Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zang 2 - Round 4

The Zang Family
Wang is 40, Chao is 37 and Bai is 8
Chao: I can't believe we're living in a trailer parc!!! I didn't expect us to get someting very expesive, but a trailer parc I didn't expect either!
Of course it would have been ok it the neighbors were fine. There are 4 other trailers in the parc, and I only get along fine with 1 of the neighbors. One we don't see at all, and the other 2 have already made sure we have to pay extra for our furniture, and that Wang won't get a promotion, not that he's going for one.
There are no other kids living here, so Bai is the only one, and has to find something to keep himself busy. Most of the time he brings home friends from school, and spends the afternoon in the playground in front of our trailer.
Wang and I are getting along fine. If we have a free minute, we are 'playing' in the bedroom. I just hope we don't get any more children, one is actually one too many!
To keep Bai company, we boight him a dog, Rambo. So when his friends have gone home, he plays fetch with the dog. I think he was pretty happy with the dog. Wang has found a new pasion, he's not hanging in front of the TV all the time anymore, now he started painting. Knowing Wang, he will give up soon.
With a teen-boy in the house, I thought all the childish things were gone, but I was wrong. To get his frustration of, Wang now jumps on the cought. When I ask him about it, he said it was beter doing that than slapping the neihgbors, who can argue with that?
Bai now is a teen, and has gotten a warning from school, to do beter his best. Wang and I are not like other parents, we don't mind if he doesn't do his homework, he's free to do whatever he wants. We haven't been always like this, when he was first born, I did my best to teach him everything, but since Wang is a child him self, he couldn't care less about about, and frankly, I don't have the energy to do it all be myself! Since the warning, he has been doing some homework, but he's too far behind, so he's not good at it!
One thing he's good at, is playing cards. One night he went out, on his own, all the way to Upper SimsVille, and he won us money playing cards.
Wang is rather happy at his job as a record store clerk, and isn't going for a promotion. I wasn't going for a promotion either, but getting demoted, wasn't what I planned. To get on a good foot with the supiriors, I brought home Gunnar Roque, I though I could get my mind of things by flirting a little bit with him, but when I did that, this crazy woman came runner towards him and slapped him in the face. I didn't get a promotion, and Gunnar left right away!
Our landlord doesn't allow us to hire any service, so when something is broke, we have to ask him to fix it! Unfortunatly, the man has other work as well, and has a leaking mind, we had to ask him 3 times to come and fix the television, before he actually did. A good thing about this is that we save money, and since I got demoted, we need the money!

Note: Chao brought Gunnar home with her, the same day she got demoted, and I thought she could have a little affair with him. So I let her flirt with him, but I didn't see Fen Mishoen walking by, so she saw Chao flirting with Gunnar and got furious about it! Unfortunatly I forgot to take pictures about this!


  1. This seems like a fun household. I haven't had anyone living in a trailer park since the very beginning of my hood.

  2. Poor Bai with no other sim kids in the park. Hope he catches up with his grades, eek.

    Oops on the flirting.

    Too bad the neighbors are making things harder for them, sounds like rotten luck.