • Lucas Draper (by Jason) 
    • Hope Grey

The Lamberts Family
  • Claus Lamberts, (m) Ingrid (Carette) Lamberts
    • Oscar Lamberts
    • Vera Lamberts

The Lillig/de Leeuw Family
  • Berend Lillig, (w/) Larissa de Leeuw
    • Madeleine Rai (by Ella), (m) Cole (Brems) Rai 
      • Damien Rai

The Mertens Family
  • Ludo Mertens, (m) Mia Mertens
    • (T)Margot (Mertens) Savage, (m) Jason Savage
      • Vincent Savage
    • (T)Melissa Mertens, (w/) Mario Burrie
    • Lars Mertens

The Min/Belio/Mokara Family:
  • Huan Zang, (m) Cheng Zang
    • Quan Min, (m) Chu Min
      • Anna (Min) Zang, (m) Bai Zang
        • Alex Zang
        • Carl Zang
        • Dean Zang
      • Benny Min
      • Florian Min
    • Ling (Min) Belio, (m) Bram Belio
      • Johanna (Belio), (m) Jack Penninkemeijer
        • Eli Penninkmeijer
      • (T)Stephan  Belio
      • (T)Steven Belio
    • Yin (Min) Mokara, (m) Hans Mokara
      • Melina Mokara
      • David Mokara
      • Sam Mokara 

The Mishoen/Terrano/Zang/Gerrits Family:
  • Gruns Mishoen, (m) Lin-Mei Mishoen
    •  Fen Mishoen, (m) Goofy (Kardinaal) Mishoen
      • Nio (Mishoen) Terrano (by Gunnar), (m) Stella Terrano
        • Enya Terrano
        • Sayda Terrano
        • Wylco Terrano
      • Tina Mishoen (by Goofy)
        • Zoey Mishoen (by Niels)
    • Nuan Mishoen, (m) Marc Mishoen
      • Tika Mishoen, (m/d) Xiang Zang
        • Lewis Mishoen
        • Joshua Mishoen
        • Michael Mishoen
      • Sya (Mishoen) Gerrits, (m) Marie Gerrits
        • Felix Gerrits
        • (T)Caleb Gerrits
        • (T)Keira Gerrits

The Ooms/Verbon Family
  • Devon Verbon, (m) Sylia Verbon
    • Olaf Verbon (by Bernadette), (m) Mia (Draper), Verbon
      • (T)Morgana Verbon
      • (T)Zenzi Verbon
      • Anthony Verbon
    • Harriët (Verbon) Ooms (by) Sylvia, (m) Albert Ooms
      • Bailey Ooms
      • Kevin Ooms

The Penninkmeijer Family:
  • Frederik Penninkmeijer, (m) Bianca (Draajing) Penninkmeijer
    • Catherine Penninkmeijer, (m) Dirk (Oltmans) Penninkmeijer
      • (T)Elisabeth Penninkmeijer
      • (T)Margaret Penninkmeijer
      • (T)Nicholas Penninkmeijer
      • (T)Stephanie Penninkmeijer
    • (T)Jack Penninkmeijer, (m) Johanna (Belio) Penninkmeijer
      • Eli Penninkmeijer
    • (T)Lawrence (Penninkmeijer) Warner, (m) Kenneth Warner
      • Julie Warner
      • Olivia Warner
    • (T)Laura Penninkemeijer, (m) Dennis Heaven
      • Lily Heaven
    • (T)Gabriëlle Penninkemeijer, (w/) Amber Lang
    • Morgan Penninkmeijer

The Rai family:
  • Ella (Rai) Roque, (m) Gunnar Roque
    • Madeleine Rai (by Berend), (m) Cole (Brems) Rai
      • Damien Rai

The Roque Family:
  • Gunnar Roque, (m) Frieda (Dekkers) Roque (m) Ella (Rai) Roque
    • Nio (Mishoen) Terrano (by Fen Mishoen), (m) Stella Terrano
      • Enya Terrano
      • Sayda Terrano
      • Wylco Terrano
    • Fraçoise Roque (by Frieda), (w/) Yuan Zang
      • George Roque
      • Charles Roque
      • Noémi Roque
    • Eleanora Roque (by Frieda), (w/) Marcus Young

The Sels/Kievits Family
  • Eddy Sels, (m) Magda (Kievits) Sels

The Spits/van de Wiel Family
  • Kristianna Spits, (m) Richard (van de Wiel) Spits
    • (T)Anabel Spits (by Jason)
    • (T)Anthony Spits (by Jason)
    • Peter Spits (by Richard)
    • Emily Spits (by Richard)

