Sunday, December 29, 2013

Zang - September 2024

Bethany's last update/Last update/Wedding/Bethany's next update/Next update

The Zang Family
Wang is 64, Chao is 61, Bai is 32, Anna is 25, Bethany is 8, Alex is 5, Carl is 4 and Dean is 1
(Quan Min is 54, Chu Min is 53, Jack Penninkmeijer is 29, Johanna Penninkmeijer is 26, Benny Min is 19 and Eli Penninkmeijer is 2)
Narrated by Anna

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SVU B - September 2024

Emma's last update/Eleanora and Melina's last update/Emma and Melina's next update/Eleanora's next update

SimsVille University
Melina Mokara is 20, Eleanora Roque is 19, Emma Zanobi is 18
(Sophie Zanobi is 49, Marcus Young is 32, Matthew Zanobi is 20 and Stephan Belio is 16)
Narrated by Emma

Sunday, December 8, 2013

SVU A - September 2024

Morgan's Last update/Last update/Benny and Matthew's next update/Next update

SimsVille University
Matthew Zanobi is 20, Lars Mertens and Benny Min are 19, Morgan Penninkemijer is 18
(Ludo Mertens is 59, Mia Mertens is 55, Melina Mokara is 20 and Joan Willis is 18) 
Narrated by Lars

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Brithdays - September 2024

Every few month the BelleDonna District Hospital organizes a tour of the maternity ward. This way the new parents will get a look of where everything will happen and they also get a lot of information.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Warner - August 2024

Last update/Next update

The Warner Family
Lawrence is 29, Kenneth is 28, Julie is 4 and Olivia is 2
(Harald de Leeuw is 32, Elisa de Leeuw and Jack Penninkmeijer are 29 and Eli Penninkmeijer is 2)
Narrated by Lawrence

Friday, November 29, 2013

Birthdays - August 2024

When Abby Gradonni and Reinout Krielman came in for their last check up, Dr. Lamberts decided to keep Abby, and to let the babies come.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heaven - Penninkmeijer - July 2024

Laura's last update/Next update

The Heaven - Penninkmeijer Family
Dennis is 28, Laura is 22
(Eddy Sels is 25, Magda Sels is 24, Tina Mishoen and Amber Lang are 23, Gabriëlle Penninkemeijer is 22 and Zoey Mishoen is 3)
Narrated by Laura

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wagtmans - July 2024

Last update/Next update

The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 55, Mairi is 54, Camden is 14, Collin is 13
(Malcolm Landgraab is 14 and Julian Zanobi is 13)
Narrated by Mairi

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthdays - July 2024

Elisa and Harald have gone through it all before, but Elisa would have been much happier if Harald could come with her when ever she needed to go to the gynocologist. Unfortunatly with his job, it's not always possible so Elisa has to go on her own.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zang - June 2024

Last update/Tao and Yena's next update/Next update

The Zang Family
Tao is 70, Yena is 66, Xun is 41, Tosca is 37, Ross is 10, Mona and Nora are 8, Tessa is 4 and Marcus is 3
(Xiang Zang is 41)
Narrated by Tosca

Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthdays - June 2024

Margot Savage just entered her second trimester. She and her husband, Jason, are really looking forward to their firstborn.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mishoen - May 2024

Last update/Xiang and the boys' next update/Next update

The Mishoen Family
Marc is 71, Nuan is 66, Xiang is 41, Tika is 40, Lewis is 11, Joshua is 7 and Michael is 6
(Marie Gerrits is 33, Sya Gerrits and Harald de Leeuw are 32, Felix Gerrits is 3 and Caleb and Keira Gerrits are 8 months)
Narrated by Marc

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthdays - May 2024

Elisa de Leeuw has been feeling very sick in the morning, most of the times she even had to throw up. Since she and Harald have been trying for a second child, she knows what this means.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Terrano - April 2024

