Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gradonni 1 - Round 3

The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 35, Debby is 28, Abby and Annie are 6
Kürt: Ever since we moved here, I'm starting to like the place more and more. We don't have that much money yet, but I believe that will all change now we opened the shop. But since the pond has been frozen this winter, we were able to only sell the vegetables, and since we don't live here that long, our stock is almost empty!
On top of it all, Debby hasn't been much of a help lately. Ever since the girls started school, she has been feeling a little down. She has been doing some things to improve her mood, like going to the hairdresser every 3 day or so, but I don't think that helped her much. She wants more kids, but I think, that will be too soon, to be honest I think 2 is enough, but maybe, when we are more settled with our new life, the shop, and the growing vegetables, that we will be more ready to welcome another child into the family.
The girls on the other hand, help out a lot! Every day after school, they hurry to the greenhouse to take care of the growing plants. They really love doing that!
In the weekeds Debby tries to plan as much meals together as possible. She enjoys those momenst with Abby and Annie. I really think they do her good. And spending time with the girls also makes hare happier!
Now it's spring, and the pond isn't frozen anymore, so Debby has something else to than thinking about more children. She spends her day fishing and her night preparing meals with the fresh fish to sell in the shop.
I wonder why kids grow up so fast. One moment Annie was helping in the greenhouse, being a wonderful child, the next thing I know, she's talking to me about university, and how much she would love to go there!
With all the work there has to be done, Debby stopped thinking about another child. We now have other things to worry about! Like who will take over the house and shop one day? Since both girl love working in the greenhouse, but have no intrest what so ever to run the business. We also need to start saving money, since both girls have to wish to go to university one day!
All this things keep me up at night!

Roque 1 - Round 3

The Roque Family
Gunnar is 34 and Frieda is 32
Gunnar: I really like our new house, although I liked our apartment too. But a house is so much beter. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large study, with place for my drumset, and a great garden with room for a swimmingpool! What more can you ask for?
With Frieda being pregnant, I don't open the café. She handles the bar normally, and I talk to the costumers, and I don't feel anything for standing behind the bar! So when I'm not at work, I spend my time, playing games on the computer. Normally I would play the drums, but Frieda can't stand the noise, I can't wait for the pregnancy to be over!
And then we could welcome our little baby in our middle! I really had hoped for a boy, but we had a girl. Not that I don't like girls, that would be a lie! It's just that we choice François as a name for a boy, and I think François Roque really sounds great! But now we have a girl, and she's sweet, black hair, brown eyes. We named her Françoise Roque, and I have to be honest it sounds good.
Now Françoise is born, we had to open the café again. I missed it! The contact with other sims. One costumer even got me to sing a duet with her (she used to be our neighbor).
Sometimes I see Fen (the girl I got pregnant) here, I'm so afraid she will tell Frieda, but Frieda never said anything, so I think I'm still save!
When we're back home, Freida spends most of her time with Françoise. I think she's too little do do anything with. I think I will enjoy her more when she's a toddler.
Now that Frieda isn't pregnant anymore, I can practice my drums whenever I want. At least, that's what I thought! Now I have to be quiet so the baby can sleep!
Now that Françoise turned 1, I spend much more time with her, after all, I need something to do at home, since I can't play the drums anymore.
She's really a sweet girl, she looks alot like me!
Now Françoise is already 3, soon she will start school, and since I spend more time with her, Frieda had some time to think. And one night she talked to me about it; she wants another child! She thinks it would be fun for Françoise the have a brother or sister.
To be honest: wich normal man would say no to a chance to woohoo?!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Penninkmeijer 1 - Round 3

