Monday, May 6, 2013

Mishoen - Penninkmeijer - October 2023

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The Mishoen Penninkmeijer Family
Tina is 22, Gabriëlle and Laura are 21, Zoey is 2
(Fen Mishoen is 60, Nio Terrano is 32, Dennis Heaven is 27)
Narrated by Tina

I can't believe Zoey is already 2 years old, and is walking around the house. Sometimes it makes me sad that she doesn't know her father, but on the other hand, she might be better of without him, seeing he never payed any attention to her.
She gets enough attention from every one else we know though, and I even caught myself playing with dolls, something I never though I would ever do!
I like taking her to the park a little bit down the road, and she seems to enjoy it equally.
Most of the time we try to meet up with Nio and his kids, so they can entertain one another.
Mom sometimes joins us as well, so while the kids entertain each other, we can talk a little bit.
I never thought things would turn out this great, living with 2 friends, and having a baby. But things are going just fine. Both Laura and Gabriëlle love spending time with Zoey, Laura even watches her during the day, since she wroks nights.
Gabriëlle simply adores kids, I think she will be having a whole bunch herself, when the time is there.
As much as every one adores her, I don't think they would want to share a room with her! She screams her lungs out when she's put in her crib, and since I sleep in the same room, I hardly get any sleep when she wants out of her crib.
I do think Zoey will be getting her own room soon though. Laura's boyfriend, Dennis, is spending more and more time at our place.
Most of the time he even spends the night. Nor Gabriëlle or I mind that he's here all of the time, but I'm pretty sure they are looking for some more privacy.
So it didn't came as a huge shock when Laura told us the she and Dennis would be moving in together in a few months. They even found a house already, and are just finishing the last bit and peaces before moving in.
I'm really glad Laura found some one, and that he makes her happy, but I'm also sad that my best friend will be moving out soon, even though it's just across the street, and I will see her more than enough, it's just not the same.

  • So this was a pretty short update ... I took the pictures months ago and it didn't occur to me, untill now, that really nothing happened in this household, so I kind of went with what I got.
    I'm pretty sure I could have done more with these 3 though!
  • Laura and Dennis are together for 2 years now, and so I thought it was time for them to move in together. My original plan was to move Dennis in with the girls, but seeing Zoey will be 4 in a few years, she might need her own room, so I decided to let them find a house together. They will be 'renting' the house Starr made for last year's N99 April Forum project, I changed it a little bit, but you'll see more of it when I play them next round.


  1. It's great that her roommates are so understanding of having a little one in the apartment, I forgot I had made that house, lol, thanks for linking it :)

  2. I think I've said before that I have a soft spot for single parent families. I love the close relationships you can develop between the parent and child when there's no one else in the picture. So naturally, I loved reading about Zoey and Tina.

    It's a good move for Laura and Dennis to move out on their own. More privacy for them and Zoey will get her own room! I would be getting excited already at the prospect of decorating a kids' room, lol!

  3. I always like to look at the backgrounds of your pictures - the way you furnish and decorate each house is so good.

  4. Apple Valley Lol, I love the house. Laura and Dennis are currently occupying the ground floor, since it's just the 2 of them, but it's going to be great when they start adding to their family as well :)

    Both Gabriëlle and Laura are family-sims, so I could see them living with banby/toddler without having problems with it.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I kind of like them myself as well, for the reason you said yourself :) I'm glad you like Tina and Zoey.

    Lol, decorating Zoey's room was the first thing I did when Laura moved out!

    Thanks for reading!

    Librarian Thank you so much! I love doing that, so I'm glad other like looking at it :) I like looking at other people's houses when I read their updates.
    The thing I even love more is looking through the windows, and see how the hood looks from inside the houses. I love seeing the next door park, or officebuilding when I looks outside of those windows :)

    Thanks for reading!

  5. That's awesome that things have worked out so well for these two, and living with her friends. I can see Laura and Dennis wanting their own place, it would have been fun if they had moved in with them for a little bit though. Zoey is adorable, and Tina does a great job with her.

  6. MaisieEven though the house is spacious enough, it's still not big enough for 4 adults and a kid, and it would have been logical for Laura and Dennis to move out as well, so it turned out pretty well.

    Zoey isn't a difficult child at all, at least not at the moment, we'll see how things go when she's older :)

    Thanks for reading!