Last update/Next update

The Terrano Family
Nio is 33, Stella is 39, Enya is 9, Sayda is 6 and Wylco is 4
(Fen Mishoen is 62, Goofy Mishoen is 59, Tika Mishoen is 40, Tina Mishoen is 23 and Zoey Mishoen is 3)
Narrated by Stella

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Draper - April 2024

Last update/Next update

The Draper Family
Jason is 46 and Lucas is 10
(Ada van Straaten is 46, Harald de Leeuw is 32)
Narrated by Jason

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birthdays - April 2024

Only one birthday this time; Anna and Bai's youngest, Dean, turns 1!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burie - Mertens - Stevens - March 2024

Belinda and Melissa's last update/Mario's last update/Next update

The Burie - Mertens - Stevens Family
Mario is 25, Melissa and Belinda are 23
(Ludo Merstens is 59 Mia Mertens is 55, Dominic Vega is 26, Jason Savage is 25, Margot Savage is 23 and Lars Mertens is 19)
Narrated by Melissa

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Birthdays - March 2024

Since the babyboom is over in SimsVille, the birthdayposts will mostly focus on actual birthdays.
This time there is only 1 birthday, well actually 2 since it's twinbrothers turning 1.

Cédric Forman is turning 1 this month.
And so does his twinbrother, Daniel Forman.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mishoen - February 2024

Last update/Next update

The Mishoen Family
Fen is 62 and Goofy is 59
(Marc Mishoen is 71, Nuan Mishoen is 66, Enya Terrano is 9, Sayda Terrano is 6 and Wylco Terrano is 4)
Narrated by Fen

Friday, August 23, 2013

Zanobi - February 2024

Last update/Marlys' next update/Next update

The Zanobi Family
Dimitri is 41, Andrea is 43 and Marlys is 16
(Sophie Zanobi is 49, Matthew Zanobi is 20, Morgan Penninkmeijer is 18)
Narrated by Marlys

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthdays - February 2024

A few weeks ago Abby Gradonni and Reinout Krielman found out they weren't expecting just one baby, but 2! They've had some time to get used to the idea but it's still overwhelming.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kids - January 2024

SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School
Principal: Marie Gerrits is 33
Teachers: Elisa de Leeuw is 29 and Magda Kievits is 24
Subject teachers: Gabriëlle and Laura Penninkmeijer are 22
Students: Anthony and Anabel Spits, Zenzi and Morgana Verbon, Sam Mokara and Lewis Mishoen are 11, Peter Spits, Ross Zang and Lucas Draper are 10, Enya Terrano and George Roque are 9, Nora and Mona Zang and Bethany Alenis are 8, Emily Spits, Nathan Forman, Charles Roque and Joshua Mishoen are 7, Bailey Ooms, Anthony Verbon, Sayda Terrano and Michael Mishoen are 6, Alex Zang, Owen Tora and Brian Gradonni are 5, Julie Warner, Tessa Zang, Carl Zang, Wylco Terrano, and Oscar Lamberts are 4

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gerrits - January 2024

Last update/Next update

The Gerrits Family
Marie is 33, Sya is 32, Felix is 3, Caleb and Keira are 4 months
(Nuan Mishoen is 66, Tika Mishoen is 40, Catherine Penninkmeijer is 34, Abby Gradonni and Annie Tora are 33, Marcus Young is 32, Elisa de Leeuw is 29 and Magda Sels is 24)
Narrated by Sya

Monday, August 5, 2013

What I've been working on

I'm very aware that there haven't been a lot of updates lately, and I'm very sorry about that.
I have been playing though, and my game has been running every weekend, well almost every weekend, but I just didn't feel like writing the next update. I've started it in May and it hasn't changed a thing since than.
The families I've been playing, have been really interesting, at least I think so, and I also think they would make some nice updates, if I could only get this first one going!

I haven't been just playing my sims, I've also been building, and rebuilding, and thinking of things I want to do, and execute them, and ...

I wanted you all to see what I've been doing, without spoiling the next updates, so here a few pics of the thing I've been building and rebuilding.