The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 40, Bianca is 32, Catherine is 5, Jack and Lawrence are 0
Bianca: Although we weren't able to do much about the look of the house, the interior has gone through some changes. We now have wallcoverings, and nice wooden floors in the whole house.
The twins have grown up well, and are now lively toddlers. I'm really happy when they take their naps during the day, it gives me some free time, to do things in the house.
Catherine started school, and is doing fine, actually she's doing great, she allready gotten an A+, and she's so proud of it! Every night when her dad comes home, she runs outside to greet him. And although he never tells me, and he always said he wanted the oldest one to be a boy, I just know he wouldn't want it any other way now!
Frederiks job is running smouthly. He's gotten some more promotions, and we were able to change the windows in the whole house, and do something about the extirior walls too. We haven't gotten to the garages yet, but since we don't have a car, that can wait. The next thing we will do, is a second bathroom.
During the weekend both Frederik and I try to spend as much time as we can with Catherine and the boys. Sometimes I doubt that Frederik is really listening to his daughter, I can't imagine what she might have said to make him look so mad!
The boys turned 4, and will start school soon enough. I can't believe how fast they grow up, soon Catherine will turn 11!
I couldn't stand the thought of an empty house, so I talked to Frederik about another child, and he said yes! So now I'm pregnant again, counting the days untill I can hold the baby in my arms!

Zanobi 1 - Round 3

The Zanobi Family
Stephan is 50, Virginie is 47, Lucas is 20, Sophie is 20 and Dimitrie is 17
Sophie: So we moved to a really nice, spacious house. It's so much beter than the apartment, but then again I think everything would have been a lot beter!
The house is great, Lucas and I finally have our own room, as does Dimitri. We live a little bit further from the restaurant than we used to, but that's ok. The restaurant is running great. I really love working there, but I think it's time Lucas starts focussing on cooking more, since he wants to take over the kitchen one day.
Lucas' brother, Dimitri, turned 18 when we first moved here. Just like Lucas, he immidiatly asked his girlfriend to move in, these boys run fast. And on top of it, he allready asked her to marry him!
I was so jealous about that! I mean, Lucas and I have been together longer than they have, and we aren't even engaged! I know Lucas loves me, but he just wants fun in his life, not too much comitment. And getting married he sees like a huge commitment.
On night Lucas got on one knee for me, and asked me to marry him. I was thrilled, and of course I said yes! But afterwards I started doubting, he never said anything about marriage or anythink like it, and now I'm thinking he just asked me because I nagged about it for so long. So I talked to him about it, and he asured me that no-one could make him do anything he didn't want to do.
After my jealousy about Andrea's engagement, I thought it was time to get to know her beter. We were all sick with the flu, and stuck in the house, with nothing beter to do than talk to each other. And Andrea is actually a realy nice woman. I think she and Dimitri are great for each other.
When Dimitri turned 18, he opened his own shop, a pet shop, named "Animal Paradise". Reading the reviews it's a fanatastic shop, it even got the "Best of the Best"-award! That it something I don't understand! Why didn't the restaurant got that, it's open for a longer time! I don't even think we ever saw a reviewer!
I should stop thinking about things in that way, but I gues that's just me.
My soon-to-be-father-in-law turned 55! He looked quit pleased to reach that age. I wonder how I will feel when I turn 55.
Maybe if I will have reached everything he has, I will be as happy as he is. But I seriously have my doubts about that. Ah, before thinking of that, let us first get married, that is my next step in life.

Rai 1 - Round 3

The Rai Family
Berend Lillig is 35 and Ella Rai is 32
Ella: We had to move, we just had to. Since we desided to have a child, and we were living in a one-bedroom appartment, we couldn't do anything else but move. So now we live in an appartmetn with 2 bedrooms. We could affort beter, but Berend thought it would be beter to wait and save some more.
I still haven't found out if I'm pregnant or not, and so our days are pretty much the same as ever. When I'm not at the shop, I work hard on crafting pots and vases, while Berend is at work.
When he gets home, in the middle of the day, he starts painting. I find it hard to admit, but he's beter in painting then I am, and his paintings sell beter too. So the orders we get, I let him paint them.
Soon I found out I was pregnant! But I couldn't stay at home all the time. I still think the apartment is too small, we are practically on top of each other, I can't imagine how it will be with a baby in the house, so I need to get away once in a while.
I think we will stop having children now! My pregnancy wasn't the easiest, and I don't think Berend really wanted this one, although he takes care of her all the time, exept for changin daipers, that he leaves to me. But we are overjoyed with our Little Madeleine.
Time flies; here we are yet another 5 days further. Madeleine is already a toddler, and I got a bad review in the paper. Wich wasn't true, but the reviewer was just bad-tempered!
I keep wishing to move soon, but looking at Berends reaction when I mention it, I think we will keep living here for some time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

