Friday, July 30, 2010

Mishoen 2 - Spring 2016

The Mishoen Family
Marc is 63, Nuan is 58, Xiang is 33, Tika is 32 and Lewis is 3
Narrated by Tika
We were able to do something with the garden so we've put in some toys for Lewis as well. For some of them he's still too little, but there is one thing, that he just loves! He constantly wants to sit on it, and he looks adorable on it!
And if the toys in the garden aren't enough, mom goes to "Belio's Bunk" almost daily to buy some more toys. I think Lewis is going to have every toy there is available. I think she's already looking around for some toys to buy for a new baby, she really wants another grandchild.
Lewis loves the toys mom buys him, so when you watch him have fun with them, I can't bring myself to tell mom she needs to stop spoiling him so much. She's only making him happy.
Everybody is making sure he's happy. Even though he can walk, I don't think he has to do it a lot. When he wants to go somewhere, some one always picks him up and brings him there. I want mom and dad to stop that, but they always tell me that's a grandparent's job.
Sometimes I catch Xiang looking at Lewis really funny, as if he wants to check if he really is his son. He once told me that he can't believe that he has a son this cute. I think he's been silly, because I think Xiang is cute too, but I would never tell him that.
Dad thinks the house is a little bit too quiet since Sya took Chowey to live with her, after all it was her dog. I don't know how dad can think the house is quiet with a 3-year old in the house, but he went to buy another dog anyway.

I don't mind that he wants an animal, but what's wrong with a parrot, or a small dog! No, dad had to buy a big dog! I was scared that he would hurt Lewis, but there was nothing to worry about, Babs really is so friendly with Lewis.
At the salon everything is going fine. Mom redecorated it a little bit so there is a little bit more space to walk around. Even my cousin comes by is she needs some advice.
Some one that I don't see that often is my best friend, Tosca. It's been years since we went out together or hung out together. Since we both got married, and had children, it was always too busy to stop by. Even living next door is no guarantee to see each other. Sometimes she comes by for just a half hour, when the kids are taking a nap, but it's just not the same.
And I don't think it will be any better soon. She recently had twin girls, and Ross isn't even 3 yet! And Xiang and I have been talking about having another child. We both think the time is rihgt, we both are doing good in our careers, and Lewis will be starting school next winter, so it will be a little bit calmer in the house.
Mom and dad were excited about the news, and wanted to celebrate with a night out in Simmeria. Xiang and I passed for this and stayed home with Lewis instead. Mom and dad deserve a night just for them anyway.
The closed the night at "Poker After Dark" in Simmeria, where it was elderly-pokernight. I don't think they won something, but they had a good time.
Xiang and I just stayed home and had a nice familydinner. It was nice just the 3 of us. I told Xiang that he needs to be preparing himself to become a dad again next winter, I don't thinnk he completely understood what I said, I should tell him another time I guess.

Extra pics:
Just because I love Lewis so much, and this normally is the last time you'll see him as a toddler, he will be turning 4 in the winter of 2017!

  • Yay, another Mishoen-baby!! I hope this one will be a girl. Actually I don't mind if it's a boy or a girl, as long as he/she is as cute as Lewis I'm happy!! The baby is due in the winter of 2017.
  • About Chowey, I wasn't able to move the animals when I was moving all of my sims. So Sya and Marie will be getting a dog, and he will look the same as Chowey. I just forgot all about Chowey when Marc went  to buy a new animal, and he bought a different dog!
    You will, notice or already have noticed, that some families have the same 'problem' with their animals, but I'm trying to work around that.
  • Some more changes to my blog, this time I enlarged the pictures, so they now are a bigger size. Please let me know what you think, especially if you don't like it at all!
  • Next update on Monday!


  1. Lewis is so cute! I can totally understand why Marc and Nuan spoil him so much!

    I think the pictures look great that size. It shows more details when it's bigger.

  2. The blog is looking great, I like the larger sized photos. And Lewis is uber adorable! I'm excited for him to be a big brother, and hope the newest one will be just as cute.

    The new dog Babs is really cute! I haven't had a sim buy one of those dogs yet, now I want to!

  3. I noticed right away that you'd made your pictures bigger! It looks great - love the blog's new look and love the larger pics. :)

    Lewis really is adorable! Tika might have to be a bit more explicit with Xiang if she wants him to peg on to the fact that she's pregnant! LOL.

  4. Thank you all for noticing the changes en giving your opinions!

    Flit Loue Lewis one of my favourite toddlers at the moment!

    Maisie Babs really is a sweet dog, I think I already have one like her somewhere in SimsVille or Simmeria, I'm not sure though.

    Carla I'm sure Xiang will notice once Tika starts showing :)