Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthdays - Spring 2015

One night Fran had some trouble sleeping. She coudn't find a position that was comfortable with her big belly.
She desided to get up, and take a shower, in the past this always helped her relax and to find sleep. This time however the shower started her contractions.
Not long after it all started, Fran was holding her little boy in her arms.
Since Yuan couldn't sleep either because of Fran's tossing and turning, he was watching TV when Fran went into labor in the bathroom. Before he had the time to go and help; Fran was already in the livingroom to show him his newborn son.
Both parents are happy with their newest addition to the family and even talked about having a second one, close to this one.

Welcome to SimsVille George Roque!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrano 1 - Winter 2015

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The Terrano Family
Nio is 23 and Stella is 26
(Tika is 31 and Lewis is 2)
Stella: Life is getting more and more the same lately. We both have our jobs to worry about, but it's not the same as it was before. I still want the same things in life as before, but it feels like something is missing.
I go to work when Nio is still a sleep because he work later in the day. I don't like leaving like that, but at this time there is no other solution if we both want to keep our jobs.
At night I have to eat dinner all alone because Nio works late. This is something else I really don't like! I need to get out more I know, I'm so dependent of Nio at the moment. When he's not at home I don't have somebody else, I need to start making friends here.
I just don't feel like going out on my own, so instead I fill my nights with long hot bubblebahts, and watching TV, and waiting for Nio to come home.
Both Nio and I don't want to hire any help around the house. His mother thinks it's stupid, but it's our house and we do the household as we like it! Without any help there always is something to do around the house. I like fixing things, but it would be realy stupid o go and break thing so I can fix them, instead I take care of the garden.
And because Nio is such a slob, he's in charge of cleaing the house. I hope he gets a little bit tidier because of this, but I won't get my hopes up too high.
After all the hard work we mostly make time to do something fun together. One day when it had snowed really hard, we went into the garden to make a snowman, we looked like little children but we had so much fun!
On his days off, Nio invites his cousin over a lot. She's his best friend, and they used to live next to each other before Nio moved to Simmeria. Sometimes she brings over her little boy.
When she does that, Nio spends allmost all his time with the little boy. Who can blame him, Lewis is one of the cutest toddlers I've ever seen!
And when they put Lewis down for his nap, they lunch together, and talk about almost everything! These are things I want to, some one, besides Nio, with who I can share everything.
Nio sometimes feels how lonely I am, and tries to make me feel better by cuddling me. I know he means well, but it's not the same as having a best friend!
Friends aren's always that good, I know that too, you need to make time to spend with them. Nio and his sister Tina have always gotten along really well, but moving and his own family made it harder in Nio to find time to call her. One evening I heard him making up all kinds of excuses on the phone. He later told me that Tina was rather mad at him for not calling, and I just know she's right!
I even don't think things will get better in the future since Nio and I are going ot expand out little family! Seeing Tika with little Lewis, and seeing Nio playing with the little one, made me realize that that just may be the thing missing in my life....

  • I've noticed I speak of Simmeria without telling you all what it is exactly. Some time ago I decided to redo Upper SimsVille, with that I also changed the name to Simmeria, because I liked it better, so the sims living in Simmeria are the ones that used to live in Upper SimsVille.
  • There something else I forgot to mention; in the Mishoen-update Tika says something about her sister, Sya and her girlfriend, Marie, moving out. They moved to Simmeria, and we will be seeing them again in the Fall of 2015.
  • I like those meetings with friends, or family, but when I let them bring the kids, there are so little options that my sims can do with the babies or toddlers. In the Verbon-update Jason wasn't even able to put his own son down to take a nap, and there even was an extra crib....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Verbon 1 - Winter 2015

