Friday, October 2, 2009

Mishoen 1 - Round 4

The Mishoen Family
Gruns is 79, Fen is 38, Goofy is 35 and Nio is 9
Goofy: I never thought I would want a child of my own. But I've been living here since Fen's boy, Nio, was a baby, and I loved being around him, and spending time with him. The only thought that kept running my mind was that he wasn't my own, so now Fen is expecting my child!
I still don't know who Nio's father is, Fen doesn't want to tell because he's married. Anyway, he's boy is weird sometimes. We've added a fitnessarea to the house, and he asked to a balletbar! Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I just don't think that's something boys do.
Fen and her father don't mind at all. Well, Fen doesn't care about anythin Nio does. But Gruns is just happy his grandson is showing some intrest is fitness. He even makes him a strong breakfast every morning, so he can practice well!
Soon I was the proud father of a wonderfull little girl, named Tina Mishoen. She's the most adorable little girl I've ever seen. I'm happy to see that Fen is spending a lot of time with Tina, she's even changing daipers!
Even though Gruns adores his new grandchild, he doesn't miss out on his morningjogs. I know he misses running the fitness center, ever since Fen got pregnant, it has been closed, and he always loves being there, around customers. To be honest, I do miss some things myself, I haven't been out in ages, despite all the new things that have opened in SimsVille.
But then again, seeing Tina's face on her 1ste birthday, I didn't want to miss that, not for any outing in the world. She still is the most fantastic kid in the world.
Nio also celebrated his birthday. He now is 11 years old, and he declared the wish to one day become a world class ballet dancer. I really don't know what's with that boy, always with his mind at dancing. The only thing that counts is that he is happy I gues. To make him into a real boy, I will take him out with me some day, I've heard Gunnar's Karaoke Café is a great place.
Gruns really adores Tina. Since the fitness center still isn't open again, he spends all of his time with her. Fen really wants her to get to know her grandfather, he's not getting any younger.
I don't know why, but before we knew it, Tina became 4. It seems like just yesterday she was born. Unfotunatly her birthday wasn't that happy. Her grandfather passed away that same night, Fen was right, he wasn't getting any younger.

Note: Since Goofy is a romance/family-sim, I figured he would want a child of his own, and Tina turned out pretty well. Of course Goofy and Fen are not the sit-at-home-and-watch-the-kids-type of sims, so soon they will go out again!

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  1. Nio is cute with the ballet bar. And Tina is adorable.