Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Winter 2012

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The Zanobi Family
Lucas and Sophie are 37, Emma is 6 and Julian is 1
Sophie: I know it wasn't such a great idea, but Lucas and I finanlly did something with the garden, put a fence around it, planted some trees and put down some swings. It wasn't a great idea, but it was OK. Afterall we live next to his brother, and they have amazing front yard, we need to be on the same level.
We are also tlaking about redoing our bedroom and putting down a new color in the livingroom. It's time for some changes, after all it hasn't been changed since Lucas' parents died. Lucas isn't too fond of the idea, but he will come around, once he sees the plans.
Enough talk about that, I will get my way eventually, on to the children now. There is no way you can't love Emma! She's such a doll. She's an amazing help around the house even though she's only 6. She makes her bed every morning, put away her dirty dish, and does her homework every day.
I love it when Lucas and Emma are watching TV together and are talking. Lucas isn't much of a talker, but Emma always gets him to chat with her about the silliest things!
Of course, there is Julian. The most adorable toddler in SimsVille, even in whole SimNation! He has the most amazing green eyes you've ever seen. Lucas keeps telling me that my eyes are the same, but I can't see that. I love putting him down for the night, he just waits for me to give him a good night kiss.
Of course we can't be with the kids every day, all day long, although I would love that, but then where would the money come from? Not that we make a lot of money with the restaurant, but for now we manage, and it's necessary that we open of course.
In the mean time, the kids stay with a nanny. Emma calls over some friends most of the time, or just does her homework or watches TV. Of course now with the swingset in the garden, she plays there a lot too.
Did you notice the new color on the livingroom walls?
The nanny is great for Julian, and for preparing food for Emma, but Emma told me that she thinks the nanny is lonely. Everytime she invites a friend over, the nanny comes to talk to that friend, and it can be really annoying sometimes! In a few years we don't need her services anymore, Emma will be old enough to stay home alone and even look after her little brother.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rai 1 - Winter 2012

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The Rai Family
Berend is 52, Ella is 49 and Madeleine is 14
Berend: Life is getting so boring! I've reached what I wanted to reach; Ella and I were able to build an amazing house. But that's about it. Every day I go to work, only to get away from home. Because at home there is Ella, and I just don't like being around her lately, all she do is complaining; I don't make enough paintings, I don't work hard enough to get a promotion, there's always something wrong.
For Madeleine I don't have to stay home either. She's my daughter but sometimes I don't feel like her father at all. She's mostly chatting on the phone or on the computer. Also Ella taught her the art of crafting pots, so when she has a little bit time left Ella is pushing her to craft pots.
Even when they are not doing things for the shop, they do things together, and it makes me feel even more like an outsider in my own house and family!
So even though we sleep in the same bed, next to each other, I don't feel like I belong here anymore, with Ella. But I have no idea where I do belong, so I'll just stick around a little bit longer and see where we end up.
When Ella isn't home, and I don't feel like painting, I chat on the computer a lot. This way I met a girl, her name is Emily. So one day, when I was all alone in the house, and yet again didn't feel like painting, I desided to invite her over. She is even more amazing in real life than I thought.
One thing led to another, and before we both knew it, I showed her the bedroom. Ooh, that morning was magical, something I hadn't expirienced in a long time. But that morning was over so fast, before we knew it, we heard the school bus stop in front of the house, and Madeleine was home. I just said Emily was a friend, who wanted to see some of my paintings, I think Madeleine believed it.
Although Madeleine believed me, and didn't tell anything about it to Ella, Ella and I had a huge fight that night. She was really furious that I didn't finish some more paintings. I'm getting so tyred of that complaining! I didn't say a thing and went to bed!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Three Lakes Honeymoon - Winter 2012

