Saturday, October 24, 2009

Draper 1 - Round 5

The Draper Family
Jason is 27
Mini-update: Last round Jason went on a few dates, and tried something with one of his neighbors, without getting lucky.
This round, Jason thought it was time to focus a litte bit on his career; getting the required skills for promotions.
And he got of those, but after that he got demoted too.

Note: I know this is a stupid update, but nothing really happend here! Before I knew it his 5 days were over, without anything happening! The picture aren't good either, but to my surprise I forgot to take more.


  1. Doesn't get lucky last "year" and this time, tries for a promotion and instead is demoted.... definitely not a lucky fella.

    On a side, I like his shirt and hair!

  2. Promotion-wise he's absolutely unlucky. Last round he also got promoted and demoted the next day.

    But if you want real bad luck, there is the Zang 2 family! Last round 2 of their neighbors made sure that they would have to pay higher prices for furniture and will have to do harder their best to get a promotion, on top of it all Chao got demoted, and when she flirted with her boss, his ex was walking by! And they hardly have any money.

    So I think Jason is rather lucky, with most girls he hits it of right away, and his relationship with Kristianne is really good now, when I play other families, I constantly find them making out!