Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SVU B - September 2024

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SimsVille University
Melina Mokara is 20, Eleanora Roque is 19, Emma Zanobi is 18
(Sophie Zanobi is 49, Marcus Young is 32, Matthew Zanobi is 20 and Stephan Belio is 16)
Narrated by Emma

My first year at college has been great. I love living with my best friends, Melina and Ellie. Even though we live together we still have enough privacy which is something I really like.
Classes have been good, hard but good. So far not much practice in a real kitchen but I'm sure that will change soon. I've been too busy with assignments and papers to worry much about that anyway.
The only thing that hasn't gone good for me this year, is my relationship with Stephan. He came down here one day, just to tell me he felt like this long distant-thing wasn't working.
I was too busy with school, and he wanted to look around a little bit more, so he said we'd beter break up.
I have to say I didn't know what to say, so  just walked away. I was shocked but not surprised, and to be honest I wasn't really sad.
Ellie and Melina did all they could to get my mind off Stephan, even when it was early in the morning for some silly chatter.
Or late at night to go clubbing. They really are the best friends! We don't go out that much, but when we do we always have a really good time.
We all like dancing, so we ussually pick a place where we can dance.
It's nice to have such good friends. But we all have school and such to think about. Melina is in her 3rd year, and it seems impossible, but she has even more work than me.
She does take breaks once in a while, mostly when her boyfriend is over. They used to live in the same dorm, but Melina move here this year, and they are adjusting to not seeing each other every day.
It's weird having my cousin over almost every day, especially since we hardly spend any time together, since he's here for Melina and not for me. But it's nice seeing them so happy.
Ellie wants to become an actress. She preformes in plays that they write and practice in her classes. She always has a script to practice with either Melina or I, but when neither of us is availble she practices them in front of the mirror.
On top of all thos scripts and practicec she feels like she should try to keep in shape, so whenever she has a free moment, we can always find her in the pool.
She too has a boyfriend, and he too drops by once in a while. He's a famous basketball-player she his schedule is much busier than Matthews, so he's here less.
The time he spends with Ellie is qualitytime though, because it's rather rare. I've always had my doubts about Ellie and Marcus, but they seem to make it work, even with their busy schedules.
Sometimes I have second thoughts about college, and I really don't want to fail. I've talked to Melina and Ellie about it, but they both seem pretty confident that I'll make it.
They are more worried about my lovelife it seems. Neither of them liked Stephan that much, and they even like him less after he broke up with me that way. They feel like I shouldn't wait too long before I start dating, I just don't feel like dating at the moment.
Mom's pretty proud of me so far. She does get my doubts about it all, but she still feels like dad would have wanted me to do this.
She says she knows I'm a great cook, and that I will make it. And if for some silly reason I shouldn't make, than so be it.
It's almost the end of the year now, and we're all doing well. We have been thinking about next year, especially since Ellie said that Marcus asked her to move in with him. She knows they have only been together for a year, but she wants to try it.
Melina always wanted to rent a place with me and Ellie, but now that Ellie will be moving in with Marcus that's not going to happen. So she asked me if I wanted to be her only roommate, which is something I'm really looking forward to.

  • Stephan and Emma didn't roll any wants for each other, and seeing he's a romance sim I figured he would break-up when he looses interest. I think their situation is a bit different from Morgan and Marlys' since they have different characters.
    Emma wasn't too sad about the break-up, but she hasn't rolled any wants for some one else. We'll see how that goes next time.
  • Marcus and Ellie are still making things work, despite the age-difference and busy schedules, which makes me pretty happy.
  • As are Matthew and Melina ... but I decided not to let them move in together.
  • Some changes for next time: Ellie will be moving in with Marcus, so we'll see her when it's time for his updater. Melina and Emma moved in to a nice little house right next to campus. They will be renting it (I'll have them donate an amount of money every 7 days). Matthew and his best friend, Benny, are renting an appartment on campus. And Lars and Morgan will still be in the dorm. So we'll have 3 college-updates in 2025:
    SVU A: Matthew and Benny
    SVU B: Lars and Morgan
    SVU C: Melina and Emma


  1. As always, your buildings are so beautiful inside and out!
    How do you determine who'll live in a dorm and who'll live in a rented house?

  2. Yeah, I can definitely see Stephan and Emma as a very different couple to Morgan and Marlys. I think both people have to want to make it work and Stephan obviously didn't. Given Emma wasn't too heartbroken about it, I guess she wasn't too invested in the relationship either.

    I'm glad Emma is trying to see things through with college, despite her doubts. I don't think she'd regret graduating but I could easily see regretting flunking or dropping out.

    I'm kind of jealous of your small college population. I'll have 11 next time I play uni!

  3. Librarian Thank you, this was actually a building I build for some one else, but I liked it a lot myself so I added it to my game :) and I love decorating!

    I don't really have any rules for who'll live in a rented house or a dorm, it's actually something I decide, depending on what I think they'll do.
    I like Lars in the dorm, and I can see him living there untill he graduates, but Benny and Matthew I think would love to rent their own place instead of living in the dorm.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I think Morgan would be more the kind to actually try to make it work, where Stephan, with his romance aspiration, would most likely 'give up' instead of even trying to make it work.
    I think Emma knew how Stephan was, and was kind of expecting it.
    I think Emma would regret quiting college, and I'm sure her dad wouldn't want her to quit either.

    Lol, and here I was thinking I was having a lot of college students! I can't imagine having 11 at the moment! But in a few simyears I think I will have even more, thanks to the last babyboom, and I'm not looking forward to that!

    Thanks for reading!