Friday, August 13, 2010

Rai 1 - Summer 2016

The Rai Family
Ella is 53 and Madeleine is 18
Narrated by Madeleine

Adam and I have been together for 2 years now, and well, the magic was kind of gone. At least for me it was. We tryed talking about it sometimes, but he always wanted to work on things. But if the magic is gone for almost 6 months, I'm kind of tired of working on it, so I broke up with him. I almost took it all back when I saw his face, he looked so heartbroken, but I know it's for the best.
Since I broke up with Adam, I have been thinking about the future. And althought I think mom is fine now, after dad left 2 years ago, I still don't want to end up like she did. She's focussing on her work now. Ever since we rebuild the garage into a studio, there isn't momnet mom is not there. It's a nice room, I love spending time there too, but there is much more in life than work, especially since she's not opening the shop.
I'm happy when her friend, Frieda, comes over. She has been a huge help since dad left, but like I said before, it's been 2 years, mom should get out a little bit more, but she just doesn't want to. So instead Frieda spends a lot of days and nights at our home.
Mom really enjoys those visits. She and Frieda have been friends since they went to university together. They lost contact a little bit when they both started families, but they knew they were only a phone call away.
In the beginning I stayed home with mom when frieda was over. But after some time, they both pushed me to get out with my friends, so I do. I go down to Simmeria the most, and meet Elisa. Fran used to go out with us too, but she has a child now, and has to stay home a lot more, especially since, Frieda (Fran's mom) is over at out house a lot.
I try to meet dad occasionally too. I can see he really enjoys those meetings. He always does what I want to do, and we get the chance to talk too. I get to know a lot more on dad since he moved out. Apparently he and his girlfriend arent getting a long as well as I thought. She never had the intention of dad moving in with her, and now dad is stuck there. He already met someone else, which he's not ready for me to meet, but it's too soon to move in with her, and living on his own is little bit silly since there might be another option soon, so he stays.
Mom finally pulled herseld together and started working on herself. First thing she did, was redecorating the house. All of dad's influences were removed, she even switched rooms with me, because she was tired of the room she shared with dad.
After redecorating the house, mom reopened the shop. She said that if she was going to work, she could earn money doing it too. She mostly stays behind the counter and crafts things or paints things, while she leaves me with the customers.
I'm loving the customer interaction, even though I'm terrible at handling the cash register. But the customers are patient with me. I'm working hard though to get better.
When the shop closes, mom sometimes agrees to go and have dinner at The Pier. I love going there, and I wished they would have a facility to party too. Anyway I'm glad mom is finally getting out.

Look who dropped by at the first day of the new Rai Arts... 
This is their livingroom after the redecorating. I loved it, but they hardly spend any time in the livingroom, so it never made it into the update.

  • Madeleine never rolled any wants for Adam, so it was time to break them up. I never planned them to stay together, otherwise I would have tried to keep them together. Poor Adam though, he still has this picture of him and Maddie in his appartment, and I think it's so sad! I wanted her to meet someone new soon, so I sent her out to different locations, but she has no botls with any of the guys!! There only is negative chemistry!!
  • Ella is a popularity-sim but she never rolls any wants to meet someone new, or to be friends with someone, maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's shy, or with her secondary aspiration which is knowledge, but I used it in the way that she's not over her break up yet.
  • And now a little bit on Berend, since he's living with a playable NPC, you don't get to see much of him anymore. Emily (the woman he's living with) never had the intention of living together with Berend, or even have a committed  relationship, it just happend. He had a fight with Ella, and took off, he has money, but I didn't want him living on his own, so he moved in with Emily. They both have their own lives, and the only thing they are charing is the bed, and mostly they actually sleep! Berend alredy met a new woman, well she's not all that new, but she's new for him, and you will get to meet her soon, it depends on how fast I'm updating! Emily is a happy single woman for the time being, but this will change some day too.
  • I will be having the next post ready for you by monday!!


  1. Aw, sad about Madeleine and Adam but it obviously wasn't meant to be! She's still young and has plenty of time to find her perfect guy.

    I like Madeleine's relationship with her parents. She seems to be able to balance her time with them well and maintain a good rapport with both. I sometimes forget about my Sims' parents, though I do try to keep them all the family members involved!

  2. Carla I really hope Madeleine finds the perfect guy, because up untill now, there she hadn't any chemistry with one!
    She's not the nicest person, but she loves both her parents, so I think that counts for something.

    I find it hard to keep good relationships with friends or families, once they all start their own thing.

  3. Yikes I hope Madeline finds someone, I was a little sad that this didn't work out, but originally thought, there's always someone else out there... but if she has a hard time finding good chemistry, it might be a bit harder to find the perfect him.

    The living room looks great, really cozy. Lamps are my favorite for that perfect atmosphere. The Pier looks great too, as does the shop. How did you get such a hug vase? I have a pottery sim that I'm thinking of opening a shop for, but none of her stuff is that er... huge.

  4. Maisie I really hope there is someone out there for Madeleine, she's still young, so she'll find someone.

    Thank you for the compliment, I like their livingroom too :)
    The huge vase is an amphora (at leart that's what it's called in my game, and play in Dutch), it the thigh sim can make when they have a golden talent badge on the pottery wheel.