The Vega/Stevens Family
  • Dominic Vega, (w/) Belinda Stevens

The Young/de Leeuw/Wagtmans Family:
  • Louis Young, (m) Emma Young, (w/) Jessica Smid
    • Johnny Young (by Emma), (m) Daisy Young, (w/) Larissa de Leeuw, (w/) Berend Lillig
      • Mairi (Young) Wagtmans (by Daisy), (m) Harry Wagtmans
        • Camden Wagtmans
        • Collin Wagtmans
        • Camille Wagtmans
      • Elisa de Leeuw (by Larissa), (m) Harald (Jaser) de Leeuw
        • Brent de Leeuw
        • Ellen de Leeuw
    • Marcus Young (by Jessica), (w/) Eleanora Roque 

The Zang/Mishoen Family:
  • Nuo Zang, (m) Fai Zang
    • Tao Zang, (m) Yena Zang
      • Xun Zang, (m) Tosca (de Groot) Zang
        • Ross Zang
        • (T)Mona Zang
        • (T)Nora Zang
        • Tessa Zang
        • Marcus Zang 
      • Xiang Zang, (m/d) Tika Mishoen
        • Lewis Mishoen
        • Joshua Mishoen
        • Michael Mishoen
      • Yuan Zang, (w/) Françoise Roque
        • George Roque
        • Charles Roque
        • Noémi Roque
    •  Wang Zang, (m) Chao Zang
      • Bai Zang, (m) Anna (Min) Zang
        • Bethany Alenis (by Mariëtte)
        • Alex Zang (by Anna)
        • Carl Zang (by Anna)
        • Dean Zang (by Anna) 

The Zanobi Family:
  • Stephan Zanobi, (m) Virginie Zanobi
    • Lucas Zanobi, (m) Sophie (Mikkels) Zanobi
      • Emma Zanobi, (/w) Finn Collins
        • Austin Collins
      • Julian Zanobi
    • Dimitri Zanobi, (m) Andrea (van der Hoogen) Zanobi
      • Matthew Zanobi
      • Marlys Zanobi

Monday, September 14, 2009

Roque 1 - Round 4

The Roque Family
Gunnar is 39, Frieda is 37 and Françoise is 3
Frieda: Life is going it's way. We were able to do something with the garden, and we build a garage. Sometimes I want to quit my job, Gunnar makes more than enough money, and so does the café, when it's open that is.
Since Françoise is growing so fast, and Gunnar agreed on a second child, I think there is more than enough to do at home, that I miss now by going to work.
I need to talk to Gunnar about that. When I stop with my daytime job, I also have more time to go to the café with him.
Françoise is now a child, and a sweet one she is. I just know she will do good in everything she does!
Gunnar in the mean time is working hard in getting promotions. Not that we need the money, but I let him.
He also tries to kiss Françoise goodnight every night. I know she likes that. She adores her dad. Every day,when he comes home from work, she runs out to greet him.
She can only enjoy this time together, soon she will have to share because I found out I'm pregnant again.
I gave birth to another girl. Meet Eleanora Roque! She looks just like her big sister when she was a baby, brown eyes, black hair, just their father.
I'm happy to have another girl. Gunnar wanted a boy, but he seems quit happy to have Eleanora too. He even spends time with her, although she's still a baby, he hardly did that with Françoise.
Françoise is thrilled to have a sister. Every time when I go to the kitchen to feed Eleanora, she's there, asking me if she can play with her. It's sweet to see the 2 of them together.
Like I said, I'm happy with my girls, for me no more children, I just know Gunnar feels the same way!

Penninkmeijer 1 - Round 4

The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 45, Bianca is 37, Catherine is 10 and Jack and Lawrence are 5
Catherine: Finally I'm a teen! I have been waiting for this day for so long. Now it's my time to prove dad that I can be a great heir!
Dad is kind of old-fashioned; he only wants a boy to be the heir, and it has to be the oldest. Since I'm the oldest, but since I'm a girl, he doesn't see me as the heir. Jack and Lawrence were born after me, and Jack is the oldest, so he is the heir. But I want to be the heir! So it's time for me to prove that I can be!
Mom wants a lot of children, and I think she didn't found 3 was enough, because we welcomed 2 new sisters into our family; Laura and Gabriëlle. I'm kind of wondering if mom would think 5 is a lot, because I really think it is!
Since the girls are born, mom asked me to help around the house. So now I'm helping taking care of the girls, helping in the house, working hard on school, and doing some extra skilling, to prove to dad I'm worth to be the heir. It's hard, but I need to keep it up, otherwise dad will never see I'm beter!
Life is only getting harder. Laura and Gabriëlle are toddlers now. And they are really hectic, and busy. It only gives me more to do. When I have a family of my own, I only want 1 child, mayde 2, at the most!
On top of it all, mom found out she's pregnant again! I really truly hope this is the last one. I'm thinking about getting an after-schooljob, but that only would give me even more to do. By the way, I will be leaving for uni soon!
I think I'm finally getting through to dad. Last night, he found a pile of homework from Jack, and when we all had to do out homework, Jack only sat down for a couple of minutes, than said he was done, and went to play some videogames. Lawrence and I worked hard, and then studied some more on our skills. I really hope to move back home when I graduate, I really love this house!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Round 4