The Verbon Family
Olaf is 36, Mia is 35 and Morgana and Zenzi are 2
(Jason and Ada are 37 and Lucas is 3 months)
Mia: I was right thinking that twins are hard to handle, but I've only had them as babies. Now they are toddlers and, if that is even possible, that's even harder!
Our livingroom is starting to look like a playroom instead of a livingroom, but the girls are having fun.
And our days are filled with pottytraining, but that's a necessary I guess. I want them to talk better, but we'll see where we get with the potties first.
We finally found a routine. Well, Olaf allready had one, but I found one too. We are very lucky with our hours at work.
I start early in the morning, and Olaf start later in the day, when I come home he has to leave. This leaves us both a whole day alone with both girls, and dinners and lunches all alone, but at least we don't have to hire a nanny.
I try to stay up untill Olaf gets back home from work so we can talk a little bit about our day. He still wantds another child, but only when the girls start school. And maybe, just maybe, I want another one too, but I'm not going to tell him that right now.
Having a family of my own, and seeing my girls spending time together, made me realize that I don't see my brother that much. So one day, when Olaf and I both didnt have to work, I invited him and his girlfriend over for dinner.
They brouhgt their little boy too. It was the first time I saw little Lucas, and he really is a cutie! It was also the first time I saw Jason handling his son. He really changed! I never even thought Jason would be faithfull, and stay with one girl, so I never expected him to have a child and care for it as much as he does!
Ada agreed with me thad he changed after Lucas' birth, but in her eyes it's a change for the best, and when I look at their happy family I have to agree with her. I can only hope we look as happy as a family to the outside world as well.

  • I know I said I didn't want them having any more children, that I was only thinking about letting them have 2 at the most, but now I thinking in the other direction, but not before the girls start school. So I will take Mia off birth-control and see what happens :p
  • Good news! I've started playing again! The last community lots in SimsVille have been build, so I've let myself start simming again. There still is some work in Simmeria and SimsVille University, but it's ok for now!
  • I'm posting this into the future, normally it will show up the 22nd at 10AM local time in Belgium, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthdays - Winter 2015

Ok, it's the first time I did birthdays like this, and I have to say, I like it a lot! Playing isn't longer overshadowed by birthdays and neither are my posts.
So here we go!
First we have little Ross Zang, he celebrates his 1sth birthday this fall.
Next up is Colling Wagtmans; who celebrates his 4th bithday, and will start school this year.
Julian Zanobi will be joining him as a new preschooler this year, because he also celebrates his 4th birthday.
We continue with the Zanobi family, but this time we go to Julian's uncle house, where we have Matthew celebrating his 11th bithday, he's very keen to start high school, and get rid of his little sister!
Joining him in high school will be Melina Mokara. Unlike Matthew she's not looking forward to high school, and this because her father is the principal, and the only techer for now.
This round we also have a lot of elderly-birthday. Here we start with Kürt Gradonni, who's still not giving up on his shop, and hopes it will be something great some day.
Bianca Penninkmeijer is also turning 55 this year. She's very happy to have her oldest daughter back home, and hopes she will get married soon, and starts a family of her own, so Bianca can take care of some grandchildren.
Even though he only recently left his wife to live with his mistress, and although that didn't really turned out like he planned, Berend Lillig is still a happy 55-year old, who hopes to still have a long and happy life in front of him.
And last but nog least, we have Wang Zang, also celebrating his 55th birthday, and with that joining his brother in elderhood!

  • Not really a note about the birthdays, but just letting you all know, I'm almost finishe building! Well, in SimsVille Anyway, Simmeria is not nearly finished and there still is a lot of work at SimsVille University, but that can wait! I'm almost ready to play again, and not a minute to soon! I was almost showing withdrawal symptoms!
  • I still have 2 updates ready for you, the first one will most likely be up on saturday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mishoen 2 - Fall 2014

