Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Rebuild - Update 4

So it's been a while, I'm sorry. I have been simming, but there has been a lot of things going on IRL to make me focus on playing instead of writing updates.

The rebuid isn't done yet, but I'm getting there. I've created all of my playables, moved them all back in to their houses or build them new ones in case they needed one. All the house and apartments are furnished and decorated, and I feel quite good about that.
I let the families with babies have their babies again, made the sims pregnant who were pregnant, added the pets (since I was stupid enough to forget them when I created the families).
A lot has been done in SimPe as well, but not everything. I also need to recreate my dead sims, so I can do all of the relations, set all the relations and familytrees back in order in game, and get their businesses going again, but that will come eventually.
I have started playing again though! As much as I want all those empty spaces to be filled with lots, I started missing my sims, and really wanted to play again!
I'm having a lot of fun building and (re)decorating all these lots though, so I'll be continuing with that while I play.
And I'm still hoping to get my already played updates written and published as well as the lot tours, but that seems like a far away dream at the moment.

Anyway, in this update I thought I'd give you guys a tour of South SimsVille, to let you guys see what I've done the last couple of weeks.
So this is SimsVille as it looks at the moment. The part at the bottom of the map is South SimsVille.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Rebuild - Update 3

As promissed in the last rebuild-update, I'll be showing you a little bit more of SimsVille this time.
I'm still liking the terrain a lot! It's bigger than my previous one though, so it takes time to fill it. To be honest I don't think I have enough sims at the moment, and I know I have a lot of sims already. But it gives possibilies.

So this is SimsVille at the moment. The road leading out of the map on top is leading to Simmeria, the one going off the map on the left leads to DimSimTown (which I haven't even started yet).

*** First a warning: this update is quite long ***

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Rebuild - Update 2

Here I am with another update on my rebuild. My 3 weeks off from work started and I'm very much looking forward to progress with this rebuild so I can add my sims back. I miss the actuall playing!
As I'm typing this, I'm loading my game and I plan to add the first 2 families when it's loaded, I'm so much looking forward to that.

On to the hoods now. As I already thought I changed the terrain from Simmeria. As much as I loved that my armybase would be in there, it's just not happening, it was way too big to work with, at least for me.
So I went back to the terrain I had in the old hood, but changed things a little bit.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Rebuild - Update 1

Before I give you all an update on this rebuild, I want to take minute to thank you all for the kind words and support. I know I haven't been around much. I haven't posted a real update in months, and I haven't commented on other people's blogs, or posted much on N99. Unfortunatly real lilfe has keeping me busy.
I've changed jobs 9 months ago, and I like what I'm doing now, but I think it's kind of tireing having to talk/think/write French all day, when French isn't my motherlanguage. I do think that's part of the fact I have been so absent lately, I just don't seem to find the energy to do any writing in English when I get home. I hope that I can adjust, and that in a few more months I'll be able to combine the 2 much more, after all it's not like I do anything productive at home when I'm home anyway.

I really do want to thank you guys for commenting even though I don't do that much lately. I really appreciate it a lot!

Now on the rebuid-update; one of the most exciting things about having to rebuild, is picking out new terrains! This was actually one of the things I was actually looking forward to!
I've been thinking about a new terrain for SimsVille for some time now, but never felt like replacing the terrain and re-organizing.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

SimsVille on hold ...

I think it's time to finally accept that I really need to rebuild SimsVille. I've been strugling with the pink flashing for some time now, and every time I thinks it's gone, it keeps coming back.

I thought it had something to do with the amount of CC I have in my game, which used to be around 17GB (I know I have a lot!), so I started deleting things, and it appeared that every time I got it under 16GB it was gone.

However lately it came back again, and I've been cleaning out my downloads-folder even more, I'm now under 15GB, and I keep deleting things, but the pink flashing keeps comming back. So I stopped thinking it was the CC, and started thinking the problem is the hood instead. And so I'll be doing a rebuild of SimsVille

I've been thinking about playing this last family before doing the rebuild, it's december in my hood, and so I'm almost halfway through my round, but my gave is pushing me in another direction.
I've been trying to do that the last month or so, and it's just not working.
Ussually I can play 2 or even 3 families during one weekend, if I have not much else do to, now my game hardly lets me play through 2 days without giving me the pink flashing. So finnishing this year is just not going to happen before the rebuild.

