Saturday, October 17, 2009

Roque 1 - Round 5

The Roque Family
Gunnar is 44, Frieda is 42, Françoise is 10 and Eleanora is 0
Gunnar: Ever since Eleonora was born, I've been starting to think of my boy. I still haven't told Frieda about him, and I don't think I ever will tell her. But I started wondering how he looks, I don't think I will reconize him when I see him. I always wished for a son, and I now have 2 daughters that I can claim, but no son.
And now Eleonora is a toddler, so I'm through with children. I know Frieda wanst another one, but I'm fine with 2, and this time I won't give in!!
Ever since Eleonora became a toddler, we have been opening the café more. I'm having the time of my life there! Last time our collegefriend, Ella, stopped by, and we sang a duet, all the customers loved it!
Frieda didn't like it to leave the girls with a nanny, but she was with me when we opened the café and she decided to stand by me. I've already allowed her to give up her job, to be more with the children, but I won't let her give up the café! By the way, the girls are doing fine!
In her free time, when I'm at work, and Eleonora is asleep, Frieda started wrinting books. She started her own series, "The adventures of Franelle". She puts all her free time in it.
Before we knew it, we had a teen in the house. I have to say, and not because I'm her father, but Françoise is looking amazing, I think I will have to keep the boys away very soon!
But soon is always too soon! One day when I came home from work, I found her in the front yard with a boy, and they were getting rather romantic!
When Eleonora grew up, I realized Françoise wasn't the only one I should worry about. Eleonora is looking pretty good herself too. Why is that the most romantic sims, become too overprotective when they have daughters!

Random pic:
Look who showed up at Gunnars Karaoke Café! Yes, that's Nio Mishoen, the oldest child of Gunnar, the one that Frieda doesn't know about!

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  1. "Why is that the most romantic sims, become too overprotective when they have daughters!"

    Ha, because they know what boys are like because they were the same way themselves!