Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rai 1 - Round 5

The Rai Family
Berend is 45, Ella is 42 and Madeleine is 7
Ella: I'm so glad we finally bought a house. And since we live next to my university friends, Frieda and Gunnar, and they have a daughter the same age as Maddy, I hope they will become friends.
Berend wasn't too willing on buying, but when Maddy thankend him for her big room, and the nice house, I think he started thinking differently.
Rai Arts is doing fine as well, I've reached a level 4 now, and the customers keep comming back for more!
Berend's job on the other hand, isn't going too well, he lost §20.000 one day, with only making a stupid decision! The next 3 days he didn't have to go to work, so he didn't had a chance to make it up. Since he's painting the orders for Rai Arts, he focussed on that those 3 days.
After, yet another upgrade from the shop, now level 5, and earning the money-price of §20.000, and using all my stock, I also decided to stay home, and craft some more. It seems like hand made pots, and portrets are a huge hit! We got more and more orders for paintings, Berend is now working on an order for Fen Mishoen, she ordered 5 paintings!
Since I want Maddy to take over the shop one day, we encourage her as much as we can to work on her painting skills. She seems to like it very much. Her first painting we hang on the wall in the study/craft room, as a compliment to her.
The night after Maddy's 11th birthday, Berend and I had a long talk, about having another child, and decided not to have another one. Maddy now is a teen, and we still want to give all our attention to her. But we also agreed on going out more, and meeting other sims. Staying in, was never our cup of tea!

Note: I LOVE their house! It's one of my own creations, and I absolutly love it, every single bit of it! A large master bedroom, a nice bedroom for Maddy, a study where I put all the crafting things, 2 bathrooms, large livingroom and kitchen and even space to add an extra room to the house! I even love the way I decorated it!

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  1. I like their house! I like the half-walls on top of the roof - that's a very cool look.