Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zang 2 - Round 5

The Zang Family
Wang is 45, Chao is 42 and Bai is 13
Chao: When we first moved here, to the trailer parc, I thought it would be nice. There was lots to do for a young child, and living with other sims on the same lot seemed like a good plan.
Well, everything turned out different! The neighbors are not nice at all. They fight all the time. What seemed like a great place for a child to grow up, turned out to be a lonely place for that child.
Most of the time I stay inside the trailer. I have a constant fear of going outside. When I go outside, one of the neighbors comes to me, to slap me, of pick a fight with me.
I have no idea is Bai is happy here. I hardly goes outside, like me, and when he goes outside, it's at night, when the neighbors are a sleep! He's afraid to bring friends over from school, because of the neighbors.
So, I decided to bring the topic up at dinner. Wang kept talking about recycling, I think he's the only one not having a problem, but then again he has no problem with anything. But Bai agreed with me, we need to move!
So, as soon as Bai became an adult, we packer out things and left. I didn't want to stay in SimsVille anymore, so we decied to move to Upper SimsVille. After a long search, we found a cheap apartment with 2 bedrooms.

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