Monday, August 16, 2010

Zan 1 - Summer 2016

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The Zang Family
Tao is 62, Yena is 58, Xun is 33, Tosca is 29, Ross is 2 and Mona and Nora are 6 months
(Yuan Zang is 26 and George Roque is 1)
Narrated by Xun

Ever since the twins were born life has been pretty hectic. Ross is walking around, and there is no stopping him from getting him where ever he wants to go. 
And then there are Mona and Nora, they seem so much harder to handle than Ross ever was. Maybe that's because there's two of them instead of one. They seem to be crying all the time, and to make it little bit more difficult, always at the same time. Mom sais it was like that when Xiang and I were little too, but in my memory we were just easy babies.
This may sound hard, but thankfully dad and I get to go out quite a lot when we have to open the shop. And the shop is going great. Customers seem to find the way to our door pretty fast, and they always come back.
Sometimes it's even hard to keep up with the line at the cash register. When we close there are always customers hanging around, and sometimes we even have to ask them to leave, so we can restock and go home too.
Of course I don't rum from the kids all the time. I lve spening time with them too, and not only because Tosca wants me to, but because I really want to.
Personally I find it easier to be with Ross, he's comming to the age where he's repeating everything you say, and it's so much fun. Mona and Nora are a little bit too young to actually 'hang out' with.
Mom loves spending time with the twins though. Since the weather has been so good, we've put some dangle-toys outside, and mom is making sure Mona and Nora are getting enough fresh air.
And Tosca can't get enought of them either. She can look so sad when she has to put them to bed in the evening. I think if it where up to her, she would never put them down!
I make her though. She had some time off from work after the twins were born, and she hardly left the house. Occasionally she visits her best friend, and my-sister-in-law, Tika, but that's it. So When those period was over, I thought it was time for us to spend some time together. I asked mom to wathc the kids, and we went out. It wasn't all romantic, we went to the gym first, because she thinks I'm getting too fat, but we closed the night with a nice meal at the Silver Spoon.
That same night mom and dad thought it was time to finally have Yuan over. They haven't talked in years over some silly fight and after that Yuan left. It seemed like it all went well, at least they didn't have another argument.
Yuan even brought his son with him. George and Ross have a good time playing together at Ross' little table. Mom was really happy, and she already said she's going to have all of her boys over soon.
The same night Tosca had to go back to work, mom had to work too. Tosca wasn't too happy about that, she would have been much more relaxed if mom would have been home. I don't see the trouble, dad and I are perfectly capable of taking care of the kids!

  • To be honest I was the one who got tired that Yena and her son didn't talk any more. She occasionally rolled up wants for Yuan and so did Tao, so I inveted them over. Fran was there somewhere too, but she didn't make it into any picture. Anyway it all went well :)
  • Currently I'm in a building-mood, I'm thinking about building a hospital and maybe an aquarium, and I'm also looking to adapt some of the rules I have in SimsVille, , all inspired by Carla at Sullivan, but I'm still playing, can't live without playing!!
  • Next update will normally be up on thursday.


  1. I'm the same with playing. For all the building and blogging I do, playing is still the most fun for me.

    I love George and Ross playing together! I had four toddlers playing together last time I played and it's just too cute.

  2. Carla Yes playing is the most fun. But I have ideas for buildings, and then I imagine my sims there, and I want those buildings in my hood, so I start building.

    Four toddlers! Wow, that's enough I guess. I love it when they all play together.