Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Terrano 1 - Fall 2012

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The Terrano Family
Nio is 21 and Stella is 24 (Tika Mishoen is 28)
Stella: I'm happy Nio and I got married without too many guest, actually we didn't invite any one over, but I don't mind. I never really liked Nio's mother, and I don't have a family. I felt a little bit sorry about not inviting Nio's best friend, Tika and his sister. But we did OK without them.
The honeymoon on the other hand was a disaster! I needed some day to recover from it when we returned! Since we cut it short, we had some money left. Actually we had a lot of money, and set some apart for the honeymoon, but we still have almost the complete budget left!
So since both Nio and are a little bit tired of living in this small apartment, we sat down at breakfast one morning to discuss moving.
The desicion was made easily. After bringing up the topic we took the newspaper and went househunting. We found this amazing house; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large livingroom, great kitchen, garden and a beach view!
After buying and furnishing the house, we even had some money left to buy a car! I love the house, there are still some bits and pieces we need to finish but it already looks amazing!
After settling in Nio invited Tika over to come look at the house. She stayed for dinner, and we had a great afternoon. She recently had a baby, and she loves to talk about him. We need to visit her some day to look at the baby, but we have been so busy with the move, there hardly was time.
I know Nio wants children, especially since he heard his cousin talk about Lewis with so much love. I want children too, but I think it's wise to wait a little bit longer, and enjoy eachother a little bit more. When there are children I just know there won't be that much time for thins like cuddling in front of the fireplace.

Note: Nio and Stella both rolled the want to have a baby as soon as they moved into their new house, but since they are still this young I really think it's wise to wait a little bit longer.
Their move was actually a little bit forced, I'm redoing Upper SimsVille, and I needed them to move out of their apartment, to move it into the new hood, and because they had so much money I let them buy a house instead of moving into another apartment.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Verbon 1 - Fall 2012

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The Verbon Family
Olaf is 33, Mia is 32, Morgana and Zenzi are 6 months
Mia: Life has changed a lot since I graduated. I'm married now and I have 2 children. Especially the last part has been hard!
I think it has been harder on me than it has been on Olaf. It seems like he was born to be a parent, he's just amazing with the girls. He loves it so much he has been talking about another child, but I really don't know!
Just like me, Olaf loves his work, but unlike me he has achieved something in his career and unlike me he knows what he's doing. It's not like I don't have a good job, but I want more, I want to reach the top, I think Olaf and I are at the same level, but it just feels like he's done more! Maybe because he hasn't been home pregnant.
I try to keep up with everything that has been going on, and read up on a lot of things, but it's not easy. I have to do it in between feedingtime, and with twins it's always feedingtime! I don't want to neglect the girls, and I want to play with them a lot.
I don't know how Olaf does it! Maybe he doesn't want to get higher in his career as much as I do, but he has figured out a routine with his work and the girls! I'm still at home, and I don't have routine, and I hate that. But I absolutely love my girls! I just adore them, I just need to find a system that works!
On top of it all, we don't have any time for each other anymore! So when we finally have a talk, and he starts about another child, I just don't feel like I want another one. I want Olaf and my girls. My girls preferably to be old enough to look after themselfs, but young enough to enjoy them!

Note: I was glad when Mia gave birth to twins, because I was thinking if I should have them another child after the first one. Because Olaf is a familysim I'm sure he's going to want some more, but Mia isn't a familysim, so I really needed some time to think. But the game took the desicion in my place, and blessed the family with twins!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthdays - Fall 2012

This fall it's time for the Mishoen family to welcome a new member.
One morning after breakfast, when there was of course no one else in the room but the maid, Tika felt it was time.
So when the maid was freaking out, Nuan came running in, just in time to see the birth of her 1st grandchild! Welcome to SimsVille Lewis Mishoen!