de Leeuw 1 - Round 2

The de Leeuw Family - Community Road 2 - Day 6 - 10
Johnny Young - Adult - 42 years old - Romance - Celebrity Chef
Larissa de Leeuw - Adult - 32 years old - Fortune - Business Tycoon

Larissa: So after living with Johnny's father and his new girlfriend for a little while, Johnny and I desided it was time to get a little place of ourself. The house is nice, not too big and not too small, only 2 bedrooms, but we don't need more. We still live close to Johnny's father, we can see the house from the deck in front of the house.
I know Johnny already has a daughter, and never really had the wish to have more children, but I want a child of my own. Since I'm not getting any younger, and since Johnny's daugter will not move in with us after graduation, Johnny also agreed it was time to get that child.
Being pregnant gave me also some more time to work on my skills for work. But I get tired so easy, so I can't do that very long.
Then, one night, I was finally able to hold my little girl in my arms. Her name is Elisa, and she has black hair and blue eyes, just like her father. Since Mairy (Johnny's daughter) got engaged at college, and has let us know she will not be comming back here, we redid her room, and made it into a nursery for Elisa.
After Elisa was born, Johnny had some days off from work, so he looked after her while I was at work. I think it's sweet to watch them together, the strong big man, and the little baby.
Mairi also stopped by after graduation, she did really well, but that was to be expected. She came to look at the baby, and pick up her dog, Lulu, because she will be living with her. We also had the chance to meet her fiance.
I think we are doing really well as a family, although the family situation isn't that normal. I got what I want, a child of my own, and I'm working my way to the top in my career. I just wonder if I choose the right man. He's sweet, and nice, and he makes me happy, but I fear that, one day, he will find someone else and that he will cheat on me, or leave me alone, after all he's a romance-sim.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Draper 1 - Round 2

The Draper Family - Trailer Parc - Day 6 - 10
Jonas Draper - Elder - 71 years old - Pleasure - 50 First dates
Eve Draper - Elder - 69 years old - Romance - 20 lovers
Jason Draper - Child - 12 years old - Romance - Celebrity Chef
Mia Draper - Child - 10 years old - Grow up

Mia: Finally a teen! I couldn't wait any longer for this day to come! Finally I can do the things I want to do, and focus on my studies to become the hand of poseidon one day. I thought I could do some things on my own now, but grandma and grandpa didn't think so. They are so strange sometimes, I can get a job after school, or stay home alone after school, but going to the Town Square on my own wasn't allowed!
Like I said grandma and grandpa are strange! When I trie to study, something I think is really important, grandpa starts to juggle with some bottles. It can be fun at some moments, but not all the time, and as a teen I really don't like everything I liked as a child!
I have to admit I can be a tease myself sometimes, but this man just had it comming! I don't even remember who he is, I just know he bugged me alot!
Jason took a job after school, in cullinary. I never thought he would take it seriously, he never takes something serious, but he really works hard to get beter; he needs friens, so he's constantly on the phone, but I think he has some other reasons for that too, and he makes every meal we eat, and to be honest, he makes good meals!
Sometimes I wonder who are the kids in the house and who are the adults. My grandparents can be so childish sometimes. When it snowed they were the first ones to be outside to make a snowman! They are fantastic!