I admire Carla for what she has done by completely starting over with her downloads-folder when she started her rebuild, but I'm just not that brave.
So I'm going to keep cleaning out my downloads-folder, and I'll be rebuilding at the same time. I have to admit I'm not looking forward to it, but it has to be done.

This rebuild means there won't be much updates, and I'm aware that I haven't updated in months, but now you know why, I just kept thinking I could get it fixed.
I have some updates, that I still need to write, and I'll try to get them up so you'll at least see what my sims have been doing. And I'll also try to keep you guys updated with the progress of the rebuild. I don't if I'll have much time now, but I have 3 weeks off from work in September, and I hope to focus in this rebuild then, so I'll be able to get back to regular playsessions, and updates.

This rebuild also means that SimsVille will look different, I'm looking for other terrains for both SimsVille and Simmeria, because I got tired of the once I had.
It also means that some sims won't be living in the same houses afterwards, and for some families it's even possible they move from Simmeria to SimsVille of the other way around.
Some community lots might disappear and new ones will be build, ...

So I'm very sorry for the lack of updates lately, I hope to make it up to you when I get the new SimsVille going!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lout Tour - Warner

As promissed in their last update, here's a tour of Lawrence and Kenneth's new house. They had to take out a loan to be able to buy it, but it's worth it for them. The house has a livingroom, kitchen, study, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Warner - Octorber 2026

Last update/Next update

The Warner 1 household profile

The Warner Family
Lawrence is 31, Kenneth is 30, Julie is 6 and Olivia is 4
(Frederik Penninkmeijer is 71, Bianca Penninkmeijer is 66, Sophie Zanobi is 51, Ingrid Lamberts is 44, Xiang Zang is 43, Sya Gerrits is 34, Elisa de Leeuw and Jack Penninkmeijer are 31, Johanna Penninkmeijer is 28, Brent de Leeuw is 5 and Eli Penninkmeijer is 4)
Narrated by Kenneth

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Simmerian - October 2026 Issue

Only 3 more months before Magda and Eddy welcome their first child, and so far Magda has had a pretty good pregnancy. The only thing bothering her is the fact that she can't wear the shoes she wants, because her feet are swollen.
Dr. Carette is happy with how the pregnancy is progressing and doesn't see any problems for the last trimester and the birth.

  • I couldn't get Magda's belly to pop, so let's pretand she's one of those women where you can hardly see she's pregnant, even though she's nearing the end of the pregnancy.
  • I'd like these 2 to have a girl, I can really see them as parents of a little girl. My game has been really co-operative lately, so maybe I'll get what I want.
  • I'm looking forward to this baby. Maybe because I have so few babies this round :)But I'm also looking forward to seeing Magda and Eddy's genetics on a new generation.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by Carla at Sullivan Sims and Emma at Around Aleaton. I never expect these kind of things, but it's always nice to get them though.
Thank you both for nominating me, it is much appreciated!

 So here are the rules:

1. Put the award on your blog
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 5 to 11 other blogs
4. Answer the 11 questions that were asked
5. Then ask the people you nominate, 11 questions.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

SVU C - September 2026

Melina's last update/Benny's last update/Next update

Zanobi - Min - Willis
Melina is 22, Benny is 21 and Joan is 20
(Quan Min is 56, Chu Min is 55, Hans Mokara is 54, Yin Mokara is 51, Marcus Young is 34, Logan Collins is 26, Eleanora Roque is 20 and Emma Zanobi is 20)
Narrated by Melina

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SVU B - September 2026

Last update/next update

Collins - Zanobi
Finn and Emma are 20, Austin is 3 months
(Sophie Zanobi is 51, Logan Collins is 26, Melina Mokara is 22, Eleanora Roque is 21 and Alana Collins is 15)
Narrated by Emma

Saturday, May 9, 2015

SVU A - September 2026

Lars and Morgan's last update/Marlys' last update/Steven's last update/Next update/Lars and Morgan's next update

Lars Mertens is 21, Morgan Penninkmeijer is 20 and Marlys Zanobi and Steven Belio are 18
(Andrea Zanobi is 45, Dimitri Zanobi is 43, Emma Zanobi is 20, Erica Marlow is 19 and Stephan Belio is 18)
Narrated by Marlys

Monday, April 6, 2015

An idea...

