Sunday, December 8, 2013

SVU A - September 2024

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SimsVille University
Matthew Zanobi is 20, Lars Mertens and Benny Min are 19, Morgan Penninkemijer is 18
(Ludo Mertens is 59, Mia Mertens is 55, Melina Mokara is 20 and Joan Willis is 18) 
Narrated by Lars
Morgan is the new kid at the dorm, and I've taken it upon me to show him around campus, and let him get to know the right places and such.
I knew him already, since we went to high school together, so I knew he was an ok guy. We get along pretty well.
I planned on getting him to know several girls as well, but he seems to have a girlfriend.  She hasn't come down here, since she's busy with school and several other things, so they mostly talk on the phone.
I don't know how you can keep a relationship going this way, but who am I to say anything?
After all, I enjoy myself with different girls, every week, and I have zero experience when it comes to relationships.
I do believe in keeping all your options open though, and not sticking to one girl, at least for now. After all we're at univeristy, there's plenty of time later to stick to only one girl.
It seems like I'm the only who thinks like that though. Matthew and Melina have been together forever! And I haven't seen either of them wanting to be with some one else.
Even though Melina moved to another dorm this year, she and Matthew meet quite often. And they are already talking about the future, and where they will live after college, and wheather or not they will be living together soon or if they should wait a little bit longer.
I can't imagine thinking about these kind of things at the moment, but they seem to be pretty serious about these things.
After his break-up with Ellie last year, Benny wasn't interested in girls for some time. But recently he asked out Joan Willis. She's a freshman, and they seem to hit it of.
Benny is rather shy, so it took him some time to find the courage to ask Joan out, but eventually he found the nerve and he asked her to the movies.
Despite the fact that he's shy, Benny can be a real charmer though. He and Joan agreed to see each other more often, so I'm pretty sure the date was a succes.
Mom and dad would love me to settele down with some one as well, or at least have a serious relationship instead of just filngs. Every time I see them they say something about it.
The thing is that I'm just not ready for something like that, and I having too much fun to commit to just one girl. One day I know I will commit, but that day is still far away.
Even though we all have our relationships and such to worry about, we still need to focus on out classes as well. Every one thinks art is just fun, but the assignments are much harder this year.
It's not just the practical part that is getting harder, there's also so much theoretics to know this year.
It's nice to know that I'm not the only with a lot of work. Morgan majoring in political science with a minor in journalism, and when he's not on the phone he's constantly with his nose in the books.
Benny has always been a hard worker, but now he seems to spend even more time in front of the computer.
And Matthew is spending more and more of his free time in the gym. He's still unsure about what he will do when he graduates; make in the sports field, or try his luck with his music. But he still wants to make sure to have a good grade at the end.
We try to get out of the dorm occasionally. It's not good to lock yourself in all the time, and a night out with the boys is always fun.
Morgan and I both love to dance, so we ussually end up on the dancefloor, while Benny and Matthew stay seated.
Sometimes I try to get them to come to the dancefloor with them, but they never say yes.

  • Lars is still having a lot of fun with different girls. His parents really want him to find one girl, but I don't think that's going to happen any day soon.
    He's also more focussed on his studies which can never be a bad thing.
  • Joan Willis was one of the dormies that walked by the dorm (that I gave a make-over), that I really liked. She and Benny get along pretty well, and if I remember correctly their chemestry is pretty good as well, so I decided to send them out on a date, and it turned out pretty well.
  • Morgan and Marlys are still a couple, but there aren't much wants for her, except one where he wants her to go to college. We'll see how they'll manage if she will be attentding college as well.
  • All 4 guys had good enough grades to go through to next year. Which will be Matthews last year! And I really have no idea if he'll go further with sports, or focus more on music...


  1. Reading this makes me want to play a college household soon again, too, but I seem to be stuck with a lot of elderly Sims on PermaPlat these days, which means I do not control them and just watch most of the time.
    I like Melina's jumper, and catching glimpses of the dorm which looks really nice.

  2. Well, Lars is still young! He has time to find a steady girlfriend, so hopefully his parents aren't too worried yet. He seems like he's enjoying himself and not hurting anyone, so live and let live.

    Joan is so cute and I already love her and Benny together. They make a very sweet couple and I hope to see more of them.

    You know, Morgan wanting Marlys to go to college is more than I've ever had from any of my couples separated after one goes off to uni and the other isn't old enough. The game just isn't programmed to deal with teen-YA relationships, so you don't get a whole lot of wants with them (even with that mod that's out there somewhere, I found). I'd say Morgan and Marlys have a good shot, if he's that keen for her to join them on campus. :)

  3. Lars has plenty of time to settle down! I like that he isn't following his friends, and doing his own thing, and that he is getting good grades. They all seem to be doing well, would be a little sad if Morgan and Maryls broke up, but not unexpected. I agree though that there isn't a ton of wants for that relationship type, once she ages up, I think they will rekindle their relationship.

    Joan is absolutely adorable! I hope she sticks around!

  4. Librarian I love the variation I have in my hood at the moment, and since I make my own play schedules, I can put them in any order I want :)
    I never was a huge fan of uni, but it's grown on me, and now I kind of like it.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I know Lars still has plenty of time before settling down, but I wish he would just find one girl, to have some kind of relationship with instead of having all those flings!

    Joan is one the dormies, and I've loved her ever since I made her over. I was hoping she would end up with one of my playables, and it seems like she did! I'm pretty excited about her and Benny, and I really hope they make it.

    Most of the time I have my sims wanting some one else to join them at uni, so I didn't think it was this rare, but now that I know I'm pretty happy with that want :)
    We'll see how they'll do when Marlys will be attenting uni as well.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I just want to find a girl for Lars, instead of those lose flings! But I know he still has time.
    I think I'll let Morgan and Marlys stay together untill she's at uni as well, and see how they'll do than.
    I'm hoping Joan sticks around as well :)

    Thanks for reading!