Sunday, January 1, 2006

About SimsVille

I've been playing Sims 2 since the day it came out, counted down the days untill it's release and the releas of every expansion pack. In all those years, many hoods have come and many hoods have disappeared too. I tryed different playstyles but somehow I lost interest in most of my hoods after a couple of months. About a year and a half ago I found this blog, Fortune Shores, it's gone now, but it changed all about my playstyle. I tryed the prosperity-style and liked it, but had to start all over again 3 times due to computerproblems, and me being stupid and not making a back-up.
Eventualy I started with the current SimsVille, and started out with nine families. I started a little bit than a year ago, and I'm still surprised that I'm still playing it.

After Fortune Shores, I discovered some other blogs, like Sullivan, Lakeside Heights, Wellington, Pine Hollow, Millwood, and many others. After reading their playstyle I started adjusting mine, after reading their rules, I started realising that my hood wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, and started adding rules, regulations, and some other stuff.
I have to be honest and tell you that I don't come up with a lot of idea's, rules and others stuff, myself, but take a lot from other simmers, who are very willing to share it all. So when reading this blog, please make notice that I give credit a lot to all of those who give me my ideas!

SimsVille is my attempt to create a cohesive neighborhood, with as much reality as possible. Of course some of the things Maxis included that aren't real that I actually like, like the aliens, so these are in my hood as well, but not too many, it still has to be kind of real.
Unlike my sister, who liked her sims to have a lot of money, I never liked the fact that my sims could earn tons of money in a short period of time, and could be miljonairs by the time they are 30. I know there are some people in real life who have such a life, but not all of them. That fact that there are no taxes or tuitions on anything bothered me too. That's why I do have rules, tuitoin, taxes and all that kind of stuff in SimsVille, as said before, this mostly comes from other hood, adjuststed for SimsVille.

For the ones of you just starting to follow SimsVille, I recommend you start here, everything before this post are profiles, or informationposts where I linked to in the sidebar.


  1. Hello, I have just happened to come across your blog while looking for entries on Gunnar Roque on google. Like you, I have been a Sims2-player from Day One (before that, a Sims1-player from Day One), and it is still my favourite Sims-game, even though I do play Sims3 as well.
    I have an entire neighbourhood filled with ALL the maxis-made Sims that were in our games from the beginning, and have been playing that same neighbourhood for about 4 years now, still loving it!
    Until recently, I have always uploaded my stories to, but that does not work anymore, and I am thinking about starting a blog dedicated to New Maximiliania (the name of my Maxis-Sims neighbourhood), since it would not fit in with my normal blog.
    By the way, my Sims2-avatar really looks quite like me :-)

    1. Welcome to SimsVille :)
      I always love new readers, and I hope you like my blog!
      Unfortunatly for Gunnar he's had some sad thing happening to him lately.
      I really hope you start a blog, I love reading about other people's sims!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. :)
    I tagged you in a blog challenge thing: the Liebster Award. Check it out here.