Sunday, October 4, 2009

young 1 - Round 4

The Young Family
Jessica is 53 and Marcus is 8
Jessica: I don't know what to do anymore! I even don't know how the situation's gotten out of hand! I don't have any money to pay the rent!
Like it's not hard hard enough already! Being a widow, with an eight-year-old to take care of. Now I have to take out a loan to pay the rent, and work twice as hard; to pay for food and save up for the next rent, and to pay of the loan!
I really want Marcus to do good in school, that he has good grades, and that he will get a good job, but he has to know already, that there will be no univerisity for him! I simply can't pay that. And althouh he's a good student, he's not working that hard to get a full scolarship!
On top of everything going wrong in my life, I became an elder! The thing in llife I actually feared the most! Wich man will be interested in woman with grey hair?!
But there is light at the end of the tunnel; Marcus became a teen, and is now able to add to the familyfunds! To help out he immediately went looking for a job, but hasn't found one yet that he likes.
I'm going crazy, being locked up in this house! Since we don't have any money, I can't go out and meet new sims. So I stay home, and talk to Mol a little bit. Maybe it's time to invite someone over...
Marcus is developping great! He already has a girlfriend, but I can't call her that. He keeps telling me they are just friends.
I just don't think she has a good influence on him! She talked him into sneaking out late at night, and then they got caught! Marcus was brought home in a police-car!

Note: Marcus and Sya really are just friends (I have other plans with her).
I really have no idea how things went so bad financially in this house, but Jessica really had no money to pay the rent, and had to take out a loan of §1.000!

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