Monday, July 19, 2010

Gerrits 1 - Winter 2016

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The Gerrits Family
Marie is 25 and Sya is 24
(Nuan Mishoen is 58, Marc Mishoen is 63)
Narrated by Sya

Marie and I try to eat breakfast together every morning, since it's the only meal we can really have together. That is untill the schoolyear starts again, and Marie has to start working again. I really came to appriciate those moments together.
And with those moments together I don't just mean breakfast. When we are both at home, we can spend hours just talking, about everything. Marie really wants a family. She wants to be able to have family BBQ's and things like that. And when I think about it, it's something I start to look forward to too.
We have been talking about kids for some time now. We even decorated the spare room as a nursery already. We both think we're ready, but we're still not sure, if one of us will carry a baby or if we're going to adopt.
Since we wanted to do everything in the right order, we've put a baby on hold for now, but I know Marie is thinking about it a lot. I took her to the parc one night, just to get her mind of things.
There she surpised me by faling on one knee and holding up a little black box in front of me. I couldn't believe my eyes! We've been talking about this, but there were never real plans. I didn't hesitate one minute and accepted!
Then we had to tell everyone, friends and family. I wanted to call Marcus immidiatly, but Marie thought my parents would appriciate it if we told them first. So we called them and invited them for dinner in the Greenhouse the next day. They were as excited as we are about it all.
When we said goodbye, mom gave me this big hug, and told me she was so happy to see me happy, and that she was hoping for some more grandchildren really soon!
Marie and I sure are going to discus the subject again, but at the moment we have other things on out minds. Marcus recently broke up with his girlfriend right now, and he really needs my support, and with the upcomming opening of the elemantary school, I'm sure Marie isn't realy here with her thoughts, and there of course is our wedding to plan.
We both need a break from work and everything else once in while. Marie understands that I spend a lot of time with Marcus these days, and keeps herself busy while I'm away. She really loves the snow. I'm sure all her stundents are going to love her!
The last day before school opened, Marie was even more nervous than before. She spend all day in front of the mirror practicing her lessons.
It was really late when I was able to pull her away from that mirror and spend some moments together. But even then she kept talking about the games she was going to play with the kids. I just listened and let her talk.

  • I still haven't desided how their familyexpansion will go, but I couldn't help myself and decorated the nursery allready. And I just loved the picture of Sya in the nursery that I had to use it.
  • I have 2 options of the familyexpansion. 1) They will adopt a baby/toddler, and they are going to go through about the same procedure as Rose and Joanna in Sullivan, well at least I'm going to tr to do that. And 2) I will let one of them get pregnant with the simblender, and put the other as other parent. In this case I will let Sya ask her best friend to be the donor. But I've never done that, so I'm still unsure about it.
    If anyone can help me, please let me know.
  • At least the baby-thing will have to wait some longer, because I've put their weddingdate in the Winter of 2018, and since they both want to do everything in the right order, the baby has to wait.
  • About the community lots: the parc is SimsVille Avenue Parc in Simmeria, just around the corner from their house, and the restaurant is The Greenhouse, also located at SimsVille Avenue, right next to the parc. I've both build them myself, and I love the parc, but there is still some work in the restaurant.
  • All the profiles are updated again!
  • Maybe you've allready guessed it, the next update will be the first of SimsVille Up Hill Elementary school. I everything goes well, it will be up on wednesday. Enjoy!


  1. Aw, congratulations to Sya and Marie! They're a very sweet couple.

    I would definitely consider doing adoption again, the same way I did for Rose and Joanna, as it worked quite well.

    But I'm thinking that when the time comes for Aaron and Calvin to have kids, Aaron might ask Maia to carry their child for them. So I would make Maia pregnant with InSim and use Aaron as the father. After giving birth, I'd use Inge's teleporter to put the baby up for adoption and then have Calvin and Aaron adopt it. I'm planning on trying it out in a test hood first but I don't think there'll be a problem.

    Cordy and Luc's biological parents are Debbie and Linnea, but I probably wouldn't go that route again. I play more realistically now than I did before and because two women can't have a biological child together in real life, they can't in Sullivan either.

  2. Aww Sya and Marie are sweet.

    Good luck with the new addition when you decide how you want to do it.

    The adoption works great, using Inge's teleporter bush makes it all the world easier (put up for adoption) then both parents become the "parents" and have the memory/want fulfilled.

    I always like the idea of surrogacy, which would be having one of the girls carry the baby, someone else is the father (random, good-looking donor).

  3. I've done an adoption with the teleporter, too. It works really well. The biological mother remembers having the child, but that's all.

    The hospital mod that I WILL get back to experimenting with eventually includes an adoption process with a 'gave a child up for adoption' memory for the mother. That sounds kind of cool, too.