Saturday, July 17, 2010

Young 1 - Winter 2016

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The Young Family
Marcus is 24, Ingrid is 34
(Claus Lamberts is 24, Sya Mishoen is 24 and Jo Belio is 18)
Narrated by Marcus

I don't know what's going on with Ingrid lately. Since she graduated from university and got a job she changed. She's constantly doing things on the computer.
And when she finally has a free moment, she goes out. It's always a different location, and she always goes on her own.
Sure, we still live together, and we still share a bed, but it doesn't feel the same anymore.
When I try to touch, she doesn't pull back, but she acts so cold.
We both have our seperate live, and don't see each other that much anymore. I have changed too, I know, but it feels like I've just grown some more.
I've been thinking she found someone new. And one day, when I came home from work, I found her suitcases packed in the bedroom. She prepared pancakes for me and asked if we could talk. I can't say it was a surprise when she told me she met someone else and that she was going to live with him and she was hoping we could still be friends.
She gave me a hug and went out the door. I felt this comming for some time now, but it still was hard when she closed the door behind her. Her new love is Claus Lamberts, and he's about the same age as I am, that was something I didn't expect.
I didn't want to sit alone that night, so I invited Sya over, and like 2 children we build a snowman. It was so much fun, it made me forget all of it for some time.
She comes by a lot, and I really appriciate it very much. We talk about almost everything, she told me she and Marie are thinking about starting a family, but they are still researching all the options available.
Since she has plans for a family of her own, I didn't want her to stop by every night anymore, I wanted her to be with Marie some more. So I desided to do some more things on my own. I'm focussing on my job now.
And I off course take some time to relax too, preferably with a good massage. I'm not looking for someone new in my life, not at the moment that is.
That was untill I went to the movies. There I met an old neighbor, Johanna Belio. We started talking, and she actually is a lot of fun to hang out with, but we'll where it will go from here.

Extra pic:To get an idea of Claus, this is him :-)

  • I never planned for Ingrid and Marcus to get together, or even stay together, but it worked out, untill now that is. Ingrid met Claus on a community lot, and since I don't have ACR, I just let them do some romantic things. They fell in love, and Ingrid even popped up the want to get engaged to Claus, something she never wanted when she was still with Marcus, so I saw it as a sign. Claus and Ingrid live in a nice 2-bedroomappartment in Simmeria, they are going to be playable NPC's.
  • I've manulla set Marcus and Ingrid's relationship to just friends, I don't want any fights when I go to community lots!
  • I didn't plan for Marcus to meet someone new this soon, but when Jo showed up at the movies I saw it as a good chance. When they were neighbors, she was always talking to him, are wanted to do something with him, so I saw it as a crush she had for him. I still have no idea what will happend with them, if they are going to date, and if so if they are going to stay together. We will see their direct future in the fall of 2016 when I play the university.
  • I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I liked playing it! Next update will be, normally, up on monday!


  1. Claus is cute! He sort of reminds me of my Caleb but that might just be the hair (which I actually just changed).

    I'm glad Marcus wasn't too upset about Ingrid. I guess he felt it coming, and hopefully, things will be better with Johanna.

  2. Claus has something, I can totally understand what Ingrid saw in him :p
    I went to look for Caleb, and maybe you're right, he does look a little bit like him.

    I hope he will get happy with Johanna, but I have my doubts about it. She only recently moved to college in is finally away from her parents, she's going to take everything there is :)