Sunday, October 4, 2009

de Leeuw 1 - Round 4

The de Leeuw Family
Johnny is 52, Larissa is 42 and Elisa is 5
Larissa: I really love it here, SimsVille is rather amazing. I was able to find the man of my dreams, and we now have an amazing daughter. Our house is looking great as well, and lately we were able to do something extra with it.
Also the intirior is getting a boost. We've gotten a call from Ella Rai, saying the portrait we orderd was finished. So on his day off Johnny went to Rai Arts to pick it up. It now hangs very pretty in the study.
Elisa is doing fine in school, actually fantastic, not just fine. We try to help her with her homework most of the time, but we both have full-time jobs, so it's not possible every day.
My latest promotion, gave us some extra money, and we decided to spend it on the garden. Since Elisa loves sports, we've gotten her her own football goal in the garden. Johnny and I both wanted a pool, but our garden just is too small, so now we've created a nice patio where we can barbeque.
I always have the weekends off, so I was able to spend it with Elisa. On saturday, I took her to the playground. I was hoping there would be more kids, but she was the only one.
Nevertheless we had a great time.
Back home, Johnny invited us to a dinner at The Pier, to celebrate his last day of adulthood, and the huge bonus he got at work. He also invited Mairi, his oldest daughter. It was nice, the four of us together. And The Pier has an excellent restaurant.
Back home, Johnny celebrated his birthday. He got a little bit insecure about his age, but I assured him that he still look amazing, and that I still love him!
On sunday, Elisa kept asking me to go back to The Pier. She loved the beach. So I took her. We spend some time at the beach, and afterwards we had lunch at the restaurant.
To finish things off, Johnny asked to visit his father's grave. So to finish a great weekend we went to the cemetary. Johnny was haertbroken when he was mourning. It was hard for Elisa to see.
Well, we had a fantastic weekend, but I can't wait for the week t begin again.

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  1. How cute are they! I love the picture of them kissing - very sweet!