Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belio 1 - Round 4

The Belio Family
Bram is 26, Ling is 25 and Johanna is 1
Bram: Following Ling's brother, Quan, to SimsVille, was a good decision. Since there are lots of young families here, there are more children to play with for Johanna, and with the money I've inherited from my parents, we were able to buy a small shop.
So now I spend my days selling toys to adults at Belio's Bunk, my own shop! The first day was a test run. Ling had the day off, so I was able to go without hiring a nanny, because we don't have the money for a nanny. Customers really seem to love the place as do I. I wonder what they will think of the custom made toys, once I will start selling them.
When I came home, I found Ling with a sunburn. I think it must have hurt a lot!!
The next day, Ling had to go to work, so I stayed home. While Johanna was playing, I started crafting on my custom made toys. It's harder than I thought.
In the mean time I have to look after Johanna too. And she really is a handfull! But soon she will start school, and then I will have all the time I need.
Like I said, Johanna became 4 really soon. She really wanted to test all the toys I made. And looking at her face, I couldn't refuse!
That same nigh Ling started talking about a second child! I'm really not ready for another one, but than she started talking about love, and that she really loves me, and that she really, really, really wants another child. And again, looking at her face, I couldn't refuse.
Hearing her get up one night, to get a snack, I knew we were expecting again!

Note: Bram went to Belio's Bunk a lot more than that one time at the start, he even was rewarded with the Best of the Best Award, but like some other important moments, I forgot to take pictures.

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