Friday, October 2, 2009

Gradonni 1 - Round 4

The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 40, Debby is 33 en Abby and Annie are 11
Debby: When I was still in school, I met Kürt, and we made this plans for the future, Kürt always wanted a farm, and sell his produce. I followed him, where he wanted to go, and we got started. But since the move I haven't been a great help, first there were the girls; taking care of them took all of my time. And when they started school, the only think I could think of was another child.
But I have to be realistic! Abby and Annie are teens now, and they started talking about university and boys. We need to save money for them to be able to go to univerisity, so we don't have to money for another child. And to be honest, I think the girls are a little bit too old to have a babybrother or -sister!
So instead of moping around, I started helping Kürt in the greenhouse. In the mean time I also keep fishing, because we need the fish to prepare the fresh cooked meals.
Unfortunatly that doesn't go too well all the time. One time, I got so distracket, I can't even remember by what, that the fish cought fire and set the stove on fire. Since we don't have a fire alarm, the counter next to it cought fire too, before we could call the fire department!
Kürt spends a lot of time in the shop as well. And it's going great! Citizens of SimsVille really love fresh products! Both the vegetables and the meals sell really well.
Kürt is so proud! He just wishes one of the girls would show some interest in taking over his lifework.
But they have other things on their minds right now. They are both working on their skils, since they need 8 point to qualify for university. Abby is even willing to cook dinner every night to try her cooking skills!
When they are not busy with their skills, or their homework, they still help in the greenhouse, espescially now Kürt is in the shop most of the days. They are also really busy with how they look, and are talking about boys with eachother all the time!
My little girls are really growing up.
I think I will need to stop thinking about that fact, and just enjoy their time still left with us. And when they leave for university, I will start focusing on the time with my husband and enjoy that time.

Note: Debby has got the wish for another child, ever since the girls became toddlers (family-sims; what can you do about it), Kürt on the other hand seems to be happy to have just 2 girls, but suddenly the want for another child was gone with Debby, so I desided to use this in the update.

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  1. These two are very cute. Those darn family sims! At least she came to her senses. XD