Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mishoen 2 - Round 4

The Mishoen Family
Marc is 47, Nuan is 42, Tika is 16 and Sya is 8
Tika: My last days being a teen, are making wonder, wether it was a good decision not to choose to go to university. I don't need a degree to take of the salon, but what if I change my mind someday? What if I want something more than just opening a shop.
Me working in the salon, didn't go well everytime. And some days it made mom loose more money than win, because I messed up, a lot!
But lately things have been going beter. Sims even walk out happy after I did their hair! And mom doesn't need to give as much free make-overs as before. So that is good.
Much time to think I didn't have. Soon I celebrated my 18th birthday, and I desided to stay with my dicision, and not go to university. Right now the dicision feels good.
Not long after my 18th birthday, Sya also celebrated hers, she now is 11. We were never that close, but I think it's time to get along a lot beter!
But that is hard! She's always chatting on the computer, painting, or playing with Chowy, and when I ask something, she has no time for me!
But during the weekend, she finally had some time. So, I took her out. Being an adult gives me some benefits, when I became a teen, mom wouldn't let me go to Gunnar's Karaoke Café, she wouldn't say why, but now I'm an adult, and mom can't forbid me anything anymore, so I took Sya to the Café. We sang some songs, sat at the bar and talked some. It was nice, afterwards we went bowling too, she's not really good at it.
Life is going great for now. But when we have familydinners, I just know I miss something in my life! Maybe it's just some fun, some parties, I just keep telling myself that. But I know I want a family too, I just feel I'm a little bit too young now.

Note: I think the Mishoen-children look great (all 4 of them), but I just think Tika looks fantastic!

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  1. I have to agree. I love Tika's look.

    It's so sweet of Tika to take out her little sister to all the places she couldn't go when she was a teen.