Saturday, October 24, 2009

Young 1 - Round 5

The Young Family
Jessica is 58 and Marcus is 13
Marcus: I miss dad. I miss him a lot. I know he has been gone for some time now, and I should have gotten used to it, but when I come home from school, I always hope to see him!
I never expect to see guys at dinner who are just a few years older than I am. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate mom's boyfriends, I jus't don't understand how she gotten over dad so fast!
It seems like it's another guy everyday! Doesn't she miss dad at all? I really have no idea where she finds them all!
I just hope she was happy these last couple of days. And that she didn't die feeling like she missed things in life.
Sya came by to comfort me after mom died. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not interested in her more like a girlfriend, but I just don't have those feelings, she's my best friend in the whole world, I wouldn't want to spoil things with her!
When she's not around, I have no one to talk to, sometimes that get's a little bit lonely, but I have Mol, he needs attetion too, next to Sya he's my best friend! How sad is that?!
When I turned 18, I was alone. There was nobody there to celebrate with me, another sad thing in my life! But since I don't have any one in my life, I think it's time to focus on my career. I called Sya, she's also 18, but she will be leaving for university, so I wished her good luck, I will miss her, but I really want her to do well.

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  1. How sad to lose his mom at such a young age and have no one there to celebrate his birthday with him.

    I hope the career proves fruitful for him.