I have this idea, and I want to run it past you guys to get your thought about it. I hope you don't mind.

Ever since I posted Jason Draper's last update, the one where he finds out he has 13-year old twins, he never knew about, I've had this idea in my head about doing a series of background stories of some sims.
I know I have a page where I give information about specific families (and a seperate page for my playable NPC's), and I know they still need a lot of work, but they just give basic information, and I want to give you Kristianne's storie a little bit more in dept, her side of the story,...
I don't know if any one here is interested in that, and that's why I have this post, to get some feedback.

If I go through with this I'm thinking of doing a post on Tao and Wang Zang, because they are brothers, but I don't know any one who reads this blogs can tell, and maybe one on Fen Mishoen and the 'troubled' relationship with her son Nio Terrano.

So please let me know what you guys think! And if you want to know more about specific sims, just tell me, so I can add them to the list.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tora - August 2026

Last update/Next update

The Tora 1 Household Profile

The Tora Family
Annie is 35, Erik is 33, Owen is 7, Claire is 4 and Celia is 3
(Debby Gradonni is 58, Catherine Penninkemijer is 36, Abby Gradonni is 35, Sya Gerrits is 34 and Brian Gradonni is 7)
Narrated by Annie

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Burrie-Mertens - August 2026

Last update/Next update

The Burrie-Mertens 1 Household Profile

The Burrie-Mertens Family
Mario is 27 and Melissa is 25
(Ludo Mertens is 61, Mia Mertens is 57, Marcus Young is 34, Jack Penninkmeijer is 31, Johanna Peninkmeijer is 28, Jason Savage and Eddy Sels are 27, Magda Sels is 26, Margot Savage is 25, Eli Penninkmeijer is 4, and Vincent Savage is 2)
Narrated by Mario

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Simmerian - August 2026 Issue

Magda and Eddy Sels have been married for 3 years now, and they've always wanted a big family. However they decided to wait a couple of years before starting, and make sure they got settled in nicely.
And now they just found out they are expecting their first child! If they calculated correctly, they should be welcomming this little one in April 2027.

  • I thought about letting them wait another round before taking them off birth control, but they've had the want for a baby for quite some time now, and they are financially pretty stable, so I eventually allowed them to try, and they were succesfull.
  • I excited for this baby, as I am for every baby, but there isn't any chance for them to get a black-haired baby (at least I hope there isn't). I'm hoping for a blond one, but I'm happy with a brown-haired baby as well.
  • Their baby is due for April 2027, and I'm pretty sure they'll have more after this one! His IFS is 4, and hers is 5, so a second one will definatly follow.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mishoen - July 2026

Last update/Next update

The Mishoen 2 Household Profile

The Mishoen Family
Marc is 73, Nuan is 68, Tika is 42, Lewis is 13, Johsua is 9 and Michael is 8
(Kristianne Spits and Tosca Zang are 39, Sam Mokara and Anabel Spits are 13, Ross Zang is 12 and Felix Gerrits is 5)
Narrated by Tika

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Draper - June 2026

Last update/Next update

The Draper 1 Household

The Draper Family
Jason is 48 and Lucas is 12
(Gunnar Roque is 65, Ella Roque is 63, Olaf Verbon is 47, Kristianna Spits is 39, Celeste Drayer is 36, Clara Solis is 30, Anabel and Anthony Spits are 13 and Peter Spits and Ross Zang are 12)
Narrated by Jason

