Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Draper 1 - Spring 2016

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The Draper Family
Jason and Ada are 38 and Lucas is 1
(Andrea Zanobi is 37 and Krisitanne Spits is 29)
Narrated by Jason

Our lives lately have been all about Luke. I guess it's normal, once you start with children, your live just revols around them. Ada has been really busy with teaching him how to use the potty.
And I have been concentrating on teaching Luke how to walk. He's been pretty good at it, or maybe I'm just a proud dad.
We try to make time for eachother, but it's not easy, there always is Luke. You can't just put him in bed and go to the restaurant just around the corner, so we usually have familymeals, but I really would love to be alone with Ada sometimes too.
We hardly ever go out, not even on our own, when the other one stays home to look after Luke, and we don't invite friends over that much, since out house is so small. So we keep in contact with our friends over the phone. Once Luke starts school, we will be able to do something more, but that's still a couple of years.
Ada had the idea to buy a little pool for the garden, for Luke. It's been rather warm this spring, and he has been playing in it a lot! Of course this isn't something you can leave him in on his own, so one of us stays with him all the time.
One night Ada asked me if it was allright if she went out with a friend. So I stayed home and looked after Luke.
When I put him in his bath, I remember what my sister said to me some time ago, that I had changed, that she never expected me to settle down, and stay with one woman, well, I never expected me to do so either.
So I desided to call over an old friend once Luke was in his bed. I called Kristianne, she didn't sound too enthousiastic about comming over, but she came anyway. We talked a little bit in front of the house, she has 3 children herself now. When I asked her in she looked as if I asked her to jump of a building, she said she had to go home to her kids, and left. It surpised me, but I didn't have time to think about it, since Ada was back home.
After the thing with Kristianne, I desided that maybe I have changed, and that maybe it's not a bad thing. I'm happy with putting my little boy down for a nap, and crawling into bed with the same woman every night. Maybe that will change again some day, but for now that's good!

Extra pics:
I love Luke, almost as much as I love little Lewis Mishoen. He's so sweet and he has the most adorable smile!
This is the family's portrait on my index-page, and I really likeit! Yet again, Luke is looking so cute!

  • I think it's funny that Ada's best friend is Andrea Zanobi, since Ada works in law enforcement and Andrea in crimminal. I think everything goes well if they don't talk about their jobs!
  • Kristianne and Jason really just stayed outside all the time she was over. Since she never told him about Anabel and Anthony, and that he's the father I figured she wasn't too keen to come over or go inside.
  • Ada and Jason finally paid of the dept they made to build the extra floor to the house. So all the money that comes in now is for them to spend on what they want. So they did something with the garden.
    Latele I have been decorating a lot of gardes, something I never used to do, and I'm trying to let my sims spend more time in their garden, another thing I never used to do.
  • Next update will be normally here on friday! Happy simming in the mean time!


  1. Luke is really adorable! haha, ya I don't think Kristianne would be too excited to come over or go inside! She probably was a nervous wreck coming to his house, thinking he found out or something.

    The toddler pool is seriously super adorable!

  2. I'm glad Jason's realised that changing his lifestyle just might be for the best. He's got a kid now (well, three, but he doesn't know that!) so it's nice for him to focus on his family.

    Luke looks very cute in that family portrait!

    I've been trying to use my backyards more often too. :) And you know, decorate them, lol.

  3. Maisie I was thinking the same about Kristianne, that she would be a nervous wreck the whole time, but when she was outside they had some fun.

    Carla I wonder how long it will take with Jason. He still is a romance-sim so I think the wants will roll up once.
    I never used to do something with the gardens, but I thought it was time :)

  4. Kristianne probably thought Jason was going to ask about Anabel and Anthony, and was nervous the whole way over to his house. I bet she was relieved when he didn't say anything.

    It's amazing how much time and energy toddlers take up in the game. Everything seems to revolve around them.

  5. Monique You're absolutely right about those toddlers, a sims' world revolves around their toddlers!

    I too think that Kristianne was really nervous about visiting, and was relieved when she had an excuse to go away.