Thursday, August 5, 2010

Education - Spring 2016

SimsVille High School
Principal: Hans Mokara
Students: Anna Min is 17, Tina Mishoen is 15, Gabriëlle and Laura Penninkmeijer are 14, Matthew Zanobi and Melina Mokara are 12 and Benny Min and Eleanora Roque are 11
Narrated by Hans Mokara
I love running the school, I always thought I would, but now it's confirmed. I think the students have adjusted well too. I've seen some happy faces, although they are not so happy when they have to do gradework, but they do it anyway.
I walk around the classroom and help where needed, wich actually still is a lot.
Since this is high school, we don't focus on all creative skills anymore. At the begining of the year the students give up their preference between music and art, and when we have our creative hour, the class spilts up, the rooms are just across the hallway, so it's easy to keep an eye on the students. I have to be honest I can run to another room sometimes, the only one who can actually play is Laura! I'm so glad we don't have violin at home, because Melina really isn't that good.
The other side of the hallway is much more quiter, just brushstrokes over canvas. Some of the kids are rather good, others still need some guidence, but they will get there.
We don't just do gradework and work on creativyskills. We do other things too. Some time ago we learned about firesafety, and when the reading was over, we had a fun lesson just talking about it. I think it's important to teach the students everything they can in life. I will need to arange a meeting between me and the prinicpal of the elementary school though, just to make sure the expectation I have from new students are the same she has from the ones leaving her.
Gymclass actually is quiet fun. Most of the students like the fact that they can run around without someone holding them down. I only thought this was the case with younger kids, but teenagers seem to like that too.
Even though, some of the students are hard to motivate.
But I allow them to play soccer outside too. I can still keep a good look on them through the gymwindows, and that seems to motivate them a little bit more. I think it has to do with the idea of having no suppervision.
Lunchtime is even louder then music-class. They don't just keep their conversations to their table but shout to the other at other tables too. I'm thinking about hiring an extra teacher, so I can get away from the noice once in a while!
The thing I hate most though, is the thing the students love the most, it's called playtime for the younger kids. I know this are teenagers, and if I don't look I know they will do more than just talk.
 I also know that there are couples in the school, but I think they are too young, and that they have to respect the fact that it's school and not their house.
I like it the most when they just hand out together, and talk or do silly thing like kick a small ball around!

  • My first time of playing my high school, and I loved it!!! It's so much fun. But just like my elementary school, I think they have a teacher short. Hans never has a free minute to do some administrative work for the school and neither had Marie.
  • When I was going to high school, kissing and hugging as a couple wasn't allowed. I know it sounds silly but there had to be 1 tile between the couple! Since Hans is a family-sim, and since his daughter is attentind his high school, I figured he could be like that.
  • Speaking of Melina, she really is a good student! When doing gradework, she was the only one who never stood up and kept working. All the other ones kept nagging about a lack of fun, but their bars were full!
  • So I'm going to the beach with my sister for 4 days, with this rainy weather we're having in Belgium these last weeks, so I hope to have another update ready for you on tuesdaymorning!


  1. Who's that lounging on the bench during gym class? Is that Anna? LOL, that was me during our PE classes at high school! I'm so with her!

    I really like the look of your school. The landscaping looks much better than mine!

  2. Your school looks great! They all seemed so studious sitting in their sits at the beginning, I have a hard time having mine all work.

    I like all the pictures of them all just hanging out, the hacky sack photo is great.

  3. Your school looks great! Lol at the couples having to stay a tile apart... it reminds me of something my mother told me - when she was at high school during lunch break or whatever the boys had to stay in one side of the schoolyard, and the girls in the other!

  4. Carla The one lounging during gym is actually Laura Penninkmeijer, and I too can understand her in her action, I never was too active during gym.
    Thanks on the compliment for the landscaping, but there really isn't much, I'm still working on it.

    Maisie Thanks for the compliment! I have to be honest about all of mine students at work, it was a unique moment. I have to let Hans call them back to work, every minute!!

    Blackcat Thanks a lot. Well in mine school is wasn't that bad, but we had the 1 tile rool. I don't think I'm going to get that rule here, but Hans is father of a teengirl, I don't think he would be too fond of letting her kiss in the hallways!