Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wagtmans 1 - Round 4

The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 31 and Mairi is 30
Mairi: I've been uneployed for too long now! I need a job, I want a job, but don't seem to able to find one!
I spend my days looking for a job, but that's something you can't do all day long. So I got talk to the neighbors, and spend some time with Lulu, my dog.
Since I don't have a job, it doens't mean I can't work on my skills. So that's something I do a lot too.
My nights of course I spend with Harry. He truly is the love of my life! But recently he started talking about kids. It's not that I don't want some, but I'm just not ready. I even don't have a job yet, and the appartment is way too small to have a child running around.
But Harry is doing fine, he's gotten a promotion, and is working hard for another one, so for him it's a good time for children. And I know we're getting older, so I know we don't have all the time in the world, but I don't want them now!
I finally found the job I want! In architecture. I'm so glad to have found it! Now we can start to save up money to buy a house. And Harry can start to look forward to his wish for children.
We talked about it some more one night, and we decided to first look for a nice, spacious house, and when we are settled in, we will try to have some kids.

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  1. Hey, she might be able to design them a house one day, with her new job in Architecture!