Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthdays - January 2024

We start this as usual with some birthdays! SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School will be welcomming 5 new students this year. Oscar Lamberts is turning 4.

As are Wylco Terrano
Carl Zang
Tessa Zang
And Julie Warner.
Simmeria High School will be welcomming only 1 new students this year; David Mokara. David is really looking forward to his teen year, and wouldn't mind being the a popular guy. When he grows up, he would love to open his own business, what he will sell he's not sure about.
With an SAS of 49, Morgan Penninkmeijer qualified for SVU. Morgan is looking for a career in journalism, but also wants some back up in another field, he's majoring in political science with a minor in journalism.
Emma Zanobi had a SAS of 55, so she's attenting SVU as well. She even got a free ride, because of her high score and her familysituation. Emma decided to major in ecomomics in preparation for taking of the restaurant one day. She's also minoring in cullinary arts, to back up her knowledge of food.

  • Don't you just love all the kids? I'm not much looking forward to this round's elementary school's play session, but I love growing up kids :)
    Next January we'll even have more bithdays, more children and teens then, but no one starting university.
  • I decided to give Emma a free ride at univeristy, mostly because of her situation at home. With her father dying they lost 1 income, and they weren't the richest family in SimsVille before all of this. And she got a really high score at her SAT's.


  1. It seems like these kids were toddlers forever, so I'm really excited to finally see them as children! They're all adorable.

    Looking forward to seeing David's adventures in high school as well as SVU's two new students. :)

  2. Everyone has aged up so nicely, and I think that it's great for Emma to have that free ride, that will really help her out in life. Oscar and Tessa are both adorable, totally love Oscar's striking blue eyes!

  3. Carla I feel the same way about those kids being toddlers forever, and I was as aexctid as you to age them up :)
    I can't wait to play my uni this round, which I think is a first for me!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I think Oscar and Tessa are my favourites this round, as is Julie. Oscar's dad has the same eyes, they come out pretty nice with his dark skin, don't they?
    I'm really looking forward to this new round!

    Thanks for reading!