Stephan is 55, Virginie is 52, Lucas and Sophie are 25, Andrea is 24 and Dimitri is 22
Sophie: I know I said I would try not to be so jealous anymore, but everything happening in Andrea's life is what I want, and what I don't get!
I want Lucas to marry me, and I want a child. And, I know it sounds silly, but since Lucas is the oldest, I want our child to be the oldest too. But no! That's not my life! Andrea foud out she's pregnant, and not Lucas and I haven't even tried for a baby yet!
Since Dimitri wants his child to be a true Zanobi, he and Andrea got married as soon as possible. I know Lucas asked me, and I know we are engaged now, but sometimes I feel like thats the farthest we are going to go! He never talked about marriage anymore after!
I think Dimitri finally saw something was bothering me, because he talked to me and asked me what was bothering, and I told everything! So he agreed on having a child! I don't know what it is with this man and commitment! I wanted to get married fist! Having the oldest child, wasn't going to happen for us anymore, so then I at least wanted to do in the right order, but Lucas thought otherwise! And since he's giving me something I want, I can't complain, can I?
Some other news in the family; my mother-in-law turned 55. We celebrated with a cake, and the whole family sat down together to celebrate, it was nice.
That same night, Andrea gave birht to first Zanobi heir; Matthew Zanobi. He has bright green eyes, and red hair, like his grandmother. Both grandparents immidiatly adored him!
And the day after I found out I'm pregnant! I can't wait to see this little one! Lucas was happy, but not as excited as I hoped he would have been. My father-in-law on the other hand was thrilled. He can't wait for another grandchild!
Unfortunatly he won't be around to see this little one! One night, he just died! It was so unexpected. I know everybody dies, but he was only 59 years old!
Everybody was down after that incident, nobody went to work, and the restaurant stayed closed. Virginie mainly focused on the little Matthew, and I tried to comfort Lucas as much as I could, and Andrea did the same with Dimitri.
Little Matthew's first birhtday wasn't as joyful as we all planned, but he turned out great! After his birthday, Dimitri and Andrea moved to their newly build house next door.

Rai 1 - Round 4

The Rai Family
Berend is 45, Ella is 37 and Madeleine is 2
Ella: We are still living in that small appartment, and although we have an active toddler in the house now, it's not that bad. Though I really want to move, I want to have my own place!
We get more and more orders to do portraits, I think that's great. Since Berend is a much beter painter than I am, he does all of the painting. But he has another job too, and I think it's hard to combine the both, so I want him to stop working and focus on the paintings, but he doesn't want that. Well, it's his choice I gues.
Since Maddy is so active, and I don't want to miss anything that happens in her life, I desided to close the shop for a couple of days, and focus on her. I love every minute of it! It never gets boring to play with her and watch her do things.
All of my other free time, I try to be with Berend. I think I'm becomming to much of a family-oriented sim, and I never wanted to be since I'm no family-sim!
Soon it was time for Maddy's 4th birhtday. Since we live in an appartment, there was absolutly no room to give a party, oh I want to move so badly! Anyway, Maddy grew up to a lovely child, she looks so much like Berend, at least I think so, but he keeps telling me she looks like me!
Since Maddy started school, and Berend finished the orders, it was time to open the shop again. I could see the customers were happy we were back, and I enjoyed it to be around other sims.
Since the shop is open untill 8pm, Berend had to look after Madeleine after her first day at school. I think she enjoyed it. He even helped her with her homework. I think he's enjoying fatherhood much more than he ever thought he would, or will ever admit! I missed being there after her first day, but life is full of choices, tomorrow I will close the shop sooner.
I finally gotten throught to Berend, and he agreed! We build our own house! It's right next to my college friends, the Roques. There are 3 bedrooms, but we only need 2, so the other one we transformed into a workshop for the both of us! I can't believe we finally have a house of our own!!