Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of round 3, some new faces

I've made it through round 3 already, and I really hope my computer will last a lot more rounds. Because last time it gave after only 4! But now I have a new one, and I would be very disappointed (not to say mad) if a brand new computer can't handle Sims 2!

To start round 4, I'm going to introduce some new families. I love creating new families, and put them in their house, and think of stories for them. I also want some of my 'Azian' sims (Mishoen) to marry and start families with other 'Azian' sims. Therefor I created 2 new families, after spliting them up, this gives me 5 extra families to play.
Their profiles will soon be updated here for now you can read about the other families.

First there are the 2 Zang families:

Zang 1: Tao Zang is 46, his wife Yena is 42, their twin sons, Xiang and Xun, are 17 and the youngest, Yuan is 10. Tao is planning to open his own electronica business in SimsVille, together with his oldest son Xun.
Zang 2: Wang Zang is Toa Zang's brother, and is 40 years old, his wife is Chao and is 37, and their son, Bai, is 8 years old. They don't have such big dreams as his brother, they only dream of not working.

Then there are 3 other families, Min, Belio, and Mokara, they are all related.

Min 1: Patriarch to these families is Quan Min, a 30 year old man, with the wish and desire to become a gamedesigner. He's married to Chu Min, who is 29 years old, and wants to make it big in politics. Their daughter, Anna is 2 years old.
Belio 1: The Belio famili consists of 3 memders, for now. Ling Belio is the sister of Quan Min, and has also a twin, Yin Mokara. Ling is 25 years old, and is going to open a toystore in SimsVille. Her husband, Bram Belio, is 26 years old, and wil craft some of the toys they will be selling. Their daughter Johanna 1 year old.
Mokara 1: Yin Mokara is the twin sister of Ling Belio, and the other sister of Quan Min. She is 25 years old, and wants to become a name in the athletic career. Her husband is Hand Mokara, a 28 year old family sim, with a love for teaching.

Wagtmans 1 - Round 3

The Wagmans Family
Harry is 26 and Mairi is 25
Mairi: I had a great time at university. I studied mathematics and graduated with rather high grades. I met Harry there, who also graduated in mathematics, and we got engaged there. When we graduated we moved in together, in a rental appartment. This is only temporarly, because we want our own place one day.
We got married as soon as we got settled. No family was invited, just the two of us, and some strangers who happend to walk by. After that we took of on a 3 days trip to Twikii Island!
The hotel was nice, we had our own little cabin, with all the comfort of a normal hotel, room service and everything. We didn't do that much, mostly stayed at the hotel, sunbathing, building sandcastles, digging for treasures. We even had a campfire one night with some of the other guests. Back home we made a treasure shelf, I even orderd some pictures to hang above it. It looks great!
Back home real life kicked in really soon. We both need jobs and we also need to settle into a normal routine. Dad also called me, to tell me that grandpa died. I need to visit his grave as soon as I can!

de Leeuw 1 - Round 3

The de Leeuw Family
Johnny is 47, Larissa is 37 and Elisa is 0
Larissa: Life is going it's way. Elisa is growing fast, and Johnny and I are making shedules to combine work and being with her so we don't have to hire a nanny.
This of course means, that moments together are very rare, and treasured!
The time with Elisa is treasured too. She already had her 1ste birthday. She's looking more and more like her dad.
Johnny's oldest daughter is getting along very good as well. She send us this picture of her wedding. She also let us know that she graduated and has found a nice appartement.
Despite everything looking so wonderfull, and going great, I still worry. I still have my doubts about my relationship. I really love Johnny, but does he feel the same. I have the feeling that I can't talk about that with Johnny.
I need to stop thinking about things like that, but sometimes I just can't help myself.
We thought it would be nice for Elisa to have a pet, so we've gotten her a cat. It's fluffy, blobby thing, so we called him Blob.
Elisa is looking more and more like her father every day. Especially now she's a child, and with the black hair and blue eyes. I can't believe she's already 4 years old!
Now that Elisa is a child, we desided to order a family portrait from Rai Arts. We heard nothing but good things about their paintings, and we still need something to hang in the study.
Then we got some bad news. One day we got a phone call from Jessica, Johnny's stepmom, telling is Johnny's dad, Louis, died. Johnny was heartbroken about the news. I think he will take Elisa to visit his grave soon, Louis was really exited about his granddaughter.

Draper 1 - Round 3

Jonas is 76, Eve is 74, Jason is 17 and Mia is 15
Mia: I can't believe we are still living in the trailer! Grandma and grandpa always said is was temporarly, and that I didn't have to share a room with my brother that long, but after 10 days we are still here!
I think Jason will start protesting soon too, since he became an adult, he's constantly on the phone with some girl, and I can only asume what he wants to do with them next, but since there is only place for bunk beds in our room, he has nowhere to take them to.
I couldn't believe my eyes, when one day the grim reaper stood there, to take grandma with him! She seemed quit happy to go, saying she had a long and rich life, but seeing grandma go, was hard!
Grandpa is hardly himself after she died. He can lay in the snow for hours, turning blue, without even noticing! I have to force him inside, and then he only stays for a couple of minutes, crying on the couch, and goes back outside. I don't get much support from Jason either. We were never that close, but I would have thought a death would bring a little more together.
Luckily I found this really nice boy. His name is Olaf Verbon, and I met him at school. He comes over almost every day, just to spend some time with me, he's so sweet!
The way grandpa was and behaved these last couple of days, I think it was time for him to go to and be with his beloved Eve!
The same day grandpa died, Jason pakced his things and moved out! I don't think I can depend on him any longer. Thankfully I have Olaf. Soon we will be together at uni!