This is the SVU campus, located on the boarder of Simmeria; with several faculties, most of them still need to be build, 3 dorms, private housing, community lots, ...
When you follow the road to the left of the map you'll be heading to SimsVille, on the right is the rest of Simmeria.

Monday, June 17, 2013

N99 - May Forum Project - Community lot conversion Avon Avenue

The May Forum Project at N99 was a make over of a residential lot (the Veronaville Villa) to a community lot.
I was really glad with this project, especially since I was able to participate because  I had 2 weeks off from work.
When I saw the top down view of the ground floor, I immidiatly thought to make it into something 'mall'-like, and so I did.
And this is the result. I hope I didn't break any rule by resizing the lot in lotadjuster, it was a little bit too big to fit in my hood, and I don't like those big empy space maxis created with a lot of their lots.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthdays - January 2024

We start this as usual with some birthdays! SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School will be welcomming 5 new students this year. Oscar Lamberts is turning 4.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Round 13 ROS

Some nice one's this round, and thank god, no death's again, but still there are some I could have done without!

* Share the love: adopt a baby - I really don't know how I will write this one in, since I don't think it's something this family will do, but we'll see when I get it.

* Dumped! Sim gets dumped by partnet/spouse - Not a good one, especially not for this sim, but it does make the game interesting.

* Meet some one new - Not too hard, and fits this sim's story quite well.

* You were afraid of that! Satisfy your biggest fear - I was pretty happy with not death-ros this round, and I do hope this one doesn't turn out in a death!

* Family fishing trip/vacation - really looking forward to this one!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Round 12 Summary

Like I said in last round's summary, the baby-boom didn't stop there!

Birthts: 15 (Kevin Ooms, Vera Lamberts, Claire Tora, Stephanie Penninkmeijer, Nicholas Penninkmeijer, Eli Penninkmeijer, Cédric Forman, Daniel Forman, Dean Zang, Noémi Roque, Caleb Gerrits, Keira Gerrits, Celia Tora, Julia Benson and Liam Benson)

Deaths: 1 (Lucas Zanobi)

Engagements: 2 (Eddy Sels and Magda Kievits, Madeleine Rai and Cole Brems)

Marriages: 6 (Mariëtte and Adam Snijders, Anna and Bai Zang, Ella and Gunnar Roque, Emily and Aaron Benson, Magda and Eddy Sels, Margot and Jason Savage)

Break-ups: 2 (Ada van Straaten and Jason Draper, Eleanora Roque and Benny Min)

Graduations: 3 (Margot Mertens, Melissa Mertens and Belinda Stevens)

New residents: 2 (Olivia Warner and Dennis Heaven)

Total population: 151 (80 male, 71 female)
Babies: 9
Toddlers: 19
Children: 26
Teens: 8
Adults: 74
Elders: 15

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Penninkmeijer - December 2024

Last update/Morgan's next update/Next update

The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 68, Bianca is 63, Dirk is 35, Catherine is 33, Morgan is 17, Elisabeth and Margaret are 2 and Stephanie and Nicholas are 1
(Jack Penninkmeijer and Lawrence Warner are 28, Kenneth Warner is 27, Johanna Penninkmeijer is 25, Gabriëlle Penninkmeijer is 21, Marlys Zanobi is 15, Julie Warner is 3, Eli Penninkmeijer and Olivia Warner are 1)
Narrated by Bianca

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birthdays - December 2023

It's already been a year since Jo and Jack welcomed their son Eli into their little family, and now they celebrate his 1st birthday.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gradonni - November 2023

Last update/Next update

The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 63, Debby is 55, Reinout is 36, Abby is 32 and Brian is 4
(Mairi Wagtmans is 54, Max Landgraab is 53, Annie Tora is 32, Erik Tora is 30, Owen Tora is 4, Claire Tora is 1 and Celia Tora is 1 month)
Narrated by Reinout

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthdays - November 2023

It's November and it's Margot and Jason's wedding. They decided to keep it small, with just her parents, bother and sister, and her best friend. Their vow were exchanged at SimsVille City Hall.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mishoen - Penninkmeijer - October 2023