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Simmerian - June 2026 Issue

Emma has been having contractions since early in the morning, and she and Finn have been in the hospital ever since, but nothing has happened yet.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Verbon - May 2026

Last update/Next update

The Verbon 1 Household Profile

The Verbon Family
Olaf is 47, Morgana and Zenzi are 13 and Anthony is 8
(Yin Mokara is 51, Celeste Drayer 36, Marcus Young is 34 and David Mokara and Chelsea Davis are 14)
Narrated by Zenzi

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kids - May 2026

SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School
Principal: Marie Gerrtis is 35
Teachers: Elisa de Leeuw is 31 and Magda Sels is 26
Subject Teachers: Laura Heaven and Gabriƫlle Penninkmeijer are 24
Students: Enya Terrano and George Roque are 11, Bethany Alenis and Mona and Nora Zang are 10, Joshua Mishoen, Charles Roque, Nathan Forman and Emily Spits are 9, Michael Mishoen, Sayda Terrano, Athony Verbon and Bailey Ooms are 8, Brian Gradonni, Owen Tora and Alex Zang are 7, Oscar Lamberts, Wylco Terrano, Carl Zang, Tessa Zang, and Julie Warner are 6, Jill Forman, Elisabeth and Margaret Penninkmeijer, Felix Gerrits, Zoey Mishoen, Brent de Leeuw, and Marcus Zang are 5, Kevin Ooms, Vera Lamberts, Claire Tora, Stephanie and Nicholas Penninkmeijer, Eli Penninkmeijer, and Olivia Warner are 4
In May the teachers take it a little bit slower. With the exams just around the corner they just do revisions in class, or go on a field trip instead.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gerrits - May 2026

Last update/Next update

The Gerrits 1 Household

The Gerrits Household
Marie is 35, Sya is 34, Felix is 5 and Caleb and Keira are 3
(Marc Mishoen is 73, Nuan Mishoen is 68, Tika Mishoen is 42, Xiang Zang is 43, Marcus Young is 34, Elisa de Leeuw is 31, Magda Sels is 26, Eleanora Roque is 21, Lewis Mishoen is 13, Joshua Mishoen is 9 and Michael Mishoen is 8)
Narrated by Sya

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Simmerian - May 2026 Issue

Laura Heaven is now a week overdue. She and husband, Dennis, check in at the hospital to initiate the birth.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Belio - April 2026

Last update/Next update

Belio 2 household profile

The Belio Family
Stephan is 18
(Bram Belio is 52, Ling Belio is 51, Albert Ooms 39, Jack Penninkmeijer 31, Johanna Penninkmeijer is 28, Niels Bleek is 26, Tina Mishoen is 25, Finn Collins is 20, Marlys Zanobi and Steven Belio are 18, Bea Dawson is 17, Zoey Mishoen is 5 and Eli Penninkmeijer is 4)
Narrated by Stephan

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Penninkmeijer - April 2026

Last update/Next update

The Penninkmeijer 2 household profile

The Penninkmeijer Family
Jack is 31, Johanna is 28 and Eli is 4
(Frederik Penninkmeijer is 71, Bianca Penninkmeijer is 66, Ling Belio is 51, Anna Zang is 27, Stephan Belio is 18, Alex Zang is 7, Carl Zang is 6 and Dean Zang is 3)
Narrated by Johanna

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Simmerian - April 2026 Issue

In the middle of the night Maddie wakes up with stomac-aches. Which she soon discoveres aren't just stomac-aches, but labor.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mishoen - March 2026

Last update/Next update

Mishoen 1 household profile

The Mishoen Family
Fen is 64 and Goofy is 61
(Marc Mishoen is 73, Nuan Mishoen is 68, Nio Terrano is 35, Tina Mishoen is 35, Enya Terrano is 11, Sayda Terrano is 8, Wylco Terrano is 6 and Zoey Mishoen is 5)
Narrated by Goofy

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Simmerian - March 2026 Issue

Emma Zanobi has a lot on her plate at the moment, she's combining getting through to college and working at the restaurant.