Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roque 1 - Round 2

The Roque Family - Hammie Apartments - Day 5-10
Gunnar Roque - Adult - 29 years old - Romance - Hall of Famer
Frieda Dekkers - Adult - 27 years old - Popularity - General

Gunnar: I surprised Frieda with a trip to Three Lakes. Actually she found out, but I planned to surprise her... She thinks it's to spend more time together, and I just let her think that. It's actually because I made this girl pregnant, and she calls the apartment everyday, and I just need to get away to think about it all.
The camping place was great, we had everything we wanted. We could afford a nice hotel, but camping seemed like much more fun! We went for 3 days, and we did an excusrion every day.
We also went to a spa, where I spend most of the time in the sauna, and the hot water springs.
Frieda of course joined me, but she loved the massages more. She looked so relaxed afther it!
At the spa I asked Frieda to marry me. Not that I want to get married, but Frieda really wanted it. I also made a decsion about the other girl; I will stop seeing her, and I won't have anything to do with the kid, after all it's her own fault. But I will pay some child support, but I will never tell Frieda!
We got married right away too. So meet Mrs Roque. She looks so happy!
Soon it was time to go back home, 3 days go by so fas when you're having fun! And we had fun, back home we could see the result of our fun! Frieda is pregnant, not what I planned, but I gues I can not run away from all my children, after all I married Frieda ....
Since we only have a one-bedroom apartment, it was time for u to move to a bigger place. Frieda will miss it here, I know, but for me it was just a pitstop before being able to buy something!

Penninkmeijer 1 - Round 2

The Penninkemeijer Family - Penninkmeijer Residence - Day 6-10
Frederik Penninkmeijer - Adult - 35 years old - Fortune - Business Tycoon
Bianca Draajing - Adult - 27 years old - Family - Marry off 6 Children
Catherine Penninkmeijer - Baby - 0 years old

Bianca: Since Cathe is born, I have been taking care of her full-time, I never let her out of my sight, and I really love it. I love the family-life, and I can't wait to have more children!
In the mean time Frederik is spending all our hard-needed money! He discovered Rai Arts, a shop specialised in artwork, and paintings. He had our wedding picture painted. It's really nice, they do deliver good work, but we need the money for other things. The taxes allready made us take out a loan!
Although he spends a lot of money, Frederik is also really bussy with his job. When he's not working on his skills he's phoning his contacts to make some friends.
Cahterine celebrated her first brithday. She looks so pretty! She has my green eyes, but she looks like Fredirik in every other way!
The day after Catherine's birthday, I found out I'm pregnant again! I really don't mind if it's a boy or a girl, but Frederik really hopes for a boy this time, so he has an heir.
Being pregnant made Frederik finally realise he has a daughter. Because I was to tired sometimes to spend time with her, he started playing with her. I could see she really enjoyed the time with her daddy. When Frederik was at work, I had my own routine; spending time with Catherine and taking naps when she took a nap.
Then it was time to welcome 2 new members in to the family! Jack and Lawrence! I had twins; 2 boys; I'm glad Frederik has an heir.
Time went fast these last couple of days; the twins were born, Frederik had another promotion, and Catherine turned 5! I can't believe my little girl is starting school allready.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Round 2

The Zanobi Family - Hammie Appartments - Day 1-6
Stephan Zanobi - Adult - 45 years old - Family - Captain Hero
Virginie Zanobi - 42 years old - Fortune - Earn §100.000
Lucas Zanobi - 15 years old - Pleasure - Game Designer
Dimitri Zanobi - 12 years old - Forune - Earn §100.000

Dimitri: Since mom and dad had to fire both their employes, they asked Lucas and I to come and help in the weekend. I think Lucas really liked it, because he told me he wants to take over the business one day! I, on the other hand, also want a business one day, but I want a petstore.
But I want so many things, and we still need to see wich things will eventually happen. Lucas has a girlfriend, her name is Sophie, she comes over all the time, she's nice I think.
Sometimes I still feel like a little kid, and then I go and play in the playground in front of the appartment. Afterwards I feel ashamed, but I had a great time!
Lucas turned 18. He didn't go to college, so we celebrated his birthday at home. Since Sophie is the same age, she turned 18 as well. Lucas immidiatly asked her to move in. And since this is an appartement with only 2 very small bedrooms, I have to share a room with the lovebirds! I'm almost 18 as well, so normally I will be moving out soon I think, but mom and dad promissed me they will be looking for a bigger place.
Sophie didn't go looking for a job, but desided to help out in the restaurant too. So she and Lucas are going to the restaurant with mom and dad every day, and Sophie will be studying cooking too, because she wants to run the kitchen one day.
Finally mom and dad found a new place! Dad started looking harder the moment we got robbed, but that's ok, they found something! It's a nice spacious house with 3 bedrooms, so I don't have to share anymore!