Last update/Laura's next update/Next update

The Mishoen Penninkmeijer Family
Tina is 22, Gabriëlle and Laura are 21, Zoey is 2
(Fen Mishoen is 60, Nio Terrano is 32, Dennis Heaven is 27)
Narrated by Tina

Monday, April 22, 2013

Verbon - October 2023

Last update/Next update

The Verbon Family
Olaf is 44, Morgana and Zenzi are 10 and Anthony is 5
(Sophie Zanobi is 48, Jason Draper is 45 and Laura Penninkmeijer is 21)
Narrated by Olaf

Monday, March 18, 2013

In And Around ... SimsVille

Some time ago I said in Twitter I was planning something 'special' to post here, so this is it.
The reason this is special to me, is because I've been planning this for some time now, I think from about I started blogging, at least not long after that, and that's almost 4 years ago.

I always love getting a peek into some one else's hoods, and so I thought it would be nice to do an 'In and Around'-series. And what better part of my hood to start then SimsVille?

SimsVille consistst of 2 parts; SimsVille and SimsVille Up Hill. For better pictures I decicded to do those seperatly.

As you can see on the picture, there are 5 main roads in SimsVille, there is another one, but there is no building on it at all.
As you can also see I've given them all a color, under the picture you can see who's living on that street and what businesses are there. The arrow in the color of the street indicates from where I've started.
The white arrow, pointing to the top of the picture, indicates the road to Simmeria.
(click image for a larger view)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

N99 - March/April Forum Project - The Claudette for Carla

For the March/April Forum Project at N99, Carla asked for a rebuild of The Claudette.
Since I was in need of something similar, and I always liked the look of the original Claudette, I decided to give it a go, and this is the result:

 The front.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthdays - October 2023

After giving birth to her 2 older children, Owen and Claire, Annie thought she was prepared to do it once more. But there she was again, in pain, and not as prepared as she thought she was.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Penninkmeijer - September 2023

Last update/Next update

The Penninkmeijer Family
Jack is 28, Johanna is 25 and Eli is 9 months
(Bram Belio is 49, Ling Belio is 48, Lawrence Penninkmeijer is 28 and Anna Zang is 24)
Narrated by Jo

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm kind of torn .... need some help (maybe)

I know it's been a while since my last update, and here I am asking for some kind of help ...

There haven't been a lot of updates since I really hadn't had much time. I changed jobs at the beginning of the year, and I'm no longer working in shifts. Since I only do day-work now, I don't have as much time to play, write or even keep up with the blogs I follow or the forums I'm a member of.
So I'm really sorry for that.

The other reason I haven't been updating a lot, is because I've been having the pink flashing problem Carla had. I've been ignoring it for some months, and since it's such a random problem, it sometimes seems the problem was fixed.
I've been able to play these past few weeks without any problem, and I was starting to feel confident again, untill today. After exiting a lot my hood was pink again. I entered a house, and went back to the hood, and then another house, and again back to the hood, no pink anymore and no crash, but I'm kind of scared to play again.

The thing is, I really don't feel anything for rebuilding, I had to do it once, and I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm have a huge respect for Carla and Maisie who are doing it at the moment, but I just don't think I can bring myself to do all of that.

The problem is that the only other solutions is to start all over. I'm not looking forward to this either. It will be a lot of work as well. And even though it might be a new chalange, and it will be interesting to see new sims and explore their personalities and backgrounds and all, I will miss my current sims so much.

And the last problem is that I don't want to redownload everything I have in my downloads-folder.

So this is where I could use some help, tips or whatever you all are willing to share; I have no idea what to do know, please give me your ideas!

Thank you!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SVU - September 2023

 Benny's last update/Eleanora's last update/Last update/Eleanora and Melina's next update/Next update

SimsVille University
Melina Mokara and Matthew Zanobi are 19, Eleanora Roque, Benny Min and Lars Mertens are 18
(Marcus Young is 31 and Emma Zanobi is 17)
Narrated by Melina