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 61, Nuan is 56, Xiang is 31, Tika is 30, Sya is 22, Marie is 23 and Lewis is 1
(Tao is 60, Yena is 56)
Tika: My little sister graduated, and moved back home. She brought with her her girlfriend, Marie Gerrits, so the house is really full now.
Xiang and I hardly have one minute to ourselfs. The little minutes we have before we need to get up for Lewis and work are so precious to us.
although, the care for Lewis is taken out of our hands a lot. Everybody adores him, and I have to say, I can completely understand it, he's such a cute boy!
Mom is so proud of Sya, and who can blame her? She graduated top of her class! Mom can't stop talking about it, even to Sya. She's thinking about throwing a little party for Sya to celebrate, but Sya isn't to fond of the idea.
Sometimes I really hate it when it gets really busy in the salon. It reminds me too much of home, where it's busy all the time as well. But lately I'm glad it gets so busy; mom keeps talking about Sya's graduation, and the fact that Sya doesn't want a party. She talks about it every free minute, so I'm glad to talk to the customers!
I don't like it too much that I have to leave Lewis at home when I go to the salon. At the moment it's fine, Sya and Marie don't have a job yet, and so they look after Lewis when Xiang and I need to go to work. They really don't mind, but they want a job too, so we will need to find another solution.
And like I said before, everybody adores Lewis! Even Marie, she only recently met Lewis and she already plays with him all the time! I can see he likes her too.
Marie and Sya didn't stay with as that long, both have found jobs, and they bought a house in Simmeria, mom and dad helped a little and Marie had some savings.
I don't want to leave Lewis with a nanny, and neither does Xiang. So for now one of us stays home to look after him. It's not the best solution, but we don't have another one at the moment.
Xiang's mother, Yena would be more than happy to look after Lewis some days, but since she looks after little Ross too, it would be too much for her.
To make sure she spends enough time with Lewis though, we invite Yena and Toa over a lot. They get along with my parents as well, so those nights are actually a lot of fun.
I think both my parents, and Xiang's would be more than happy if we announce another pregnancy. To be honnest, I would be happy too, but nature has other plans I guess. This makes us able to spend all our energy on little Lewis.

  • I can't blame my sims always wanting to play with Lewis, I think he's the most adorable toddler in SimsVille!
  • Marc, Nuan, Tao and Yena all want another grandchild, and Tika and Xiang have been trying for some time for another one, but it seems like getting pregnant will be a little bit harder this time.
  • Resseting SimsVille is getting there, I still need to build some community lots, but I think it's almost finished to play again! (I really hope so, because in a week, I have a week off from work, and I want to spend is simming!!!!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

... and number 3 ...

I know I said to get you this update on Saturday, but there really wasn't any time to write it, so I'm giving you this one on sunday ....
Welcome to SimsVille High!
It's located right across the beach, so the students can dream about what they will do after school when they are supposed to be studying.
The building all to the right is the sports-building, with a basketball-court and changingrooms.
The main building, the one on the left is for everything else. On the main floor you'll find the cafetaria, the arts-class and music-class.
Upstairs there is a library, and 2 classrooms, as well as the principal's (Hans Mokara) office.

Of course there is also a "playground" I've put donw an soccer-goal and some benches because I don't think teens need an actual playground with toys.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

So here's number 2 ...

I have 2 updates (almost reayd) to post! They are both dealing about the new school in SimsVille. This update however is all about the new SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School.
I know there isn't much decoration on the outside, but I simply forgot to decorate the outside, and only saw this now, when I uploaded the pictures, so maybe this will change in the future.
Anyway this is the front of SimsVille Up Hill Elementary!
When you entere you have the stairs immediatly on your left, on the right there is the cafetaria.
When you walk past the stairs, you'll find the bathrooms, and the library, with some computers, around the corner their is another hallway.
At the end of this hallway you'll find the basketball court, with next to it the dressing rooms.
When you take the stairs to go up, there is the office of the principal, Marie Gerrits. And next to the office are 2 classrooms.
On the other side of the stairs, there again bathrooms. You'll also find the arts-class there and the music-class.
Of course there is a playground too, with lots of things to do for the pupils.

  • I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures. I've tried to take pictures from the in the building itself, but that didn't seem to work at all. you can click on the pictures for a larger view, but I don't think the quality will be any beter.
  • I'm building a lot these days. I've even banned myself from playing untill I've build everything! Good news; SimsVille and SimsVille Up Hill are almost finished! Next up is Simmeria (my downtown-area), but I don't have that much work anymore there too. I still need to build some dorms, but I've never done that, and I don't know how to start...
  • Next update will be about SimsVille High School, maybe on Saturday....