Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Round 5

The Zanobi Family
Virginie is 57, Lucas and Sophie are 30
Lucas: Sophie isn't too happy about me, she wants to get married, but I just don't feel the need so hard as she does. Besided we have more than enough on our head now dad is dead!
And we have a baby comming! It's really busy these days. I'm constantly studying to reach the same cooking level as dad had, because we can't reopen the restaurant before I do, and Sophie keeps nagging me, and I just can't have it right now!
Then we had the baby. It's a girl and we named her Emma, because we weren't married she got Sophie's last name, so my daughter is namve Emma Mikkels. I think that is the only thing Sophie thinks is positive about not being married, she wanted her name to continue too.
Mom was thrilled about having a granddaughter. She had 2 boys of her own, and now she has a grandson and granddaughter. The only sad thing, she said, was that, since Emma doesn't carry the Zanobi name, she's can't run the restaurant, she thinks. She sais it's not what dad would have wanted!
With Emma becomming a toddler, mom's words made me think about having another child, this time a Zanobi. Sophie agreed on a second child, but added her condotion; she wants us to get married first!
And so we did. SimsVille recently had a church build, and Sophie and I were the first ones to get married there. Since Sophie wants to be the first in everything, I think this made her even more happy! Now we are Mr. and Mrs Zanobi!
After getting married, Sophie found out she was pregnant again. But before we could tell mom, she left us. I think she had a full life, but these last years, without dad, I saw she missed something in her life.
There wasn't much time to reflect things. With Sophie being pregnant, and constantly needing sleep, it fell on me to take care of Emma. To be honest, and I never thought I would say this, but I actually like being at home and taking care of her.
The times Sophie was awake, she spend with Emma. It gave me time to read up on that last cooking skill I need. We also decided to change Zanobi's a little bit. So when Sophie was with Emma, I went down there to do the changes. I can't wait to re-open!
But first we had Emma's 4th bithday. Now we are still waiting to re-open because Sophie can't come, so we will need to wait for the second one to be born. After that we will be back in business!

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  1. Sad that both his parents have passed and his mom didn't get to meet the new little one. I'm curious if the next one is a little boy or girl, and excited to see Zanobi's when it reopens.