Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gradonni 1 - Winter 2016

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The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 56, Debby is 48 and Abby and Annie are 25
(Reinout Krielman is 29 and Erik Tora is 23)
Narrated by Annie Gradonni

With winter being here, I thought there wouldn't be much to do at a farm. Well, I was wrong. In a greenhouse you can grow plants anytime you want. So dad is still always in the greenhouse. Since there are a lot of plants, I help him out as much as possible.
Mom and Abby are also still fishing. Mom tells us she needs to get the most out of the pond when it's not yet freezing. They really both tell us a lot. I don't listen too often, because I'm not going to take over the shop or the farm, that's going to be Abby's job.
Abby is a bit torn between her want and mom and dad's want. She really wants to make something out of her education, she didn't go to university just to stay home, and not do something with that degree. But mom and dad really want her to take over all of it one day.
Her boyfriend, Reinout, is interested in taking it all over. He went to university too, but it wasn't really what he wanted, so after finishing, he took a job as a gardner. Abby set mom down to talk about it, she practically sold Reinout to mom, pointing out all of his good points, she even told mom he could to the cooking for the shop, even though he's a terrible cook. And she also said she would still help out as much as she can. I could tell mom was into the idea, she said she was going to talk to dad about it.
She acts funny around her boyfriend sometimes though, falling down on one knee and sing out loud. I never saw her like that, and it really surprised me, I was always so serious, just like me.
In the mean time I still hadden't found a job, and I was getting tired of it, I desided to go down to the town hall to see if there were any jobs available. I checked the noticeboard, and was surprised to find there was one available as field agent. I didn't hesitate one moment and ripped the peace of paper of the board, headed home and sent in my application. Already one day later, they contacted me again to let me know I was hired, and they expected me the next day.
Erik was so happy for me he took me out to dinner to the "Silver Spoon". A rather fancy, new restaurant in SimsVille. It was so nice, just the 2 of us. I spend a lot of time at his place too, but it's not the same as going to a restaurant. I could tell he was nervous, and I had no idea why. I asked him about it, but he just laughed it away.
He drove me back home, and insisted to walk me all the way in. When he fell on one knee and pulled out a little black box I couldn't believe my eyes! It suddenly became clear why he had been so nervous. So after 5 years of dating, I'm now engaged!
Of course I woke up Abby immediatly, she's my twin, she should be the first to know. She was as exited as I was!! The next day it was time to tell mom and dad. Not only about the engagement, but Erik and I also desided to move in together. Abby's boyfriend was already living here, and it was getting a little bit too crowded.

Extra pic:I really had a good picture of Annie and Erik at the restaurant. But the guy sitting in the back is Reinout Krielman, Abby's boyfriend, the one supposed to be at home, and not spying on his girlfriend's sister!

  • I know it's one day later then I promissed, but something came up.
  • I don't like Annie's hair, I don't think it fits her very good. I've looked around and finally found one I liked, I will be updating her profile picture asap, because she really looks a lot better!
  • Annie and Erik will get married in the Summer of 2017, I'm already thinking about it :)
  • I usually try to avoid to let my sims find a job through the notice board, but Annie and Abby graduated almost 2 years ago, and I hated it they still hadn't found a job. Abby found one this round on the computer, but Annie still hadn't found one, so I let her go down and check the notice board.
  • I just notice the boys don't have a profile yet, I'm still working on the profiles, so they will get one, and I hope really soon.
  • Next update will be up on saturday, I hope. In the mean time, enjoy simming and reading!


  1. Yeah, if my Sims take too long to find the job I want for them, I usually cheat them in as well! It doesn't usually take people 10 years to find a job but it can in the Sims!

    Congratulations to Annie and Erik - I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful!

  2. I cheat them in too if it takes too long. And yeah a wedding! I can't wait to see Annie's new look, and see how their wedding goes.

    I really like their giant greenhouse, and how you have it laid out inside it as well.

  3. Carla: Thank you, you have a little bit more confidence in me for a beautyfull wedding than I have, but I'm going to try my very best!

    Maisie: Thank you, it looks great doesn't it? It's hard to maintain though, but as long as I have more thean 1 sims taking care of it, I can handle it.
    I've made parts, 3x3, and every part has it's own vegetable.