So it's fall, and fall means the start of a new schoolyear. Let me first tell you that our 4 students at university; Catherine Penninkmeijer, Sya Mishoen and Abby and Annie Gradonni, succesfully finished their 3rd year. And now it's time to introduce the new students, if everything goes well they will be graduating in the summer of 2015.
Elissa de Leeuw - Biology
Lawrence Penninkmeijer - Drama
Jack Penninkmeijer - Literture

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mishoen 2 - Summer 2012

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 59, Nuan is 54, Xiang is 29 and Tika is 28 (Sya is 20)
Nuan: My elder-birthday has passed, and so I took some time to reflect on my life. Especially my life ever since we moved to SimsVille. And when I look back, I can't find one thing to regret.
When we first moved here, it was Marc and me with the 1-year-old Tika, and now our little Tika is a married woman, and expecting her first child. My first grandchild, I'm so happy, and I can hardly wait for the day I can hold my first grandchild!
Since I'm talking about Tika, and have to say that I like her husband. I still remember the first time I ever saw him, comming out of Tika's room in his underwear! First I though he was a player, and didn't take life seriously, but I had to take another point of view because he really is a hard worker! Never misses a day at work, and constantly busy getting a new promotion, but always has time for Tika.
Tika was followed by our second daughter 7 years later. Aah, Sya, the smart one, the one who wants to know everything there is to know in life. She currently is in her 3rd year at university. She's studying mathematics, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will do perfect! She recently told us she likes girls instead of boys and that she has a girlfriend.
And then of course there is Marc, my husband. Lately we have been growing apart a little bit, but ever since Tika told us she was pregnant it seemed like we found something new to talk about. I might say it brought us back closer together.
When we sit together at night, it makes me miss my parents a lot. It also makes me think about my sister, wich I hardly have any contact with. I think I should do something about that.
So looking back on my life, I think I did pretty well so far, I have a wonderfull family, and nice house, and a good running business. And I'm only 55, who knows what life is going to bring me!

Note: This may be a lousy update, but despite Nuan's birthday, nothing happened this round! So I took Nuan's birthday as a startingpoint and headed from there, it could be worse I guess :-p

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mishoen 1 - Summer 2012

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The Mishoen Family
Goofy is 47, Fen is 50 and Tina is 11
Fen: So my son got married. We weren't invited, but then again he didn't even invite Tika, his best friend, I don't mind anyway. It just made me think about the fact that there is a chance he's going to make me a grandma really soon, and I don't want that, I'm too young to become a grandma. My sister, Nuan, is thrilled about Tika being pregnant, but I'm not looking forward to it.
But these are worries for later, right now I have to worry about the teenager in my house. Tina is 11 now, and she does whatever she pleases. Goofy and I were never the parents to tell our daughter what to do, but ever since Nio has moved out, she has gone wild!
She refuses to do her homework, something Nio used to help her with, and Goofy and I don't feel like helping. She's old enough to do it herself without any help, we were never good in school anyway, so I don't think we would be much help. So we just let her be, as long as she doesn't get kicked off school, it's fine by me.
I haven't felt like opening the gym lately, so I spend my days at home, it 's not like we need the money, so that's fine. I go running, even though I don't open the gym, I still have to look good, it won't be much of publicity if the gym-owner is fat!
In the afternoons I don't do a thing! When the weather is good I just go sunbathing, and when the weather is bad, I spend my days in the gym we have in our house.
Tina goes out a lot. Last weekend she went to the beach with one of her friends, Laura Penninkmeijer.
I gave them some money, so they could have a lunch too. I think they had a great time. When Tika got home, she couldn't stop talking about it, wich is strange for her, because she hasn't said a lot lately!
When Tika was out, Goofy and I finally had some time together. He grilled some hot dogs, and we had a nice candlelight-dinner.
Afterwards we took a dip in the hot tub. I never thought I would settle with one guy, and never wanting another, but Goofy really makes me happy. Maybe it's because we understand eachother, becasue we are so much a like.

