Sunday, October 11, 2009

End of round 4, start of round 5

With 16 families, one round can seem like a long time, but round 4 is finally finished.

* Mia Draper and Olaf Verbon both graduated from SimsVille University, Mia graduated in Biology and Olaf in Art, in round 5 we will find them in the Dex Homes, where the Young family and the Belio family are already living.

* Xiang Zang and Tosca de Groot are attendting SimsVille University during round 5.

Since taxes have to be payed every 5th round, round 5 is the first round where the families will pay taxes, I wonder how this will go. At the end of the round I will post a list of my richest and poorest sims, like Maisie did here.

I will also try to make a family picture at the end of the round, and post them in "Families in SimsVille"

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