Saturday, October 31, 2009

Min 1 - Round 5

The Min Family
Quan is 35, Chu is 34, Anna is 7 and Benny is 0
Quan: I stand with what I said last time, it was a good decision to move to SimsVille. But since we made the decision that Chu would be the one staying at home to look after Benny, she hasn't been so happy anymore. She needs to be around others, and at work she can be, but being stuck in the house with a baby isn't the same.
When we have familydinners, she lives up. She's just so obsessed woth grilled cheese that she makes them all the time!
I really need some other food once in a while too. I asked my sisters to have dinner at the Pier. Only Yin was able to come, Ling is expecting another child, and she was too tired to come. I was so happy to have something else than a grilled cheese!
I think Chu is starting to enjoy spending time with Benny. He now is a toddler, and I can imagine that a toddler is more active, but she plays with him all the time.
Anna is doing fine too, she brings home friends after school, and during the weekends she calls them, and they come to play at our house. She even has a best friend allready, Laura Penninkmeijer.
She comes to greet me, when I come home from work. I really like that. I really like the familylife more than I expected.
This is how obsessed Chu is with grilled cheese; she made a painting of one, and hung it in the livingroom! The paintwork is good, but to hang a painting of a grilled cheese in the livingroom, it's something I don't get!
Right before Benny's 4th birthday, I had the day off, so Chu was able to go to work again. She was so happy about it! I hope this will get her mind off grilled cheese too. I was able to spend a full day with Benny.
Anna and Benny had their birthday on the same day. Anna now is 11, and Benny is 4. I'm trying to convince Chu the replace the grilled cheese-painting by one of the kids, or a familyportrait, untill now she hasn't given in. She really wants to keep the grilled cheese. Maybe we can hang that one in the kitchen.


  1. Hey, you got a new grilled cheese painting. Every time I've tried that in my game, I always get the same two paintings and I was beginning to think that was all there was!

  2. I even didn't know there were different ones. It's the first time I have some one with grilled cheese as secondary aspiration. I thought there was only one.
    I think I will let Chu paint some more :-)