Note: I know Tina is only 11 years old, and that really is young to go to the beach all by yourself, but Fen never was the maternal type, so I figured that she really doesn't mind as long as her kids stays out of trouble.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Terrano/Mishoen wedding - Summer 2012

Town Square City Hall - SimsVille
Summer 2012
One night in the summer of 2012, Nio and Stella desided to head to the City Hall to get married.
The couple didn't invite any family over. Stella doesn't have family, and Nio isn't too close with his. They exchanged their vows...
...and greeted their public as Mr. and Mrs. Terrano for the very fist time.
When they got back home the cab to take them on their honeymoon was already waiting to take them to Takemizu Village. They checked in in the best hotel.
Only to check out the next day, and go back home.

Note: their honeymoon was a disaster! On the excursion, they made a wrong desision and they came back, both in a lousy mood! To make things even worse there was a huge storm. So when Stella tried to walk back to their room, she got struck by lightning, and got in an even crapier mood. I desided to give it another try, and gotten their moods back up. They went to bed, but the next day it was still raining, and their still was lightning. I waited a couple of hours, but then desided that this was it, and let them go back home. Maybe later they try it again!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthdays - Summer 2012

Yet another birthday this summer. The Wagmans family is preparing to say goodbey to their calm days. With one toddler in the house it was already hectic.
But now it's time to celebrate Collin's first birthday, and this is an announcement to some more hectic days!
See here; the 2 troublemakers! Collin and Camden. From this distance you can't see it clearly, but they actually don't look much alike dispite for their blond hair. Collin has green eyes like his mother, and Camden has the eyes of his fahter's bleu eyes, their faces are different too, and their noses too. It's funny how 2 brother can be so much alike and yet not so much.

For the next announcement we visit the Spits household again.
When Richard left for work, Kristianne desided to take a nice bubblebath.
Since it didn't feel as comfortable as she wanted she didn't stay in it too long. Instead she went to the livingroom to read a book. She never got to reading the book, because her time had come.
Soon she welcomed a baby-girl into the family, Anabel.
Anabel was soon followed by her brother, Anthony.
Both kids have black hair, but Anabel has brown eyes and Anthony has blue eyes.
This is a nice time to mention that Kristianne and Richard also got married. There was no big ceremony, they just did it in the livingroom.

Note: genetics can be so mistirious in sims 2! While Mia (Jason's sister) has black hair, her 2 girls have brown hair, like Mia's husband, Olaf, and Mia's mother, Marie. Jason on the other hand has brown hair, but his 2 kids are born with black hair, like Jason's grandparents; Jonas and Eve.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gradonni 1 - Spring 2012

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The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 52 and Debby is 44
Debby: The girls have been at university for 2 years now, and they have been doing great. They also met some boys, and have become friends with their drommates, 2 other girls from SimsVille; Catherine and Sya. They come by once in a while, but not enough for me.
On the other hand we are very busy,so when they come by we have to plan it very carefully. The garden takes all of our time. Kürt opens the shop a little bit too much for my liking. All the stock is almost sold and the plants aren't fully grown to harvest them.
There are some ready to harvest, and then we have to put the vegetabels into crats, and that alos takes up some time. To make things even worse, there is a lot of asking for fresh made fish meals, but that stock is also sold out! We have a very cold spring this year, and the pond is still frozen, so I can't go fishing to make more.
Every night Kürt and I try to have a dinner together, or at least sit down to have a serious talk. On one of those nights we talked about the problem with the empty stock. I told him I had the idea that we were becomming a factory, where we have to deliver everything the customer ask, and that I'm willing to deliver what customers ask, but that I don't want to become a factory-worker! So we desided to close the shop untill we have more help in the greenhouse, and the stock has been filled again.
With all that work I haven't been able to spend time with my cats, Aaltje and Bonsai, so I had no idea my breeding was a succes, I thought it was but I wasn't sure about it. But then, one night there were suddenly 2 cats extra! Aaltje gave birth, or how do you say that for animals, to 2 kittens, a boy and a girl. We named the boy Mouse, and the girl Bird.