Dear mom and dad, I'm writing you from Three Lakes, where Tika and I desidede to have our honeymoon. We left immidiatly after the wedding, wich was amazing, and such a shame dad and Xun weren't able to be there! This is out camping side. We have the cottage all to the right, only one bedroom, but that's more than enough! We haven't met the other lodgers for now, and I don't know if we will, after all we are on ou honeymoon, and that's somehting you only sims for. You both know how well-organised I like to be, so whil Tika was checking us in, I went to talk to a local and asked what was worth paying a visit. He game some good information, but he also said some thigs that made no sense at all! We desided to listen to one of his tips and headed of to one of the many community lots at Three Lakes. Tika learned some strange dance there, and now she's constantly trying to get me do it also, but I'm not really interested in those silly dances. Instead of dancing, I went to do some ax throwing. I don't want to brag, but I'm actually really good at it, especially considering that I only picked it up here! Of course a honeymoon is about doing things together. Since we both were eager to dicover the local welness facilities, we went to get a massage, afterwards we went into to sauna together, and to cool of we also took a dip in the hot water springs. For diner we roasted some marsh mellow on the fire. Some of the other lodgers came to sit with us and we made it into a cosy evening. The nights were even more amazing, but I'm not going to let you know anything more about that! Ather all, you are my parents, I you really don't need to know much more about that! Our last day, Tika spend sleeping. We both have the idea that we are taking home a little surprise. A surpise you can see in about 9 months! With this information, I'm going to leave you and pack some more. We'll both see you at Xun's wedding this spring!

Greets, Xiang

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mishoen/Zang wedding - Winter 2012

Up Hill Church - SimsVille Up Hill
Winter 2012
We are together here today to celebrate the marriage of Xiang Zang and Tika Mishoen.
Both, the Zang family and the Mishoen family were invited to the curch to celebrate this joyful day with the couple. Unfortunatly not everybody was able to be there, Toa Zang and Xun Zang had to open their shop, but Xun's fiance; Tosca, was there. Yuan Zang missed it all too, but we don't know why. On the Mishoen side, Sya is still at university, she's in her 3rd year, so she wastn't in the church either, but she came to the gathering at the Mishoen house.
The couple looked amazing, exchanging their vows. They sealed their promisses with a kiss.
Afterwards they got an aplausse from their families when they turned to face them for the very first time as Mr and Mrs Mishoen!
They had a small get together in the room afther the church, where there was cake and champagne.
Then they headed back home to have the weddingpictures taken. This one is their official weddingpicture.
A picture of the whole weddingparty was also taken, of course. The bride and groom, her parents, Marc and Nuan, her sister, Sya and his mother, Yena.

Note: I know the last picture could have been beter, but it's the first time ever I took these kids of picture, and I think it quit good.
The last 2 pictures are also framed and are hanging on the wall of the livingroom.
Tika and Xiang will have a honeymoon at Three Lakes, those pictures will follow in a next update!
I think this is a nice way for me to do the weddings, but I'm not completely sure, I will do it like this always.

Birthdays - Winter 2012

And again nothing but baby-posts this season! I hope to have some birthdays really soon!
Kristianne Spits found out she's execting, her baby is due in the summer of 2013. The father of the baby is Jason Draper, but he doesn' t know, Kristianne cut of all contact when she found out she was pregnant. Her best friend; Richard van de Wiel, has moved in and they are engaged, he will be a father for the baby.
At the Mokara residence, the family is ready to welcome baby number 3 in the family. After the birth of son David in the spring of 2011, they desided to have a third one very close to the second one.
The newest addition to the family is another baby-boy. His name is Sam Mokara. His skintone a mix of his both parents. Just like their other children Sam has black hair.

Note: I was really happy when Yin gave birth to only one child! I have the option for higher chance of twins for Hans, and they never had twins. Thank god for that this time, because there is abslutely no room for 4 children!