Rai 1 - Round 2

The Rai Family - Hammie Appartments - day 6 - 10

Berend Lillig - Adult - 30 years old - Romance - Celebrity Chef
Ella Rai - Adult - 27 years old - Popularity - General

Berend: Tax-time, I really hate it, I don't know why, because we really don't have to pay that much because we rent a small appartment, but it's money we can spend on something else.
Like Ella's art. She's really good at the pottery wheel, but we need money to finance it all. Since she wants to create some stock for the shop before opening it full time, I'm the only one bringing in the money.
But when she opens the shop, it goes really well! Sims really like the hand-made pots Ella makes. Since I love painting I offerd Ella to do some paintings. Our neighbors really loved them, some of them even asked Ella to do some portraits. So now I have my full-time job and when I come home I start painting the portraits.
Before I go to work, and Ella starts crafting, we try to at least have breakfast together. We both aren't family-sims, but we both think relationships are impotant, including our own relationship. I never thought I would say this, but I'm quit happy with my life as it is right now. I don't have any girlfriends at the moment, but for now I don't need one. The only thing now I would want, is a bigger place.
I don't want children that much, but Ella wants one. I love the thing you have to do for making the children, so when Ella asked for a baby, I couldn't refuse. As long as she doesn't want marriage, I think she can ask for anyting, and I will say yes!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playlist - Round 6

Playlist Round 6: 2009 - 2011
Fall 2009
Rai 1
Zanobi 1

Winter 2010
Roque 1
Gradonni 1

Spring 2010
Mishoen 1
Mishoen 2

Summer 2010
Young 1
Draper 1
de Leeuw 1

Fall 2010
Wagtmans 1
Zang 1

Winter 2011
Zang 2
Min 1
Belio 1
Spring 2011
Mokara 1
Zanobi 2

Summer 2011
Verbon 1
Terrano 1

SimsVille the hood

To have an idea on how the hood is growing, I will list pictures of the hood every round.
Sometimes I will show the hood in detail, but that will be anounced.

Hood - Round 1
(click piture for more details)

Draper 1 - Round 1

The Draper Family - Trailer Parc - Day 1 - 5
Jonas Draper - Elder - 66 years old - Pleasure - 50 First dates
Eve Draper - Elder - 64 years old - Romance - 20 lovers
Jason Draper - Child - 8 years old - Grow up
Mia Draper - Child - 5 years old - Grow up

Eve: Jonas and I were never fit to be parents, I mean a romance and a pleasure sim together.... But we raised our Marie rather well. But then she disappeard, and when she came back, she had 2 children with her and then she died, she was very ill. So now we are back at raising kids.They are sweet kids, and of course I love them, after all they are my grandchildren, but having kids in the house is a huge adaption. Before Jonas and I were each living our seperate lives, dating and going out whenever we wanted, but that's not possible anymore.
Our days now are filled, with working and spending time with the kids, helping them with their homework, playing with them, ... It's diferent and not really what I expected from my old days, but it's not bad.
The time I can get to spend with Jonas is nice too, before we were living next to each other, now we talk to one another again.
We thought moving away from the city would eliminate scenes like this. But our neighbors don't seem to get along that well, and they are fighting all the time. I hope they don't affect the children.
Jason is now a teen, and he's rather goodlooking, I don't know who his dad is, but I can tell he looks like his mother! He choose the romance aspiration, just like me, and immidiatly started networking, and chatting online.
Although I'm not a family sim, I think it's important that Jason and Mia spend time together, and with us, to share memories about their mother. I'm happy to see they do spend time together. I just wished they didn't have to share a room, but maybe we can move to a bigger house one day.

Young 1 - Round 1

The Young Family - Dex Homes - Day 1 - 5
Louis Young - Elder - 62 years old - Popularity - Mayor
Johnny Young - Adult -37 years old - Romance - Celebrity Chef
Mairi Young - Teen - 15 years old - Fortune - City Planner

Mairi: I didn't want to move. I had to leave evrything behind, because dad and grandpa wanted to move, without any specific reason. But now I found out why dad wanted to move; he wanted to live closer to his new girlfriend! I can't believe that's the reason! I mean, she could have moved too!
I think dad noticed I wasn't too happy about the move, because he got me a dog, and I have been nagging for one since I got 5 and never got one. But now I have Lulu, my own dog! In a few days I will have to leave her, because I'm going to college, but after that, Lulu will move with me!
I don't know what it is with my family, but grandpa went to the Parc one night, and got home with a girlfriend! The only one single in this house, is me. Well, I'm not looking for someone at the moment, so that could explain it, but I will be looking for someone once I'm at college.
I think grandpa's girlfriend isn't too good for him, he made a bad decision at work and got fired! At his age it's hard to find a new job, and he could only find some small job for the afternoon. I think it's strange, but he didn't seem to messed up about it.
I think he was with his thoughts somewhere else, again. His girlfriend, Jessica moved in. She's only 1 year older than dad! It's strange to call her grandma! Dad's girlfriend, Larissa also moved in, so now I have a new mom I gues.
And my new grandma is pregnant! So I will be getting a new aunt or uncle soon. This family is just too weird! I don't think any other kid can say that! I just don't know if grandpa made the right decision with Jessica and another child, because I don't think Jessica wants all this things, I heard her talking to herself that this really isn't what she had planned for...
I know it's not nice to think, but it's grandpa's decision, and I don't have to interfere in their relationship. By the way I'm going to college now, and after that I will be living on my own. Dad and Larissa moved out to, to their own house.