Saturday, January 1, 2005


I like the fact that you can see Carla and Sari's banner from the past, and I thought I'd add to my blog as well.
At the moment I'm trying to change the header every round, but I might do it more often in the future.

Banner #1: March and Nuan Mishoen - SimsVille - Yin and Melina Mokara

Banner #2: SimsVille

Banner #3: Enya Terrano - Lewis Mishoen - Emma Zanobi - Benny Min - Johanna Belio - Madeleine Rai - Gunnar Roque

Banner #4: Jack Penninkmeijer - Johanna Belio

Banner #5: Tina Mishoen - Niels Bleek

Banner #6: Yuan Zang - Françoise Roque

Banner #7: Jason Draper - Lucas Draper - Ada van Straaten

 Banner #8: Xiang Mishoen - Tika Mishoen

Banner #9: Marie Gerrits - Felix Gerrits

Banner #10:Julian Zanobi - Collin Wagtmans

Banner #11: Margaret Penninkmeijer - Elisabeth Penninkmeijer

Banner #12: Zenzi Verbon

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