Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zang 1 - Round 5

Tao is 51, Yena is 47, Xiang and Xun are 22 and Yuan is 15
Yuan: Ever since mom caught me staying out untill 7 in the moring, she grounded me! This means I have to invite my girlsfriends over at home, and I really hate that. They don't have to meet my parents every time they come around.
I got a little bit tired of that, so instead of inviting them over, I call them up to go out. Since mom gounded me, I'm not allowed to go out, so I sneak out. All the girls really seem to like that idea. We only have to stay out of sight from the police.
Dad and Xun are always busy with the robots and the store, and since I'm almost 18, I need to think about the future too. I reall have no idea what I will do when I turn 18. I have absolutely no intrest in work at all! One of my current girlfriends (Françoise Roque), is the heir to a Karaoke Café, so if I keep seeing her, maybe we can run it together... that really intrests me, I gues.
But I really need a job for as long as I live at home, because mom has me doing all the chores in the house since I'm at home all the time! Fixing the leaking bathtud, doing the dishes ... I'm getting raelly tired of it.
So for now I found myself a job in the intellegence carreer track. I'm not going to work hard, I really don't want to work, but it gets me out of the house. When Françoise and I will run the café together, I will give up this job immidiatly!
Dad turned 55, he now has grey hair. I hope I will never get grey hair, most girls don't like that in a man, and I want the girls to keep loving me of course.
Xiang graduated, and moved back home. Xun's girlfriend also moved in after graduation. The house is getting really crowded, I think it's time to find something of my own, but living at home also has some benefits, like not having to pay rent ...

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