de Leeuw 1 - Fall 2011

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The de Leeuw Family

Larissa is 54 and Elisa is 17
Larissa: These last couple of years, since Johnny died, it's just been Elisa and me, and soon she will leave me to go to university. Something both, her father and I, always wanted for her, but I wanted Johnny to be here to see her go.
I don't want to keep thinking about his death, but it's just something I do. We shared a part of our lives together, it's not something you forget easy. Things all got worse when Johnny's stepmother died too and left her 18-year old son alone. I had no idea what to do with it, and nobody to talk to about it, so I just didn't do a thing.
And, Elisa, I wish she would stop changing! One day she's wearing baggy pants, like she's a boy and the next she wearing tight jeans like a real lady, she's really amazing.
She got me inspired to do something different too. One day we went shopping together, and I let her pick my clothes, and I really like it.
Lately she has also been working hard to get into univeristy. Apparently she was behind on some homework and one of her teachers told her that if she didn't work harder, she wouldn't be able to go to university. I just wished she made some time for other things too. She hardly ever leaves the house or brings home friends. I'm not saying she doesn't have friends, because she has, but I want her to enjoy life to the fullest, and I don't thinks she's doing that right now.
Of course I wouldn't let her go to university before I checked everything, and before I was sure she would have everything she needed. I think every mother would do that, it's just a parent's job!
The night before she left, I turned 55. We didn't celebrate it with a big party, Elisa was just too nervous to think about anything else than her departure the next day.
She went to bed early, but I don't think it worked, I heard her walking around the house at 2 am. I just let her be, sitting with her would have made her even more nervous.
That morning we said goodbey. Elisa didn't want me to take her, she wants to do this on her own. So I didn't take the day off, and just went to work after a long hug goodbey. She promissed to let me know if she needed anything, so there was nothing more for me to do.
Later that day, after work, I came home to an empty house. Well, there is always Blob, but a dauther or a cat when you get home is a huge difference. Anyway, it's going to be like this for 4 years. Maybe I can search myself a hobby, or go out with some friends.
Elisa also mailed me to say that she got settled into a dorm, and her dormmates are settling in too, she send a picture of her with it. Again she changed and looks amazing! She will do fine, I just know it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Draper 1 - Fall 2011

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The Draper Family
Jason and Ada are 34
Ada: I always thought my life would be a little bit different from what it turned out to be. For example, I thought I would go to university, but I'm 34 now, and I never took the oppotunity to go. I also thought I would get a really, really good job, but those are for sims with a college degree, and I don't have that one, so that's not for me either.
Jason is great, I like living with him. I hope one day to get married, but he's not the marrying kind of guy, so that's another thing that probably will never happer to me. He's constantly looking in the paper, for solutions to get me happier. One day he actually found one, some kind of program, where you have to write a number of articles, and if you do that you can get a college degree, but it costs §10.000, and that money we don't have!
So I keep my work as it is, not liking it in any way! I start working at 8pm, so I actually have the whole day to work on a promotion, but I just can't put myself to it. I'd rather sleep untill noon, and to absolutely nothing. It's not that I'm a lazy person, I just can't put myself to it, because it's not what I want in my life.
So when Jason gets home from work, he also does all the work in the house. He never complains, he just takes it all as it comes along. Sometime I do feel guilty, but then I think about the life I could have had, and don't have, and that feeling is replaced by a miserable feeling.
On top of it all, I think Jason is cheating on me. When I went to work one day, I saw this woman stopping by, and Jason greeting her really friendjy. On the other hand; who can blame him? Living with a miserable person all the time, makes you long for a happy one.
But at work, I could only think about that woman and Jason in bed together. It got me so distracted that I did everything wrong. That combined with my constant 'happiness', as my boss puts it, was enough to get me fired.
When I came home, I found Jason alone in the house. He was so sweet to me, that he made me forget all about the red haired woman.
The next day, I did nothing, absolutely nothing. I went to lay on the lawn and watched the clouds go by.
But of course, the mailman still knows our adress, and the bills still come in. Thankfully, Jason has gotten 2 promotions in a row, so we're not low on money.
Later that day, after his work, Jason sat me down to have a chat. He told me that he understands that I don't feel to good right now, and that he can understand that I'm not in the mood to go jub-hunting, but he wants me to do something about it. He told me that I don't need to look for a job, and that it's fine if I sort myself out first, but he wants the happy Ada back, the one he fell in love with.
Maybe he's right, maybe it's something I can do myself. So after our chat I started writing down everything that had happend to me, and what I was feeling. I know it may sound silly, but I already feel a little bit happier!