Note: Since Mia is the last one living the the Draper 1-household, and since she will be turning back from uni in the Verbon 1-household, I desided to make Jason's household the Draper 1, instead of the Draper 2-household!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Young 1 - Round 3

The Young Family
Louis is 72, Jessica is 48 and Marcus is 3
Jessica: Louis is getting older. I kned he wasn't young when I met him, and I certainly know he isn't getting any younger. But I can't think about the day he will be no longer with us, and that is something I have to do. I'm just hoping the day to say goodbye will be far away!
Marcus now is 4, and a wonderful child. I love it that he is a child now. I know he still needs adults around, but he's much more independent now, and can basicly take care of himself. Our conversation are much more adult now.
Louis is the one who is with Marcu most of the time. He tries to eat breakfast together, when I'm still trying to get out of bed earlier, and he plays with him after school.
Louis even took Marcus to the pet shop, to choose a dog. He choose a small black and grey one, and named him Mol. He proudly said that he will train him all be himself! Well, let's see what will come of that promise!
Our biggest fear became real life! Louis died! I know 76 is beautifull age, and I know he had a life filled with you, but I will still miss him around. Marcul will never get to know his dad beter, and spend more time with him!
Ever since Louis died, I have trouble being alone. I know Marcus is in the house, but it's not the same. I need a strong man. So when Marcus is in his bed, I contact some men from my network, and they are most willing to come by and comfort me!
I know it's a stain on Louis' memory, but I can't be on alone right now, and I don't think I have to confront an 8-year old with all of that. I hope to give Marcus a great child- and teenhood although he has lost his father!

Mishoen 2 - Round 3

The Mishoen Family
Marc is 42, Nuan is 37, Tika is 11 and Sya is 3
Tika: I haven't been a teen for a long time, but I already know I love it, and I will miss it when I'm an adult!
Since I only have to go to school in the morning, I'm able to be with mum a little more, and do some things together. The day Sya turned 4, mum didn't go to the shop, and when Sya took her nap, I was able to play some chess with mum.
Later that same day, we had a little party. I know mum wanted grandpa to come too, but he still is too sad about loosing grandma, so he wasn't there. Now Sya is 4, and will go to school too. Mum will open the salon in the afternoon only, that way I can come too, and learn the business.
I was so exited about my first day in the salon, but it turned out to be a disaster! I screwed up with almost every costumer, so mum gave them a free make-over or they left really upset! I'm starting to doubt if this is something I can do!
Mum has all the confidence of the world in me, so the next weekend I went to the salon with her another time, and maybe she's right to have such confidence in me, beause this time it went a lot beter!
When we came back home, dad and Sya went to the pet shop, to get a dog. Sya choose a Chow-Chow and named him Chowy!
Saturdaynight mum and dad allowed me to go to the newly opened "Bowling & Bar". Again I was soo exited, and again it turned out to be a disappointment! Oh, I had fun, I love bowling apparently, and sitting at the bar was fun too, but everybody there was so old! There wasn't anybody my age!
To get over the disappointment from saturdaynight I invited my best friend, Tosca, over the next day, to do nothing else but have fun with someone my age! Sya spend her sunday playing with Chowy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mishoen 1 - Round 3

The Mishoen Family
Gruns is 74, Lin-Mei is 69, Fen is 33, Goofy is 30 and Nio is 4
Fen: We have been living is SimsVille for quit some time now, and a lot has happend to me; I gotten in with the wrong guy and he got me pregnant, and now he doesn't want anything to do with me!
The boy from that relationship is a sweet boy. Mom wants me to spend more time with him. But I just can't put myself to it. He reminds me to much of how stupid I have been, and how unwanted he and I are for his father. So when he got the day off from school, dad took him to the new "Up Alley Tropical Swimming" across town. From what I heard he had a great time.
Mom was a little bit crosses with me, because I didn't go with them, but like I said before, I just can't put myself to it. Instead I did another try to speak to Gunnar, and went to his café.
I have to say, it didn't went well at all! First he didn't want to talk to me. After several tries I gave up, and focussed on the other men in the café. When Gunnar saw that, he got furious and started a fight in the middle of the café. I got out as soon as I could. Maybe I should start thinking about telling his wife .....
I didn't tell anything about this at home.
Mom retired from her job, and to celebrate, she invited my sister and her family over for a winterbarbeque in the greenhouse. It was really cosy! Nuan's husband, Marc, stayed home to look after little Sya, but everybody else was there!
As a surprise my dad arranged for mom and him to leave on a holiday the same night. Mom has always wanted to go to Takemizu Village, so dad took her there. They went for 3 days, and when they came back, both of them couldn't stop talking about it, and about the fact that they would go back there.
In the mean time I found out I'm pregnant again. I have to admit, this wasn't in my planning, but funny enough Goofy wanted a child of his own.
The day after they returned, we allready had to say goodbye to mom again, she died of old age. Dad was heartbroken about it, and is now focussing on the unborn baby. He's constantly talking to my belly!
Now that mom's dead, it made me think about life, and I realised life is going by so fast. I think I'm going to enjoy every moment of this new baby's life!