Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids - Winter 2016

Simsville Up Hill Elementary School
Principal: Marie Gerrits is 25
Students: Emma Mikkels and Morgan Penninkmeijer are 10, Stephan and Steven Belio, and Marlys Zanobi are 8, Camden Wagtmans is 6, Collin Wagtmans and Julian Zanobi are 5 and David Mokara is 4
Narrated by Marie Gerrits

I was so nervous for my first day of school, I think I was driving Sya crazy. But when I look back at it now, it all went great. I thought it would be best to start of with a normal rouine, so I immiatly started with teaching. David Mokara is struggling the most, but it's only his first year at school, he will catch up.
After the first lesson we went to do some sport. It would be best if I was able to split the class, but then I would need another teacher. In gymclass there were always some kids that weren't able to do something, and had to wait their turn, and I would love to see it different.
After sport and lunch it was time to play. Even though it was rather cold outside, there was no snow, wich I think the kids would have loved, they all went outside to play in the playground.
The afternoon we started at the library. The kids got the freedom to choose their own subject of study, and when they didn't understand something, they could ask for help.
To finish the first day off, they could choose what to do, and they choose painting. When I looked at the paintings afterwards, I could see there was one talent in the class. Morgan Penninkmeijer is really a good painter, I think I need to get to know more about my students, but despite that, I think the first day went really well!

  • I know this update is a little bit boring, but as usual I didn't take enough pictures to make it a little bit more intersting.
  • There really was only 1 child with a really good painting, and it was Morgan Penninkmeijer, but in his family they all have a lot of points in creativity.
  • I have to be carefull with promises since this update was late, but I everything goes well, the next update, a birthday-post, will be up on monday!


  1. It was a good idea to have Marie narrate this entry. It worked really well seeing things from her perspective. I might steal your idea and try having one of my teachers narrate the next primary school entry!

  2. I too like that you had Marie narrate. The kids are adorable, and your school looks great. I really like your half-wall with the bookshelves. If I have space in mine, I just might add that!

  3. Thank you both for reading!

    Carla: Since I mentioned in an few post already how nervous Marie was for the first day, I thought it was best to let her narrate it, I'm glad you like it!

    Maisie: I desided not to put in high bookcases, since it's just an elementary school, the kids wouldn't be able to reach the top shelfs otherwise.

  4. I love your little school! Do you have fun playing it? I'm trying to decide if I'd run one with Simlogical's hacks or if I'd just build a building and pretend the students go there and the adults in the education one go there too. Your school looks like it could be fun.